We Declare War

Well, we have a homepage called "Giddy For Nsync" calling our site DUMB and LAME. Just how lame is it? Lame enough to rip off our lance comments and basically everything else? Sheesh man you must be SOOOO big to bash our site seeing as we hadn't even fucking heard of your site until someone emailed us about it.

For all of you guys who want to know what the fuck is going on, The "Giddy Crew" called our site Lame and Dumb in the hatemail section. See for yourself at http://www.angelfire.com/fl/GiddyForNsync/ --- if that does not work go to http://welcome.to/nsyncgoinon then go to LINKS. Giddy For NSYNC is there. Once you enter that site click on hatemail, then read their pathetic comments to some girl sticking up for our site. You think you're big? Fine then, we declare WAR!

Alrighty, so now we've got them emailing us telling us WE are immature. Okay let's see here, they get to bash our site, but we can't bash theirs, right? I DONT FUCKING THINK SO. They claim the Lance comment is not OURS..can someone tell me where they ever saw the same lance comment BEFORE OUR PAGE? If so I'd like the URL too.

And to the "GIDDY CREW" (Gee, that seems familiar) You can't call a site TRITE that has the SAME ISSUES and COMMENTS except OURS WAS THERE FIRST. You guys are hypocrites, especially seeing as there was NO NEED TO BASH OUR SITE IN THE FIRST PLACE SEEING AS WE DID SHIT TO YOU BEFORE. That's all we've got to say, and to all our girls who are defending us, RoCk On!

Email: herewegocrew@hotmail.com