Boyband Tabloids

People gossip about the boybands so much it's freakin' insane. And none of it is ever true. They deserve their own tabloid! Here are some potential headlines that you may one day see in the National Enquirer -

JC's Huge Neck Vein Explodes - Hundreds Killed

AJ McLean - Portrait of Shame - "I've been going bald since I was four years old!" - laments the pop star


"Joey Fatone is the father of my baby!" exclaims Hillary Clinton - Washington hangs its head in shame

Howie D - part man, part dog - that explains the *drooling*, but what about the *winking*?

5ive's Scott insists "I'm more than just the token pretty boy ... I'm a musician!" *sure Scott sure*

Lance Bass admits he's inbred - cuz he's from Mississippi!

Brian Littrell - choir boy by day, the devil's pawn by night

Abs confesses he doesn't know what his name means either

A phenomenon explained - Chris Kirkpatrick's hair - "A tarantula jumped on my head one day and I couldn't get it off!"

Nick Carter reveals his darkest secret "Yes Howie and I are more than just FRIENDS - buy my mom's book about me, she talks all about it!"

Ritchie Neville denies rumors that he's flaming, but seriously, look at him

Justin Timberlake arrested in barroom brawl - "That %&*!@#$% insulted my Benz! I'm a thug so I kicked his ass!"

Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson says he actually has a role in the group PLEASE KEVY WE KNOW BETTER!

J didn't graduate from kindergarten - "That's why I can't write the rest of my name!"