Teeny Bopper Of The Week

Here is our first Teeny Bopper Of The Week.

Hi (Hey!) I want to nominate my two friends you pick which one is crazier ok (Ok). Well there is my friend Samantha(not real name). She is totally obssesed with nick from BSB.(Kay I think I'm going with the Nick thing) she writes to him in her journal.(??!!?!? Woah!! No comment there!) she once brought a photo of him in a frame and told people in our class room that he gave it to her.(You don't say...) Lately she says she is trying to get over him.(Wow, well at least she's making an effort!) But she sounds like if she is trying to get over a real guy.(Or not.) It is really pathetic. Yeas I know she's my friend.(And friends are the one true joy in your life!) She says she is in love with him and she truly belives they are going to get married some day.(Can I come to the wedding?) even though she is only 13.(Yikes.) sometimes I just want to slap her and tell her it will never happen.(Wouldn't we all)

Thanks alot for the nomination! Next monday there will be a new Teeny Bopper Of The Week so drop by again!

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