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by Teresa Ann Foxworthy

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by teresa ann foxworthy

Women are exploring the feminine. But in a new way. Evolution happens... After centuries struggling with their societal role, women are re-discovering the potential of their femininity. Beautiful, powerful femininity...You can see it abundantly in America, Goddess, bless our freedom. Soon you'll be hearing about women conscious of the sacredness of their femininity. And what does that mean? Life is sacred, children are sacred, men, women, we're all sacred. This article will just focus on sacred femininity. Women who learn to honor their femininity show up in their communities with a strength and purose that serves and inspires everyone. When a woman takes care of herself, on all levels, she contributes to her community of family and friends, by setting an example of feminine potential.

One day you wake up and feel "I'm a goddess." But before that blessed day, and even after that sweet taste of savoring one's femininity, there are times when the most we can muster is "No more!". We go through a process as women where we learn or decide that femininity is O.K. That can be a lengthy journey in and of itself fraught with some of the darkest moments of your life. Facing the fears that could conceivably end your life is pretty daunting stuff. Yet, once the direction toward an authentic femininity is selected, the path is very personal and wrought with the twists and turns that make for a marvelous summer romance. Though it's really much deeper than that.

The inherent power and splendor of a woman's femininity is renown. The mystery lays in what conjures up such exquisiteness...What's in her smile, her laughter, her eyes, her aura?? How radiant she is!! A veritable goddess. Cultivating this magical brew of love's delight to inspire those along the way is the dharma, the task, of any living goddess. And how does she? Is there a recipe, a format, a method? I believe there is longing, intention, and vision. But only than these raw ingredients, each goddess has her own special and unique path to her sacred femininity. And what she finds there is enough to keep her attention focused on her ecstasy as it becomes the fuel that generates her love and compassion. It doesn't matter what religion you are, though it does help to have one.

Look around the world...Europe, Africa, The Middle and Far East, South America. What a lush selection of feminine styles this planet enjoys. Women from all over, with the light of a divine presence, taking action, nurturing, pioneering. The gifts of sacred femininity are everywhere. Women everywhere are alive with the preciousness of their "yin essence" that inpires them to love themselves and others in remarkable ways. Women everywhere are learning everyday to make better choices for themselves and their families. Evolution compels us. As we bump unexpectedly into barriers or push up against road blocks, women learn what works...we flow. We wait until a certain moment when the resistance eases and molecule by molecule, emotion by emotion, phrase by phrase, our energy seeps through and wears down the granite hardness of life with its soft, strength.

The ocean is but a collection of watery drops. Collectively, quite impressive. Singularly, quite delicate at times. Serene or ferocious, this ocean symbolizes femininity. Moody (try having your body whacked out of shape on a monthly basis), vulnerable (no, I won't be walking down the street alone at night), women seem to some a mystery; even to ourselves. Within our hearts and souls we seem to access a place of emotional depth that baffles many. This ocean of feeling goes deeper than most care to venture. But what a wealth of energy to be accessed for healing. The creative potential of this emotional force is pretty amazing, don't you think?

Sooner or later, connecting with our feminine essence, through meditation or dancing or singing or some other ecstatic-producing activity, women remember to feel happy and love permeates their being so fully that love is foutaining up and out and around them, potentially inspiring those in closer proximity. Here we are again birthing our soul's joy and integrating the potential of our multi-dimensional existance. Physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, ecstasy seems to unite the facets and fragments into a unified experience of bliss. Learning to activate this latent potential is what being a goddess is all about. Breathing the love in and letting go, surrendering into bliss is the divine task of a goddess. And raising our consciousness is key. Once we breath love in, we must then breathe it up and let it activate our full evolutionary potential.

Generating our love or connecting with the Divine Love of all Earth's creation, and using this power for good everywhere is the path the goddess. There are women everywhere making a difference with their fierce hearts committed to healing people and the life on this planet. And it all began with their individual consciousness and personal development. From the roots of our own lives, we must breathe in the love and let the healing begin. Collectively we have the potential to move from struggle to bliss. But we must practice. And before we practice regularly, we must actually choose such a direction. Being a goddess is an intention to live one's loving potential, an attitude of compassion that comes from self-forgiveness and a permission to opt for joy. Goddesses develop their inner power and beauty. We can be of service more effectively when we've seen to our needs and wants, conscious of our preferences. This leads to radiant health and emotional fulfillment.

A spiritual life is the foundation for peace of mind. Life is for learning. Women harbor a sacred femininity that can soothe them and contribute to society. A woman who consciously develops her beauty and grace for evolutionary purposes is a goddess. The radiance that results from doing such is the reward for cultivating this "yin essence". Self-discovery and healing are the paths to this joyful state of being. From there, evolution witnesses our sublime manifest reality. This is the potential of women everywhere. Each woman may choose a life of spiritual meaning and discover the potential of her sacred heart and soul. The collective choice of potential goddesses discovering their feminine essence, opting for joy and meaning in their lives, is what I call "Yin Tide".

The developmental process of becoming a goddess is centered around honoring one's sacred femininity. Retrieving our wholeness as women with bodies, minds, hearts and souls is a journey that at times can move side-to-side before we feel the back-to-front. Healing and nurturing ourselves on every level lifts our spirit

by teresa ann foxworthy

Life distinguishes very little for us, really. It sort of falls on us and we must navigate through. Love is pretty basic. Love is essential. Its essence heals, inspires and overcomes tremendous difficulties. Evolutionary steps in humankind's development can be traced. Global races and religions all pay homage to love. We all agree, generally speaking, that love is supreme. Throughout the phenomena of our lives we must decipher our potential. We have a paradigm of how life's supposed to go. And one day, inevitably, the paradigm shifts. We notice the impact of our choices and realize we're in charge. We makes choices with our daily freedom. We seek fulfillment. One day, we go deeper into our psyches and discover a more profound meaning in our lives. It's a sort of spiritual awakening. Our longing is for spiritual fulfillment, that ineffable feeling that our lives can take on when we lead healthy, dynamic lives full of love. If we pay attention, developing this dynamic flow, we undoubtedly will effect positive change on the planet. We'll surely contribute to the evolutionary progress of our species. We have, it seems, more influence in this area than other species.

Women comprise approximately one half of the population. Throughout history, there have been clearly noted events that reveal the evolutionary process of women's lives. Long ago, there was the cave and our choices were rooted almost purely in surviving an often harsh environment. We don't know all the facts, but we do know that women, because of their child-bearing and other uniquely feminine needs, women developed strategies for their own well-being. Their relationship at that time to Nature and life was to nurture, as men usually hunted for food and built shelter. Women had to nurse the sick and raise the young. They found strength and knowledge through herbs, lunar cycles, and other natural phenomena that pervaded their existence. Over the course of history, women discovered that their relationship to the world was enhanced as much by a spiritual life as it was a material life. Wisdom and knowledge flowed from one generation to another.

Politics, affiliations, and other social mutations generated both periods of women's flourishing and women's struggles. Women have special considerations because of their responsibility to carry and nurture life. Sustaining life, survival, requires both conquering certain forces in Nature and nurturing others. Women have a certain manner and "essence" or "energy" that we may define as "feminine". This feminine essence is vital to the evolution of our species. Our planet depends on this nurturing orientation of women. Women, to maintain a nurturing posture in their lives, need certain requirements. With the right environment and personal development, women can lead joyful lives. This is significant due to the epidemic of depression in women around the world. Honoring her femininity, a woman's "yin essence" flows like an ocean. Denied her authentic expressions, she dries up like the desert.

The goddess movement is a term that may be applied to the effort of women to reclaim their femininity in a sacred manner, in any respect. I like to define a "goddess" as one who honours her femininity as sacred for the purposes of evolutionary progress. Evolution is then defined as that which leads to Heaven on Earth [that's what I call progress!] During the last few millenia, goddesses endeavored to do good in the world by doing good at home. There's a natural extention from home to world-at-large. Women in certain times and places discovered the spiritual role of ecstasy, rapture and transcendence. This joyful celebration has been an effulgent testimony to the precious jewel of femininity. Women today know this, but rely on affiliations to support this point-of-view. When groups supporting women's concerns succeed in their aims, everyone benefits -- men, women and children. Women sometimes need to be taught to be self-sustaining as their evolutionary proclivities has focused on sustaining others.

For evolution to make its next step, women need to reclaim their right to ecstasy, rapture and transcendence. Joy has a one-to-one ratio to larger strides in human evolution. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but ecstasy is definitely more productive. Genetic mutations and environmental catastrophes may sidetrack the potential feats of the human spirit, but peace and pleasure have lead to countless advances in every field, resulting from the underlying harmony amongst people and their environments. Harmony comes from a woman's needs being met. Her children, her husband, her friends and family all benefit immeasureably from her well-being. The more her joy, the healthier her family. A woman takes most responsibility for her life when her path to ecstasy is encouraged. Negligence comes from apathy or despair.

The goddess path is an effort to vindicate these feminine needs and values. How can she care for others when she has not been cared for. Many do, only to wind up ill. Many societal ills result from women's difficult circumstances, whether social confinements or legal perils or economic inequities. As women regain the choice in their lives they of course make mistakes. Inevitably, as in any developing group or process, practice succeeds in the rewards of effort. But it is a process. For every woman to walk a path of righteous evolution, every woman needs to reclaim her right to joy and honour her femininity as sacred. I believe this. Women who cultivate their true joy, not just catering to whims, are noble in their respecting of others and pursuing a dignified life. Throughout history, women have endeavored to form communities of peace and cooperation.

Cultivating the "yin essence" is a beautifully unfolding process on the "goddess path". It's just poetic terms trying to convey principles of love, beauty, truth, harmony, abundance, and ecstasy. When you experience the rapture of sacred space alighting in your heart, you understand these simple ideas. Many religions fail not to remind us of spiritual truths, but to guide us their without the drama and fear so prevelent in most Western religions. Buddhists don't fear eternal damnation, nor do Hindus, Sufis, Taoists or the various indigenous tribal orientations of Africa and the Americas. To cultivate love, do we need fear? We're so prone to fear merely as vulnerable humans on a wild planet. When today's goddesses cultivate their "yin essence" through their meditations on love, service in the community, and thorough self-care, exciting things happen. It's not the glitter, it's the gold.

The heart of a goddess' "yin essence" is a magical place indeed. How she cultivates her "yin essence" is quite personal, regardless collective support. Each goddess' path is a life-long process cultivating the grace of supreme love. There are no specific regulations to qualify a goddess nor uniform methods of developing a divine and sacred femininity. But there are a plethora of ideas, activities, and objectives that kindle the flame of spiritual wonderment that results in a pure and elegant femininity that would make someone stop and say, "Now, there's a goddess! Yah!". In fact, there are countless ways to be a goddess. Meditation, deepening one's capacity to love, cultivating radiant health, finding right livelihood and learning to experience greater ecstasy are just a few. The journey is full of rewards that merit the effort required to grow as a goddess. And at the heart of this process of becoming a goddess is a woman reclaiming her sacred femininity.


Teresa Ann Foxworthy has over twenty years of experience working within the goddess movement. Founder of The Angel Love Foundation, a non-profit organziation dedicated to helping people with emotional and spiritual development, she launches a range of projects, products and services with divine love. Previous projects include: The Radiance TV Show, The C.R.E.A.T.E. (Community Residents Enjoying Arts To Evolve) project in France, Meditation Radio programs here and abroad. Currently, her focus is on her forthcoming book, The Goddess Handbook, as well as some other projects including: Feng Shui Elegance consulting, Rejuvenation Therapy Counseling, Fragrant Garden, Int'l. (a project to transform urban eyesores into fragrant gardens), Starsong Music Projects, Organic Essential Oils and Custom Chakra Oils.

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Simplicity, Balance, and Love to all!

c 2005 Teresa Ann Foxworthy


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