LuCkY here....I would like to share something with you. We ALL know Brian's GF is Leighanne, and she's an "actress." Right now, Leighanne has the lead part in an independent film entitled "Olive Juice." Well, we here at HERE WE GO have discovered another movie Leighanne has done. I even have a picture from it! Think you're ready for it? I know it sure as hell scared the SH*T out of me. My opinion of Leighanne Wallace amazingly got lower than it already was after I saw it (as if it wasn't already low enough).
This picture is a Here We Go Exclusive.
I was nice enough to scan it.. SO DON'T FRIGGIN TAKE IT!! Ok ... ready?

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Now is that not FRIGHTENING?!? I bet Brian got a discount on that overpriced "backyard brawl."
And one more thing...WHY IS SHE ON TOP OF ANOTHER GIRL?!?