NSYNC In: SCREAM - By Jennifer

/The boys of Nsync are staying at Justinís crib while his parents are out. They PLANNED to watch JC & Justin in old episodes of MMC while Joey, Lancey, and Chris make fun of them for it. But their plans get destroyed w

/The boys of Nsync are staying at Justinís crib while his parents are out. They PLANNED to watch JC & Justin in old episodes of MMC while Joey, Lancey, and Chris make fun of them for it. But their plans get destroyed when an Nsync-hating physco freak killer wants them all to die...Especially Chris./

~phone rings~

JC: Donít get it. It might be someone trying to sell something or something.

Lancey: No, but it might be my hair stylist and I really need to get a trim and I think I should go for a new colour to bring out my eye colour, donítchya think?

JC: No No No. Lancey, you look fine and Iím not taking any risks!

~phone stops ringing~

Joey: Too damn late cuz some idiots were arguing!

~Answering Machine goes on~

Justin: Hey yo, we have an answering machine?

JC: I donít remember.

Justin: Itís butt-ugly. I think dat weeh atta put some a dat gold trim on it. Hey yo, datíll be phat yo!

Chris: Justin, shut the fuck up and invest your money in something good, alright?

Lancey: Gimme the phone please. I need to call my hair stylist.

Justin: Now wait, I need to use the phone to call my motha. I needs ta get meeh some mo money! I needs a new Tommy jacket and I wanna get my windows tinted on my Benz cuz datís dope yo!

Chris: Justin, what the fuck did I just tell you?

Justin: No, but itís my mothaís cold hard cash, mmmmkkk?

Joey: Look, both of you just shut up! I need to call that 1-800-SEXY hotline again!

JC: Ok, look. This is getting out of hand peoples! Now settle down. We have to stop fighting.

Joey: Shut up and letís check out that message.

~Message playing: (in a low mechanic voice) Do you want to die tonight? You assholes! I hate you Mother Fuckers!! You will all go to hell and die for trying to be BSB! Die damn you die!! Especially Chris...~

Justin: What the fuck was up widdat yaíll?

Chris: Oh I canít take it anymore! Damnit, Justin, look in the mirror-You are a WHITE boy! You are in no way black so stop with the slang already! Damn that annoys me!

Lancey: Whatís a matter with you Chris, you are being so cruel. How can you be so mean? Thatís totally, like, rude!

Chris: Lance, shut up. Just, just shut up!

JC: Donít talk to Lancey like that! you know how touchy and emotional he is!

Chris: All right, Iím sorry Lancey.

Lancey: ~looks the other way~ Iím still not talking to you. My feelings are totally hurt. No, wait a minute, that would be cruel if I didnít talk to you.~looks at Chris~ Friends, ok?

Joey: Hey, we got any food around here?

Justin: Yo yo, I gots some Apple Jacks!

JC: No No you guys. We should be doing important stuff while we are stuck in here. Letís rehearse the moves for Crazy For You. We are still a tad bit rusty and could use some practice.

Joey: God Damnit JC!! We are all waiting in here and could possibly die tonight from the stupid message, and you wanna rehearse? What the hellís a matter with you?

JC: We are not to be wasting time!

Joey: Lighten up, asshole! We could die.....Iím not reheasring Jack Shit!

JC: Well youíre the one that wants to eat at a time like this. I donít see how you anyone could still have an appetite after that Huge dinner we....

Justin: (interrupting) Aiight, screw you homies, Iím leaving!!

Chris: You leave, I guarantee you youíre 100% dead once you exit out that door.

Justin: I just wanna cruise da hood and show off my bomb ass Benz!

Chris: You are so dead.

Joey: Yeah, ya better just sit yo ass down and stay.

~All of a sudden, the front door slams open~

All: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Oh My Goodness!!

Physco Freak who hates Nsync: You are all going to die!

JC: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk Yooooouuuuuuu!!!!!

Phsyco Freak who hates Nsync: (evil laugh) hahahaha

Chris: ~ sits down and sucks his thumb and cries like a wussy baby~

~Lancey, Joey, JC, and Justin run down the hall to a bedroom and slam the door shut~

Lancey: Hey, what about Chrissy?

Justin: Ahh, leave the homie behind. heís gettiní too old to be hip.

Joey: Yeah man.

JC: Totally.

Lancy: Oky Doky then.

JC: Now letís devise a way to leave the premises.

Justin: ~confused look on his face~

Joey: Damnit JC, use words Justin can understand.-You know, no more than 4 or 5 letters.

JC: Oh, sorry. Um, letís find a way out of here......Better?

Joey: Much better dude.

Justin: Yo check it. Weeh can cruise da hood outta here in my Benz.

Joey: NO DAMNIT!!! If we go in your car then all the real gansters will come out and see you, and shoot us all down.

JC: Heís gotta point there.

Justin: How the hell else am I gonna show off my bomb ass Benz?

Joey: Justin, shut the fuck up, alright?

Lancey: Letís go out and Iíll drive us all to safety in my pretty cherry pink Toyota 4 Runner!

JC: No No No, if we let Lancey drive, heíll blast us all out singing Cyndi Lauperís ĎGirls Just Wanna Have Funí!!

Joey: Yeah, and everytime he forgets to put his signal on when he swithches lanes, he thinks the world is coming to an end because of his Quote, ĎCruel Actionsí!! (laughing)

Justin: (laughiní) Hey, yo, remember the time Lancey switched lanes widdout his signal, and so he tried to pull over da homis behind him to show how sorry he was for hurtiní da homeboyíz feelinsí? Ha Ha Ha, yo datís was dope! It kept meeh laughiní all day!

JC: (laughing) Oh yeah, then that dude drove away all fast!

Joey: Yeah, he probably thought Lancey was coming on to him, which he probably was!

Lancey: Oh stop being so mean and hurtful. Weíll go in another car then, but mine is still the prettiest shade of pink. I think we should drive mine. But since you guys are being so mean, and might I add that you all should be ashamed of yourselves, weíll go in another car.

Joey: Damn right!

Justin: Hell yeah!

~all of a sudden Chris does this really high pitched girly scream as the physco killer has gutted him~

Joey: Ah shit. We gotta get outta here before the killer gets us!

Justin: (all shakey as he softly speaks to himself) Calm down, aiight. Címon, you donít wanna cry like a wuss. Be a coo brotha...think like a coo brotha, mmmmkkk?

JC: Letís get outta here, assholes!

Lancey: Come on you guys, letís make a real quicky run for it!

~they all run out towards the cars~

JC: Quick, get in my Jeep!

~they all quickly get into JCís Jeep while they speed away. JC is driving and is blaring Jazz extremely loud~

Joey, Justin, and Lancey: DAMNIT JC, Turn that shit off!!

~Jc pulls over and they all argue about what to listen to~

JC: I say we listen to Jazz. Keep in mind that we are in MY car. And that IíM the Jazz Man!

Justin: No No, we all gonna listen to my main man, Puffy! Címon yaíll! Yeah! Put Ďem together for Puffy!

Lancey: Hey, I brought my Cyndi Lauper cd!

Joey: Shut the fuck up and turn that freakiní radio off! Now letís search the streets for prostitutes and Motel 6ís, my personal favorite!

JC: Joey, shut up you slut! Now to be fair, weíll listen to one song from everybody, ok? First, since itís MY car, weíll listen to jazz.

~then they all hear a loud scratching noise on the side of the car~

Justin: Hey yo, what tha fuck was dat?

JC: I dunno, but weíre gettin the hell outta here!

~Steps on the gas pedal and he speeds away~

~there is a loud thump and they pull the car to a harsh stop as it jolts them around a bit~

Joey: Hey look on the floor-We ran over the physco killer who must have been following us!

Justin: Boo-Ya!! Dead!

All: Yeah!!!!! We Did It!!!!! (cheering and giving eacother high fives)

JC: Well, now what?

Justin: Letís play some basketball, baby!!!!!

The End!!

By the way, Joey made them celebrate at Dennyís after.

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