The YM Fox File - By JaZZ

YM, November 1998, The Fox File: *N SYNC


Laid-back babe: Justin Timberlake

Born: Jan 31, 1981

Hometown: Memphis, TN

"My idea of a perfect (baddat) date is just hanging at home (with my posse, yo), having a video night. A good conversation is the biggest turn-on (unless you be wearin' that lil' thing I like, a'ight?) I'm looking for a girl with confidence (and some bad ass curves and she gotta be chocolate flavoured, y'all). There's nothing sexier (unless you be Naomi Campbell)."

Spontaneous stud:Chris Kirkpatrick

Born: Oct 17, 1971

Hometown: Clarion, PA

"I love surprising a girl with a picnic on the beach (and maybe some golf. Golf makes me cray-zay). My dream girl would be athletic, so we'd spend all day in-line skating and surfing (which is why me and Justin get along so good even though I could practically be his father). I also love a girl who's adventurous when it comes to love (like she wouldn't be afraid to dump me when she sees me washing my 'hair'). I dig it when she makes the first move (even if it's to move on)."

Sentimental sweetie: Joey Fatone Jr.

Born: Jan 28, 1977

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

"The most romantic thing I've ever done was on my girlfriend's birthday (which just so happened to also be International Food Day). I sent flowers to her workplace every single hour of her shift (and in between, I cleaned out the two restauraunts across the street). What can I say (A guy needs to eat...and eat, and eat)? I'm the sentimental type who will never forget my first kiss (or how good Twinkies taste)."

Real romeo: JC Chasez

Born: Aug 8, 1976

Hometown: Washington, DC

"If I'm into a girl, I'll take her on romantic dates to see plays (unless, of course, it's on the same night as a Trans-Con party. Then she'll just have to wait. It takes a lot of skill to suck-up to Lou Pearlman). I've even been known to seranade a girl with a special song written especially for her (and if it's reall good then I might put it on our next album so everyone can hear it and Lou will love me and my group better than the Backstreet Boys)."

Funny flirt: Lance Bass

Born: May 4, 1979

Hometown: Laurel, MS

"I do crazy things to get a girl's attention. I broke into my crushe's locker at school (it was hard to NOT steal all her make-up. The colours would've looked great with my skin tone) and rigged it so that when she opened it up, mistletoe sprang out, and I was standing nearby ready to kiss her (and hopefully grab her pink frost lipstick). My ideal girl (is Nick Carter) laughs at that kind of silly joke (tee hee).