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You may be wondering who's idea it was to start this place let us introduce ourselves. We are Chesme (17 yrs.old) and Moon SpiritWolf (18 yrs.old). (We will be adding our own pages that'll tell more about us later on.)

We met after discussing the possibility of setting up a Pagan organization for young Pagans. Of course, we both hit it off with our enthusiasm for the project and so spent the next few weeks making a plan.

And here we are.

We hope that The Rainwater Society will be around for a looooooonnnngg time. We hope to gain your support for this project. Our goal here at the site is to provide basic information on paganism and witchcraft, and to allow young pagans to have a place to exchange ideas and practices, and to let the rest of the pagan community know that there are groups of young pagans (this one in particular) who are here to understand and enjoy our religious path.

Offline, we hope to be able to gather together with members of the organization, possibly to celebrate festivals and to gather in study circles.

We're looking forward to a great adventure here. Come see us again soon!

Blessed Be You,
The Rainwater Society