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If you need more info regarding any of the items listed below and on any other pages (prices, condition, etc.) please e-mail me.


Alarm, The: "Declaration" (I.R.S., Inc. SP-70608/'84/USA)

Alarm, The: "Same" (I.R.S., Inc. SP-70504/'83/USA)

Alias: "Contraband" (Mercury SRM 1-3800/'79/USA (shwrp torn off on bottom of front cvr (approx. 3" x 9 1/2" area) SS $8.00

Apache Dancers: "War Stories" (Happy Hermit-IRS 82034/'90/USA)

Baker Gurvitz Army: "Hearts On Fire" (ATCO SD-36-137/ST-C-763597-PR/'76/USA (stereo-cvr rw-scc-side seam torn on cvr-wobc)

Bananarama: "True Confessions" (London 422 828-013-1 R-1/'86/USA)

Beck, Jeff: "Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group Live" (CBS/Epic PE 34433-BL 34433/'77/USA)

Bloomfield, Mike/Kooper, Al/Stills, Stephen: "Super Session" (Columbia CS 9701/USA)

Bush, Johnny: "Bush Country" (STOP Records Inc. STLP- 10014/USA (Tracks: Jim, Jack And Rose; I'll Go To A Stranger; Daddy Lived In Houston; It's All In The Game; Statue Of A Fool; Funny How Time Slips Away; My Cup Runneth Over; Tonight, I'm Going Home To An Angel; The Wrong Side Of The World; All I Have To Offer You Is Me; Wine Me Up & I Miss You Already (stereo-back cvr has 2 small gouges (approx. 3/8" long)-shrink wrap torn-plain white inslv bent, torn & has rw-NOTE: "Jim, Jack And Rose" (Track skips once-VINYL DEFECT)-vinyl has some scratches-VINYL GLOSSY-PLAYS OK except for vinyl defect noted above-very minute noise at end of each track-listing vinyl as G because of the above noted defect) G+/G $5.00

Cash, Johnny: "The Singing Story Teller" (Sun 115/USA)

Clark, Petula: "Don't Sleep In The Subway" (CSJ-603/China? (red vinyl)

Clark, Petula: "My Love" (Petula Clark Best Songs) (CSJ-280/China? (red vinyl)

Clark, Petula: "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" (First FL-1417/Taiwan (orange vinyl)

Cliff, Jimmy: "Special" (Columbia FC-38099/'82/USA)

Deep Purple: "Smoke On The Water" ('89/Russia)

Deep Purple: "Shades Of Deep Purple" (EMI/Parlophone PCS-7055/'68/UK)

Dire Straits: "Same" (Warner Bros. BSK 3266/'78/USA)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: "Brain Salad Surgery" ('73/USA)

English Beat, The: "I Just Can't Stop It" (I.R.S., Inc. SP-70606/'80/USA)

Exciter: "Unveiling The Wicked" (Combat MX-8054/'86/USA)

Faces: "Snakes And Ladders/The Best Of Faces" (Warner Bros. 0698/'76/USA ((Tracks: Pool Hall Richard; Cindy Incidentally; Ooh La La; Sweet Lady Mary; Flying; Pineapple And The Monkey; You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything; Had Me A Real Good Time; Stay With Me; Miss Judy's Farm; Silcone Grown; Around The Plyth)

Faces: "Snakes And Ladders/The Best Of Faces" (Warner Bros. BS-2897/'76/USA (Tracks: Pool Hall Richard; Cindy Incidentally; Ooh La La; Sweet Lady Mary; Flying; Pineapple And The Monkey; You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything; Had Me A Real Good Time; Stay With Me; Miss Judy's Farm; Silcone Grown; Around The Plyth (stereo)

Faithfull, Marianne: "Same" (Super Star SU-1029/Italy) SS

Ferry, Bryan: "Boys And Girls" (Warner Bros. 25082-1/'85/USA)

Fleshtones, The: "Hexbreaker!" (I.R.S., Inc. SP-70605/'83/USA)

Fixx, The: "React" (MCA-42008/'87/USA (scc) SS

Fixx, The: "Reach The Beach" (MCA-39001/'83/USA)

Foghat: "Tight Shoes" (Bearsville BHS-6999/'80/USA (stereo-pwoc but not on the label)

Free: "Fire and Water" (A&M SP 4268/SP-4435/USA (stereo-rw)

Grand Funk Railroad: "E Pluribus Funk" (Capitol SW-853/USA)

Idol, Billy: "Rebel Yell" (Chrysalis FV- 41450/'83/USA)

Mac, Johnny: "The Era Of Hank Williams" (Crown CST-507/USA (stereo-ninslv)

Marillion: "Clutching At Straws" (Capitol-EMI Records ST-12539/'87/USA)

Montengro, Hugo: "Hugo Montenegro's Dawn Of Dylan" (GWP ST-2003/USA)

Nelson, Sandy: "Soul Drums" (Imperial 12362/USA (stereo-no slv)

Oingo Boingo: "Only A Lad" (A&M SP-3250/SP-03259)/'81/USA)

Oldfield, Mike: "Hergest Ridge" (Virgin/'74/USA)

Oldfield, Mike: "Platinum" (Virgin/USA/1979)

Pink Floyd "Animals" (Pathe Marconi EMI 2C 068-98434/France/1977 (stereo-pink vinyl-gf cvr-slight rw) VG/VG $35.00

Psychedelic Furs, The: "Mirror Movies" (Columbia BFC 39278-BL39278/USA/1984)

Ram Jam: "Same" (Epic EPC 82215 (PE-34885)-AL34885/'77/Holland(back cvr has CB271 printed on top right & LC 0199 printed on bottom right)

Rifkin, Joshua: "The Baroque Beatles Book" (Elektra EKL-306/USA (mono-edges of cvr worn-back cvr has stains-no inslv-has 1 sheet with info on 3 of the songs (sheet is bent)-vinyl scratched) G/P $5.00

Roches, The: "Another World" (USA/1985 (promo wording on front cvr in gold lettering)

Roches, The: "Nurds" (USA/1980)

Rolling Stones, The: "Steel Wheels" ('79/Poland)

Romeo Void: "Instincts" (Columbia BFC-39155/AL-39155)/USA/1984)

Roxy Music: "Manifesto" (ATCO SD 38-114/USA/1979)

Roxy Music: "Flesh And Blood" (ATCO SD 32-102 USA/1980)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Mike Oldfield, The: "The Orchestral Tubular Bells" (Virgin/UK/1975)

Rutherford, Mike: "Smallcreep's Day" (USA/1980 (Debut album from Genesis bassist )

Savoy Brown: "Looking In" (Parrot PAS-71042/ZAL-10073-AL)/USA (gf-stereo)

Shot, Graham Parker And The: "Steady Nerves" (Elektra 9-60388-1/USA/1985)

Smith, Whistling Jack: "I Was Kaiser "Bill's Batman" (Deram DES 18006/USA (no slv)

Start: "Same" (Go Now Productions M.C.F. 5001/USA/1985 (rw-dhc) SS

Stills, Stephen: "Same" (Atlantic SD 7202/USA/1970)

Talking Heads: "More Songs About Buildings And Food" (Sire SRK 6058/USA/1978)

Talking Heads: "Talking Heads 77" (Sire SR 6036/USA/1977)

10CC: "How Dare You!" (Mercury SAM-1-1061/USA/1976 (gf)

10CC: "The Original Soundtrack" (Mercury SRM-1-1029/USA/1975 (gf)

10CC: "Bloody Tourists" (Polydor PD-1-6161/USA/1978 (gf)

Traffic: "The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys" (Island SW-9306/USA (stereo-cvr rw/wofc-rec has scrs) G-/G- $2.50

Traveling Wilburys: "Vol. 1" (Wilbury 9-25796 (R-100711 on the label)/USA/1988 (record warped-inslv cut)

T. REX: "Same" (Reprise RS 6440/USA)

Ventures, The: "The Fabulous Ventures" (Dolton BST-8029/USA (stereo-woc)

Ventures, The: "The Ventures On Stage" (Around The World-In Japan, England and the United States) (Dolton BLP-2035/USA (mono-live-no slv)

Vol, Frank De: "Big Beat Special" (The New Sound Of Frank De Vol's Rocking Big Band) (Columbia CS 8803/USA (stereo)

Who, The: "Tommy" MCA2-10005 (Formerly DXSW7-205)/'80/USA (2LP-gf)

Winwood, Steve: "Talking Back To The Night" (Island ILPS-9777/'82/USA)


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