Justin VS Tar Chadwick

Justin Timberlake and BsB in: The Wonderful Tar-Chadwick Story - By Ducky

Teenybopper: Hey Ducky, did the Backstreet Boys and *N Sync ever try to hurt each other? Ya know, since they are both kinda like the same band, only with different people and songs, I'd think they would be dying to kill each other!

Ducky: Oh hell yes! There's one specific time that sticks out in my memory. Would you like to hear about it?

Teenybopper: *checks her Mickey Mouse watch* Ok, I have an hour until Total Request Live starts, so go ahead.

Ducky: Ummm ok then...one sunny day in BEAUTIFUL Florida, the Backstreet Boys were planning on ruining *N Sync's gaining success. And being the smart people they are (well, Howie doesn't have a brain, and Nick ain't too much better then Howie), they decided to take care of Justin first, since without him 'N Sync wouldn't be nearly as popular. So figuring that NASTY temper we've all seen of his (think ROCK 'N JOCK) would do him in, they decided to make a Chadwick Doll made out of Tar and Turpentine, and they placed it in the middle of a basketball court. When Justin came by to play some B-Ball, they hid behind a bush. Justin approached the Tar-Chadwick

Justin: Yo homey, good mawnin'!' Nice wedder dis mawnin..perfect fo' basketball!

*The Tar-Chadwick didn't say anything, and BsB layed low*

Justin: Ya wanna play sum basketball baby?!?

*Howie winked, and the Tar-Chadwick ain't saying nothing.*

Justin: Whazzup wit dat? Is you deaf? Kaze if you is, I kin holler louda

*Tar-Chadwick stays still, and the BsB are laying low.*

Justin: You er stuck up, dat's w'at you is, 'and I gots to make ya talk if et's the last thing I do!

*Nick sort of laughed in his stomach, but Tar-Chadwick isn't saying anything*

Justin: Dis is not dope yo! ,Ya betta give me respect, cuz I'm a coo brotha! Ef you don't take off dat baseball hat en ask me whazzup, I'm gonna bust ya wide open!

*Justin kept on asking him, and the Tar-Chadwick kept on saying nothing, until Justin drew back with his fist and punched . His fist got stuck, and he couldn't pull it loose. The tar held him*

Justin: Ef you don't lemme loose, I'll knock you agin foo'!

*And with that he whacked his other hand at the Tar-Chadwick, and that got stuck too. Tar-Chadwick still ain't talking and the BsB are still in the bush*

Justin: Tu'n me loose, or I gonna kick de shit outta ya!!

*The Tar-Chadwick is still silent but still has a tight hold on Justin's hands. Soon enough, he loses the use of his feet in the same way. The BsB are still silent in the bush*

Justin: Dat's et! Ef you don't tu'n me loose I'm gonna hafta butt ya!

*Justin butted, and his head got stuck. The BsB finally came out of hiding, laughing extremely hard*

AJ: Hey Justin, you look sorta held up this morning, wouldn't you think so?

*BsB laughs*

Brian: We've got plans for you, asshole!

Howie: Do those *wink* plans include *wink, drool* orgies?

Kevin: Shut up you flaming faggot!

Nick: *in a gay pansy voice* I think Howie was on to something....

Kevin, AJ & Brian: Shut up!!!

*Ducky stops telling the story, and pulls a bag out of her purse. The teenybopper looks into the bag and shrieks, pulling out the contents.*

Teenybopper: *holding blond curly hair in her hands and totally freaking out* Wha-wha-what did they do to m-m-my baby Justin???

Ducky: Well actually, they....

Teenybopper: OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED I HAVE JUSTIN'S HAIR!! *runs off to find her teenybopper friends*

Ducky: Hey! You didn't let me finish the story! *sighs* Ohh well, it was about time to schedule another manicure with Lance anyway.

*The end...or is it?*

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