BSB And NSYNC In: Scream 2

~So *N Sync and BSB are finally getting along reasonably. They leave an Orlando club one night and head back to Kevin's place to relax and sober up (what with all the drinking and inhaling...).

~In the House~

~Howie: *wink* So what *drool* do we do *droooooll* now? *wink*

~Joey: Let's eat some Pop Tarts and Cheetos and Twinkies and Big Macs and -

~Justin: Hellz no, homie! Lets just listen to some Puffy and blast da speakers! Dat be tight, yo! Dope, y'know wut I be sayin?!?

~Nick: Let's play Nintendo.

~Kevin: Nick, I command you to shut up.

~Nick: Why?

~Kevin: 'Cause you're the gay one.

~Nick: I thought Howie was!

~Kevin: You're gay, he's ugly.

~Nick: come no one told me?

~Lancette: Boys, boys, boys! Let's give each other facials! And let's pluck each other's eyebrows and put on some avocado masks and let's -

~AJ: I wanna fuck.

~Everyone else: ....... ~Before anyone else is able to respond to that, the phone suddenly rings and JC answers.

~JC: Good evening, who's calling please?

~Caller: It's showtime, baby! Bwahahahahaha!!

~JC: WHAT?! We had a show to do?! Oh my God, Johnny and Donna are gonna have my head!!

~Caller:......Um, no, that's not what I meant.

~JC: What did you mean?

~Caller: I meant that I was back from the dead and that I was gonna kill you.

~JC: Oh....well, I'll act surprised and scared next time.

~Caller: *clears throat* ahem....DO YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES?!

~JC:, not really. They brainwash young and innocent people like me.

~Caller: *sighs* No, dummy, you were supposed to say something like, "Who's calling please" or something.

~JC: Well, keep in mind that this is a fictional story written by someone twisted and she controls everything I say. But I guess I'll hang up and start running away from you.

~Caller:.......Good idea. I'll give you a head start, deal?

~JC: Deal! *squeals like a teeny-bopper* JC then hangs up and looks at the others, who all have confused looks on their faces.

~JC: Let's run. Someone wants to kill us. Everyone, including the manly-man that is Kevin, begins screaming like a bunch of sissies as they frantically run around in circles, literally.

~Brian: Wait, guys! I have some plans! I know where we could hide! ~Nick: Cool!

~Kevin: Shut up, Noodle Boy.

~Nick: Yessir.

~Lancette: What's the plan?

~Joey: Guys, I'm hungry.

~Chris: Will you shut the hell up already?! We're gonna die and you wanna eat?!

~Joey: *shrugs*

~Brian: Check it out! Okay, Chris, Kevin, Joey, Lancette and AJ, you guys run to that secluded creek behind Kevin's house and hide there. Nick, Justin, Howie, and JC, you guys run upstairs and hide there -

~Chris: Wait, isn't it dangerous to hide in a creek and to run upstairs instead of dowstairs and running to the door for help?

~Brian: ......Um...just go. I'll stay here and wait for the killer.

~Joey: I hope there's a snackbar in the creek. Suddenly before they're able to run anywhere, Marilyn Manson kicks the door open and steps inside, chainsaw in hand, hockey mask on face.

~Marilyn: Must kill!

~Justin: *pats Marilyn on the back* Yo homie, you's be in da wrong movie!

~Marilyn: ......

~Lancette: *sighs* He means that you're in the wrong movie.

~Marilyn: You mean this isn't were Halloween: H2O is filmed?

~Brian: No, this is a corny Scream thingy.

~Marilyn: Well, is my girlfriend around at least?

~Joey: I'm hungry.

~Howie: Who's your girlfriend? *wink, drool, wink, wink*

~Marilyn: Tatum. She was in the first movie.

~Nick: She died.

~Marilyn: *smiling evily while looking at Lancette* Hey baby....

He then proceeds to drag a screaming Lancette out of the house, leaving the others behind. Finally, the REAL killer shows up.

~Killer: *stares at JC* I thought I gave you a head start..

~JC: You did. I just haven't ran yet.

~Killer: Good point. Well, if you guys don't mind I hafta kill you all.

~Howie: *wink, drool* Oh, no, we don't mind. *Wink wink* Proceed.

So the killer shrugs and lunges forward to Kevin first with his knife.

He's suddenly stopped when someone yells loudly. "CUT, CUT! DAMMIT, NOT GOOD ENOUGH!"

They all sigh and look at the director.

~Killer: *sighing* What's my motivation??

~Joey: Food?


~Director: Listen, guys, let's just skip this scene and go with another one. Marilyn, stop fucking Lancette and bring him back over here.

So Marilyn drags a traumatized and sodomized Lancette back to the set.

~Lancette: *Crying hysterically* I feel s-so v-violated..I lost my virginity t-t-to a hermaphrodite...

~Director: Alright, alright, sex scene, take 522, aaaaand...action!

THE END!.......Or is it?? Bwahhahahahahahaha!!