Dear Here We Go Visitors....

Alright, so everyone thinks im a bitch right now right? Read on and you'll see just WHY Lindsey said that.

Okay so, Lindsey wrote a message saying how she leaving was my fault? That is correct. But why? "Wheels made me do this..and wheels made me do that" Wheels made her do SHIT. She's upset because of a personal problem, and everything she said on here was about 80% untrue. Sure, she gave every bit of information out...but listen. I was not the bad guy here.

Today I tried to log on to see my mail, but It tells me i typed an incorrect password. Guess what? They locked me out of MY OWN website because they didn't want me to take it down. Why? Because it's pure bullshit.

So now, since you are your best item..I've decided to do this all by MYSELF seeing as I usually did anyways. No one takes my own homepage away from me, right? To answer everyones Flash questions: She was really the only one behind me in all of this, she is one of my true best friends, but she is too busy to do this site and i understand that.

But me, hey im still young and have time on my hands, enough to still be committed to everyone;s entertainment, I wouldn't leave you guys for the world. Dipshits included.

So there will still be a HERE WE GO! And always will be a Here We Go, no matter what!