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  1. YAA ALLAAHU - Allaah is the name of God & is cited 2607 times i the Holy Qur'an.
    a) To seek acceptance of prayers (Namaaz) and fulfilment of legitimate desires recite 66 times in the afternoon, or at the time of sunset, or in the late hours of the night.
    b) To obtain full satisfaction of all legitimate desires recite 200 times, after wuzoo on Fridays.
    c) To be aware of the unity of Allaah, to become pious and to wipe out the love of worldy things, recite 1000 times daily.
    d) Make pills of flour, recite 11000 times of them and drop them into a river or sea, all your difficulties will be made easy.
    e) Allaah sends blessings on the house in which YA ALLAAHU is written and pasted or mounted on the wall.
    The holy Prophet (PBUH) said: "Allaah revealed to Moosa (AS) that all heavens and the earths with whatever is in them; if put into one plate of the (Divine) scales, will be outweighed by the words, 'LAA ILAAHAA ILLALLAAH' in the other plate."
    "At the time of death say again and again LAA IL....... to wash away sins."
    'LAA IL...' is the heart and the soul of a believer's life in this world, a companion in the hour of death and a helping friend at the time of Ressurrection on the Day of Judgement.
    Ameerul Momineen Ali (AS) said: "The words 'LAA IL.......' move upwards, as soon as they come out from the mouth of a Muslim, and clearing away all sins they make contact with, settle down with the good deeds.
    Imaam Muhammad Baqir (AS) said: 'Nothing brings more reward than the regular recitation of 'LAA IL....''
    Imaam Jaa'far Saadiq (AS) said: 'The good deeds of a person who recites 100 times 'LAA ILAA....., carry more weight than all other good actions, done on that day, except, of course, of that person who recited the same a greater number of times.
  3. AL-AH'ADU (The One) (13)
    He, who recites "AL-AH'ADU" 1000 times, in solitude, feels as if he is in the company of Angels.
  4. AL-AWWALU (The Foremost) (37)
    a) To bring to successful completion any job / undertaking, say, "AL-AWWALU" before starting.
    b) If recited a great deal regularly, people who come into daily contact, act with kindness and extend co-operation.
    c) It is also said that the near and dear ones, no more in this world, come in dreams to visit the person who recites it a great deal regularly.
  5. AL-AAKHIRU (The Ever-Lasting) (801)
    Whatever work taken in hand wins permanent Success if "AL-AAKHIRU" is recited regularly. Love & Respect of all await in every walk of life. Also helps to attain Success in apparently hopeless unfinished undertakings.
  6. AL-A'LIYYU (The Highest) (110)
    a) Everyone shows respect and does honour to that person who recites it very many times.
    b) If recited regularly, status and rank improve for the better.
    c) If one keeps "AL-A'LIYYU" in writting with oneself (24 hours), it brings prosperity.
  7. AL-A'LEEMU (The All-Knowing) (150)
    a) If recited 10 times after every obligatory prayer (Waajib Namaaz), it makes known the Secrets of nature.
    b) If recited 21 times daily, Knowledge & Wisdom grows more & more.
    c) If recited a great deal, the light of Allaah illuminates the heart and mind.
    d) Bread with "AL-A'LEEMU" written on it, if eaten for 40 consecutive days, keeps away starvation forever.
  8. AL-A'ZEEZU (The Mighty) (94)
    a) If recited 40 times everyday (regularly), it brings ample wealth.
    b) If recited 99 times daily, it helps to gain the kwowledge of chemistry.
    c) If recited a great deal regularly, it gives extraordinary spiritual powers.
  9. AL-A'ADILU (The Just) (105)
    a) If recited regularly, ambiguous or hidden events and actions are made known, which help to arrive at just judgements and correct decisions.
    b) Bread with "AL-A'ADILU" written on it, if eaten, brings enlightment.
    c) If recited a great deal regularly, all affairs are settled favourably by the help of Almighty Allaah.
  10. AL-A'FUWWU (The Pardoner) (156)
    To get the blessings of Allaah, and to avoid sins, recite "AL-A'FUWWU" as many times as possible, particularly it is very effective if recited 70 times after every waajib Namaaz.
  11. AL-AKRAMU (The Gracious) (261)
    a) Recite "AL-AKRAMU" after every waajib Namaaz, and at the time of going to sleep, to achieve eminence.
    b) If recited a great deal before going to sleep, Angels are appointed to ask forgiveness throughout the night for the person, who recites "AL-AKRAMU".
  12. AL-A'Z'EEMU (The Magnificent) (1020)
    a) To commond respect in influential circles, and to develop a forceful personality, make a habit of reciting "AL-A'Z'EEMU"
    b) Regular recitation heals and cures diseases.
  13. AL-BA-E'EDU (The Distant) (86)
    If recited regularly, carnal passions and mundane desires give way to piety and holiness.
  14. AL-BASEET'U (The Unenclosed) (72)
    To be free forever, from humiliation of asking for satisfaction of all needs and necessities from others, recite "AL-BASEET'U" 10 times daily at dawn, and 72 times after every waajib Namaaz.
  15. AL-BARRU (The Truthful) (202)
    a). If recited regularly, it gives inspiration to act piously; and removes hardships; creates love of Allaah; and children have long lives.
    b). If recited 202 times on a child, good fortune and success go with the child at every stage of life.
  16. AL-BARREE-U (The Originator) (213)
    a). If recited daily, the dead body of the reciter, after death, will not decompose in the grave.
    b). If recited a great deal by a barren woman, she will give birth to a child.
  17. AL-BAS'EERU (The All-Seeing) (302)
    a). To get special blessings of Allaah, recite a great deal on Fridays.
    b). Recite regularly 302 times to cure eye ailments, including night blindness, and also to improve eyesight.
  18. AL-BAAQEE (The Ever-Lasting) (113)
    a). If recited 113 times regularly (everyday), it brings prosperity, disperses troubles and drives away enemies.
  19. AL-BADEE-U' (The Designer) (86)
    a). Recite 1000 times in a single sitting or 86 times daily for 14 consecutive days to seek fulfilment of any particular legitimate desire.
    b). Regular recitation, sets one free from all worries.
  20. AL-BAA-I'THU (The Resurrector) (573)
    a). Recite 100 times before going to bed and rub palms on the chest, Allaah will strenghten the heart with Divine Knowledge.
    b). Recite 573 times before going to sleep to improve intellectual power.
    c). Recitation of "AL-BAA-I'THU" is very useful to pacify an ill-tempered officer.
  21. AL-BAAT'INU (The Undisclosed) (62)
    a). If recite regularly, no one will know the private affairs of the reciter.
    b). Recitation of "AL-BAAT'INU" is a sure means of self purification.
  22. AD-DAYYAANU (The Rewarder) (65)
    Recitation of "AD-DAYYAANU" is very helpful in cultivating religious virtues.
  23. AL-FAATAAH'U (The Founder) (489)
    a). If recited 70 times after Fajr Namaaz, Keeping one hand on the chest, all doubts are cleared and power of perception improves.
    b). If recited 21 times after Waajib Namaaz, all worries are cleared away.
  24. AL-FARDU (The One and Only) (284)
    To achieve distinction and originality in the company of people, recite "AL-FARDU" 284 times daily.
  25. AL-FAAT'IRU (The Creator) (290)
    To make difficult tasks easy recite "AL-FAAT'IRU" 290 times daily.
  26. AL-FAATIQU (The Creator) (211)
    To find the right direction when one loses one's way anywhere, recite "AL-FAATIQU" 211 times.
  27. AL-GHAFFAARU (The Pardoner) (281)
    If recited 100 times after Jumua'h prayers regularly, or 128 times daily, Allah if so wills, absolves the reciter from the accountability of ail sins (provided no sine are committed thereafter).
  28. AL-GHAFOORU (The Forgiver) (1286)
    a). To conceal one's private affairs from the sight or notice of others, recite "AL-GHAFOORU" 70 times daily for 3 days over some sand and drop it in a well or any such deep hole.
    b). To get rid of fever, keep written "AL-GHAFOORU" with the patient.
    c). If recited 11 times after every Waajib prayer regularly, Allaah forgives all the sins of the reciter, if Allaah so wills (provided no sins are committed thereafter).
    d). If recited a great deal regularly, the reciter is kept safe from the enticements put up by Satan.
  29. AL-GHANIYYU (The Superabundant) (1060)
    To become rich ad prosperous:
    a). Recite 12000 times in one sitting.
    b). Recite 10000 times every week for 10 consecutive weeks.
    c). Recite "AL-GHANIYYU MUGHNEE" 10000 times every Friday for 10 consecutive Fridays (Do not eat animal & bird meat during the entire period of recitation).
    d). To get love of the wife, recite at the time of going to bed with her.
  30. AL-HAADEE (The Guide) (920)
    a). To get more knowledge and wisdom recite 920 times daily.
    b). To become leader of the nation, recite a great deal regularly.
  31. AL-H'ALEEMU (The Indulgent) (88)
    a). If recited a great deal regularly, the reciter will never be oppressed or subdued.
    b). To get the blessings of Allaah for promotion of business or advancement in occuptation, write "AL-H'ALEEMU" with saffron, wash it with water and use this water to clean the tools and instruments.
  32. AL-H'AYYUL QAYYOOMU (The Ever-Living Ever-Lasting) (184)
    a). If recited 18 times after every Waajib prayer regularly, it cures eye ailments and prolonged sickness.
    b). If recited 58 times daily, wrongly accused person is acquited.
    c). If recited a great deal regularly, the reciter never goes astray and remains in the bounds of the true faith till the last breath of life.
    d). To become famous, put on a ring with "AL-H'AYYUL QAYYOOMU" engraved on it.
  33. AL-H'AMEEDU (The Praiseworthy) (62)
    a). To have the knowledge of all things and to understand the nature of creation, recite "AL-H'AMEEDU" as many times as possible.
    b). Recite 62 times daily:
    (i) to settle all affairs in your favour,
    (ii) to have a long life,
    (iii) to be pious,
    (iv) to possess good manners and polite behaviour.
  34. AL-H'AFEEZ'U (The Guardian) (998)
    a). If recited 1039 times, no one will harm the reciter, it drives away fear and keeps safe from all types of accidents, including drowning.
    b). If recited regularly it makes the reciter courageous and brave.
    c). To cure sickness, recite 40 times daily for 26 days.
    d). Written "AL-H'AFEEZ'U", if kept with a person, it keeps that person safe from the evil of all harmful creatures.
    e). Recite 998 times to remove fear and to overcome an enemy.
  35. AL-H'AAFIZ'U (The Preserver) (989)
    a). Recite 70 times to avoid cruelty of a tyrant.
    b). Recite 26 times daily, to dismiss calamities of all kinds.
  36. AL-H'AQQU (The Truth) (108)
    a). If recited after every Waajib Namaaz, it increases livelihood.
    b). If recited a great deal regularly, illegally held property or money, is returned to the true owner.
    c). If written on a square paper, kept on the palm and raised towards the sky, all important jobs are quickly completed.
  37. AL-H'ASEEBU (The Reckoner) (80)
    a). If recited 70 times daily for 7 weeks, starting from Thursday, all jobs are easily completed; all legitimate desires are fulfilled; and all worries are dispersed.
    b). To come out unharmed from investigations or cross - examinations, recite 30 times before sunrise.
  38. AL-H'AKEEMU (The Wise) (78)
    a). To have a bumper crop, write "AL-H'AKEEMU" with saffron, wash it with water and spray this water over the tilled lands.
    b). To avoid death by accident, recite a great deal regularly.
    c). To know the unseen forces, working against and in favour, so as to achieve success in whatever jobs are on hand, recite 78 times daily after Namaaz-i-Shab.
  39. AL-JABBAARU (The Omnipotent) (206)
    a). To keep oneself safe from tyranny, recite 21 times daily.
    b). If recited 206 times at the time of sunrise and sunset, the reciter is kept safe from the evil of all harmful creatures.
    c). If recited a great deal regularly, all enemies are destroyed forever.
  40. AL-JALEELU (The Magnificent) (73)
    a). Recite 83 times daily to obtain a prestigious, grand and eminent status in life.
    b). If written with saffron and musk and kept on the body, it brings honour and respect.
  41. AL-JAMEELU (The Beautiful) (83)
    a). If recited many times regularly, it illuminates the face, enlightens the heart and clears up the mind.
  42. AL-JAWAADU (The Generous) (14)
    a). Recite 14 times daily to develop the qualities of charitableness and goodliness.
    b). To increase livelihood, recite a great deal on Thursdays.
  43. AL-JAAMI-U' (The Gatherer) (114)
    a). To recover missing or misplaced things, recite 114 times.
    b). Worries and hardships will not come near a person if recited 11 times daily after every Waajib Namaaz.
  44. AL-KHABEERU (The All-Aware) (812)
    a). Recite 21 times before going to sleep, to have the vision of any unknown thing, event or person, in the dream.
    b). If recited 812 times at the end of a 2 Rak-a't Namaaz daily, for 1 full week, before going to sleep, without speaking to anyone, the reciter comes to know, in the dream, whether to do or not to do a job and if to do, the right way is pointed out to achieve success. (It is a prayer to Allaah for showing the right way i.e. Istikhaarah)
  45. AL-KHAALIS'U (The Pure) (721)
    a). Recite 721 times to hear glad tiding in the grave, after death.
    b). Recite a great deal to remain faithful to the religion of Allaah, till the last breath of life.
  46. AL-KHAALIQU (The Creator) (731)
    a). If recited 731 times for 1 week, it keeps the reciter safe from the calamities of the heavens and the earth.
    b). If recite a great deal daily, it is possible, whenever necessary, to pass unnoticed before the eyes of the on lookers, as if you are an invisible object; it also purifies the heart and the mind.
  47. AL-KABEERU (The Great) (232)
    a). Recite a great deal to attain eminence and distinction.
    b). If recited 232 times for fulfilment of any legitimate desire, Allaah will satisfy that desire.
    c). Recitation of "AL-KABEERU" heals the burned part of the body.
    d). To lead a happy married life, both husband and wife must recite "AL-KABEERU" as many times as possible.
  48. AL-KAREEMU (The Kind) (270)
    a). If recited on bed till one goes to sleep, Allaah appoints Angels to pray for the reciter; also all kinds of fear is dispelled.
    b). If recited 21 times daily after Waajib Namaaz, it brings honour, dignity and prosperity.
  49. AL-KAAFIYU (The Able) (111)
    a). If recited 111 times daily, Allaah bestows so many benefits and bounties, that the reciter never feels the necessity to ask for anything from anybody.
    b). Regular recitation helps to overcome the enemy.
  50. AL-KAASHIFU (The Uncoverer) (401)
    a). Recite "YAA KAASHIFA Z"URRI AYYOOBA" many times daily to drive away sorrows, anxiety, poverty and disease.
  51. AL-KHAAFIZ"U (The Humiliator) (1481)
    a). Recite 1481 times to get satisfaction of any legitimate desire.
    b). Recite a great deal to overcome and disarm your enemy.
  52. AL-LAT'EEFU (The Subtle) (129)
    a). If a poor sick person recites "AL-LAT'EEFU" after offering 2 Rak-a't Namaaz, it will remove poverty and sickness.
    b). If recited regularly, the reciter never acts carelessly, nor is caught unaware.
    c). If recited 129 times on every Monday, all legitimate desires are fullfiled; also the reciter is exempted from being put on trial by Allaah to test his or her faith.
  53. AL-MALIKU (The Sovereign) (90)
    a). To retain wealth and power and to hold sway over the subordinates, recite 64 times daily.
    b). To have freedom from wants so as not to be forced to go to others for help, recite 90 times daily.
  54. AL-MOO-MINU (The Trustworthy) (136)
    If recited 136 times daily, it keeps the reciter safe from the evil of men and jinn; and safeguards against adverse circumstances.
  55. AL-MUHEEMINU (The Protector) (145)
    a). If recited 145 times daily, the reciter becomes pious, sincere and upright.
    b). If recited a great deal in the times of drought, it brings rain
    c). If recited daily after Waajib Prayers, Angels are appointed to save the reciter from all possible accidents; and to help overcome all difficulties in daily life.
  56. AL-MUTAKABBIRU (The Sublime) (662)
    a). To avoid sensuous and dirty dreams, recite 14 times before going to sleep.
    b). If recited in front of a tyrant, it will at once subdue him.
    c). If recited 662 times on the first night of marriage, a son will be born.
  57. AL-MUS'AWWIRU (The Fashioner) (336)
    a). If recited at the time of making love / delivery the child will be good looking and generous.
    b). To give birth to a son, women are advised to observe fast for 7 days, in the first week of every lunar month and everyday must write "AL-MUS'AWWIRU" with saffron, while reciting this dua'a 12 times, wash it with water and drink it at the time of breaking the fast (after sunset).
    c). To have an upper hand over the enemy, recite 12 times.
  58. AL-MU-I'ZZU (The Bestower of Honour) (117)
    If recited a great deal it brings honour, recognition and fame.
  59. AL-MUD'ILLU (The Disgracer) (770)
    Recite 770 times to get back long overdue debts.
  60. AL-MUQEET'U (The Sufficient) (540)
    To have enough sustenance, recite as many times as possible
  61. AL-MUJEEBU (The Hearer of Prayers) (55)
    a). To cure headache, recite 55 times.
    b). Before making a request to Allaah, always recite "AL-MUJEEBU".
  62. AL-MAJEEDU (The Hearer of Prayers) (57)
    a). Observe fast on 13th, 14th and 15th of a lunar month and recite "AL-MAJEEDU" 1000 times, after breaking the fast (after sunset), to cure leprosy.
    b). Recite a great deal to have a long life; and to dismiss sorrows and hardships.
  63. AL-MATEENU (The Strong) (500)
    To have pious children, man and wife must recite "AL-MATEENU" at the time of making love.
  64. AL-MUH'AASIBU (The Reckoner) (111)
    a). If recited 111 times, the enemy will not be able to harm you in any way
    b). If recited 111 times regularly, all your enemies will be brought to their knees.
  65. AL-MUBDIYU (The Commencer) (56)
    To avert danger of abortion (miscarriage), recite "AL-MUBDIYU" 56 times over the belly of the pregnant mother.
  66. AL-MU-E'EDU (The Restorer) (124)
    a). To bring back lost memory, recite 124 times.
    b). If recited a great deal, it saves the reciter from punishment on the day of Judgement.
  67. AL-MUH'YIYU / AL-MUH'AYYI (The Vivifier) (58)
    If recited 58 times before judgement is pronounced in a criminal trial, provided the reciter is wrongly accused, he or she will be set free by the Judge or the Jury.
  68. AL-MUMEETU (The Annihilator) (490)
    a). If recited 490 times over a bewitched person, the evil-effects of witchcraft will be withdrawn, and the afflicted person will be free from its damaging influence.
    b). If recited a great deal regularly, it will keep the reciter safe from the witchcraft forever.
  69. AL-MUQTADIRU (The All-Powerful) (744)
    a). If recited 15 times, in the morning, after getting up from the bed, without speaking to anyone, any legitimate desire will be fulfilled.
    b). If recited many times daily, the status of the reciter, after death, will be equivalent to a martyr.
  70. AL-MUQADDIMU (The Vanguard) (184)
    a). If recited over a glass of water or syrup and someone drinks it, love and understanding begin to grow between the reciter and the drinker.
    b). If recited continuously in the battlefield, it keeps safe from the horrors of the war and wind victory.
  71. AL-MOO-AKHIRU (The Eternal Survivor) (846)
    a). If recited over a glass of water or syrup and someone drinks it, love and understanding begin to grow between the reciter and the drinker.
    b). If recited regularly, Allaah if so wills, forgives the sins of the reciter, provided no sins are commited thereafter.
  72. AL-MUTA-A'ALEE (The Most High) (551)
    a). To have a key post in the government, or in any other organisation of your choice, recite 551 times daily.
    b). To possess a dignified, awe-inspiring & commanding personality, recite a great deal regularly.
  73. AL-MUNTAQIMU (The Revenger) (630)
    a). If you are too weak to pay back the enemy in his own coin, recite "AL-MUNTAQIMU", 630 times, keeping the name and place of the enemy in mind, and Allah will turn the tables on him, on your behalf.
    b). If recited many times regularly, the enemies will never be able to harm you again.
    c). If recited a great deal, Allaah, through extraordinary means, curbs your tendency to commit sinful acts.
  74. YAA MAALIKAL MULKI (The Absolute Sovereign) (222)
    a). To have a carefree, independent and happy life, recite this dua'a many times regularly.
    b). To obtain a great number of benefits, recite rugularly after every obligatory prayer.
  75. AL-MUQSIT'U (The Just Distribution) (209)
    a). If recited after every Waajib Namaaz, satan will not be able to divert your wholehearted attention away from Allaah during Namaaz.
  76. AL-MUQSIT'U (The Just Distribution) (209)
    If recited after every Waajib Namaaz, satan will not be able to divert your wholehearted attention away from Allaah during Namaaz.
  77. AL-MUGHNEE (The Independent) (1100)
    a). To become self-sufficient and wealthy, recite 100 times on 11 Fridays, and during this period do not eat meat of any kind, milk and milk products, eggs and fish. b). To create love and understanding between husband and wife, this dua'a should be recited whenever they go to bed together.
  78. AL-MUA'-T'EE (The Bestower of Gifts) (129)
    a). If recited 129 times for any particular desire, it will be fulfilled. b). If recited a great deal daily, all necessities of life are made available in such a way that one does not have to beg or ask favours of others.
  79. AL-MAANI-U' (The Prohibiter) (161)
    a). If recited a great deal daily, enough funds will come in your hands to repay debts, taken by you, within the specified time. b). If recited 161 times, after any Waajib Prayers, for any desire, it will be fulfilled.
  80. AL-MANNAANU (The Benefactor) (141)
    a). Make a habit of reciting this dua'a if you want to disperse fear and anxieties. b). Recite a great deal regularly to obtain divine favours and rewards.
  81. AL-MUHEET'U (The He Who encompasses everything) (141)
    a). Recite this dua'a at the time of confronting an adversary. b). Recite this dua'a regularly to increase knowledge and wisdom. c). If recited a great deal , unintelligent, hidden things and ideas are made known to the reciter. d). If recited many times regularly, Allaah keeps the reciter under His protection.
  82. AL-MUBEENU (The Evident) (102)
    a). If recite a great deal, unintelligent, hidden things and ideas are made known to the reciter. b). To create love and understanding between a group of people, recite this regularly.
  83. AL-MUN-I'MU (The Bountiful) (200)
    For prosperity and happiness, recite this dua'a as many times as possible.
  84. AN-NA-E'EMU (The Bounteous) (170)
    a). To thank Allaah for the bounties He bestows on you, recite this dua's daily before Fajr Namaaz and after I'shaa Namaaz. b). If this Dua'a is recited many times regularly, wealth, sufficient for many generations is made available to the reciter.
  85. AN-NAAFI-U' (The Helpful) (201)
    If recited many times in the month of Rajab, knowledge of the secrets of things and events are made known to the reciter.
  86. AN-NOORU (The Light) (256)
    a). Make a habit of reciting "AN-NOORU" if you want to know the laws of creation and nature. b). If recited regularly after every Waajib Namaaz, it enlightens the heart and the mind.
  87. AL-WAAH'IDU (The Single) (170)
    If recited 170 times on every Friday, it purifies the soul.
  88. AL-QAHHAARU (The Conqueror) (306)
    If recited 306 times daily in the small hours of the last 3 nights of the lunar month, all your enemies will be subdued forever.
  89. AL-QAABIZ"U (He Who takes Possession and Holds) (903)
    a). If recited 12 times, the enemy will be subdued. b). If "AL-QAABIZ"U" (and) "YAA H'AAFIZ"U" are written on bread and eaten regularly for 40 days, the reciter will never go hungry.
  90. AL-QAWIYYU (The Strong) (116)
    a). If recited 116 times regularly, the reciter becomes fearless, brave and courageous. b). To ward off approaching danger of a powerful enemy make 1000 pills of flour and recite this dua'a over each of them and feed the birds.
  91. AL-QAAZ'EE (He Who Settles Matters) (911)
    Make a habit of reciting, "AL-QAAZ"I-UL-H"AAJAATI" or YAA QAAZ"EE to get satisfaction of legitimate desires.
  92. AL-QAYYOOMU (The Self-subsisting) (156)
    a). If recited regularly, it purifies the heart and mind, and brings prosperity. b). To have a sound sleep, recite it before going to sleep. c). To obtain continuous respect and honour, wear a ring with a stone on which H'AYYUL QAYYOOM is engraved.
  93. AL-QAADIRU (The Absolute) (305)
    a). To overcome powerful enemies, recite a great deal on the last Wednesday of the lunar month after wudu. b). Regular recitation, stregthens the heart and gives a dynamic personality.