God Needs To Spend A Little More Time On Them - Volume Two

Unfortunately there are too many stupid fucks in this world to deal with hence the creation of Volume Two.


Stop the howie bashing in my site? Okay, I'll just continue it ON my site.


When you say please, then call me a loser...that defeats the whole purpose. Fuck how stupid can you get?


Now that we have realised there are Howie fans out there like yourself, we have ALOT more shit to make fun of him with.

Wheels here, this one definately is an original...

Hey you stupid bitches

Do I sense hostility?

NSYNC are my friends and they hate you and your site!

Wow, then tell Joey I want my ice cream maker and my sisters playdough kitchen set back.

Wheels here, hehehe these ones are pretty pathetic

I entered you site thinking it might actually be funny,

And If you act now, you get a free t-shirt!

but it was soooo rude.

Uh...Well yeah that's the whole point. Fuck you are REALLY stupid huh?

But when ya starteed to mess wit my guy I got ticked!!!!

Oh for fucks sakes....

Justin is like so cool,

So was Vanilla Ice.

I'm like his #1 fan.

Gee you aren't like, a valley girl or like something?

Just cause you know you

Well yeah, it's a good thing when you know yourself.

could never be as good as them don't go pickin on em.

I'm sorry, but I think I can sing JUST as good as Justin Timberlake, if not better. JC? That's another story. Before you go and tell me Justin is so great, tell him to make his words clear.

Get a life!!!!!!!!

I'm suprised dipshits like you could ever work a computer. As for the Get A Life thing, I was so shocked with your originality I am at a loss for words.

And yet another one.


Gee look she knows my gender.

I hate your site so much I am going to tell people that your site is not any good

I'm assuming your only friends are your little study hall buds for your 6th grade class huh? I really couldn't give two shits if you hated my site because dipshits like you are an embarassment to our society.

I really hated the one you did on jerry springer


even if it was a joke you should not have done that because I am a true Backstreet boys fan

Meaning you cry at concerts, like Nick Carter, and you're an all around teenybopper.

and I would never write something like that even if it was a joke I'm the real fan

Okay well if you're such a fan then come over to my house, my AC is down.

so until you straighted this site up you can't call your self a backstreet boys fan.

Yeah I can, what are YOU gonna do about it?

Just think if they (bsb)were to read this would they consider this as a joke

They have.

I really don't think so.

Well I do, so do me a favor and go jump off a cliff somewhere.

LuCkY Comin' atcha, I didn't really feel like dealing with this unoriginal teenybopping dipshit so the comments are sorta lame.


Umm..yeah okay there...

I did get offended by what you said!

Yeah that'd be because your email address is nickschick_14@hotmail.com right?

Why do you have a BSB and 'N Sync site if you're just gonna dis' them!?

Because it's funny seeing little dipshits like you getting all huffy and irritated. It just makes our day alright...(???)

It's pointless!

What? Us or this letter?

Or is it just because you like getting the attention that you must direct to yourself!?


Ohhh, I hate you so much!

Gee, I'm insulted now. A stupid Nick lover hates me..damn, I'll go end my life now.

That stuff in your site would offend ANYONE with a normal personality!

No this site would offend anyone who is a snitty little assfuck. I.E. YOU


Uh huh...

PS. Howie is a BIG part of the Backstreet Boys.

Yeah, where would they be without a gay ugly one?

If you only like a few of them, then there is no use being a fan!

Umm yeah okay sure.

That's all I have to say!

Gee, what a disappointment.



Yo, Flash here. Man, this bitch pissed me off...

I did not like what you said about Joey and i intend to do something about it.

That's nice, why don't you try going to the members of parliament about it? I'm sure they'd help you out..(??)

How can you be so crude?

I got it from my mom..and my mom got it from her mom, and her moms mom got it from her mom...

You need to go and live a little.

Live a little? Sorry little girl I Live ALOT.

Just because you dont know anyone famous

The Here We Go Crew have friends in high places..so don't judge dipshit.

So just get a life

Well, Ill get a life if you get some originality? Deal?

Howdy Ho! Wheels with you. This girl seems to be a bit hostile.

I dont like anywhere for food

Well then you should go to a guidance counselor, I'm sure she can help you with your eating disorder.

It is so rude i am a real backstreet boys fan

Yeah we could tell by your sentence structure.

and it is not funny at all


Wuz ^ People? SuperG here again with another lame ass hate mail...(Names have been changed to protect the stupid...)

Hey, my name is RoChella and i have a problem with what you wrote on the internet about nsync and bsb.


hey are good bands and just because you don't like them doesn't meen you can go around and say nasty stuff about them. Oh yeah? who's gonna stop us? You and your army of pre-pubescentfriends?

i bet you are a ho bag bitch that doesn't have a life and you don't have anything else to do.

Why can't people remember there are FOUR of US?!?! FOUR NOT ONE FOUR!!!!!!

justin is the best looking guy in the band so you better shut up.

MAKE ME BIATCH!!(ok ok I admit that was a lame come back.....anyone who has a problem with me tho can BITE MY WILLEY WELL TONED ASS!!(Courtney Rox!!))

i bet you like that looser band moffats. they suck so bad.

.............the who?........Oh wait isn't that the band Sally Jesse Raphael dicovered? They still have a record contract?!?!

write back if you have something to say.





Ok Ok I swear that was it......

Wheels here once again! We have yet another one.

Your web site here we go is horrible!

You know you don't have to tell us the name of our own god damn site

You are sooooo rude.

It's a talent, really.

I bet I am not the only person who feels that way

Wow, you certainly are a scholar aren't you?

She felt the need to email us again to write this:

YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And amen to that. Oh and by the way, exactly WHAT do I suck?

Wow, Its a Chris fan! I'd have expected more from one.


Well, she's likes to make an entrance?

i was tormented by anger throught the story (christmas stroy) about the lice thing in chris' hair.

Okay let me get this straight, you were angry THROUGHT the STROY? Uh yeah okay there.

the justin thing wasn't bad because it's true.

Actually, we exagerate HIM the most..fuck are you a retard?

the joey thing, damn he is not fat,

Okay well for the holidays we'll just call him Festively Plump, better?

jc is not ugly,

That's a first..

and lance is not pretty.

I'm glad someone is with me about him being hopeless all together.

i managed through that without killing you but then i went to their vitals.

And the suspense thickens...

holy shit if i veer met you i would smack you so hard you'd look liek howie.

I'd like to see you try, ditz...VEER? Okay when you try and insult someone, be sure to know your typing skills before you do so.

(by the way hilarious with the howie thing)

Ummm thanks?

but if you had taked the time to actually know nsync at ALL you would change your very deranged minds.

And if you "taked" the time to attend school daily you would realized TAKED is not a fucking word.

joey is not fat and if that chick calls herself lucky again i'll kick her ass

She's shaking really.

. uh, lucky is chris' nick name

Yeah well if you must know, LuCkY almost died when she was younger and was saved. That is why she is called LuCkY. Oh and by the way...do you see a copyright on that nickname? Nooo. So shut the fuck up...did it ever occur to you there are about 394759857 other people in the fucking world who use that nickname too?

and uhh, what the hell is supergrover? and wheels? and flash?

The Here We Go Crew. And don't diss our names when you sign your name as LAURA KIRKPATRICK

what? did you work at burger king too long? take the career too seriously??

What the fuck kind of diss was that sopposed to be? That had to be the most fucked up comment I've EVER heard.

the lice thing? chris? uhh, what the hell is that?

Ok now you are repeating yourself. Let it go teenybopper.

wasn't ever funny.why don't you put your pictures on the site and show everyone how demented you look?

How would you know what we look like? You might be surprised if you ever saw us. And telling by the way you act, you're probably a fat smelly 12 year old who wears NSYNC t-shirts

sayin jc is all deranged in the face, and lance is disfigured. uhh no. all i saw in this site is someone who has alot of tim on their hands

Yeah and you seem to be writing alot for someone who has a life

the price is wrong bitch

The cost is too much for you.

lay off of chris and lay off of nsync so hard ok

What if i said no?

. i understnad the nice jokes, like the justin stuff because it actually sounded like a human had wrote it. so have a bit of sencerity for the guys and fans and be kind

Yeah well understNAD this...We will NOT change anything nor will we change our ATTITUDES..capiche?!?!

Man..you dipshits don't learn huh?



  I'm so sorry to bother you, when your so busy making fun of the man I adore,

The man you adore? Umm ok

but I think it is totally wrong of you to do this to these totally cute guys.

And I think it's wrong for you to call them totally cute guys since it's a fact that they aren't "HOT" or "TO DIE FOR" Yeah they're okay..none of them are so god damn ugly you'd shoot them with a bullet to put them out of their misery.They just are not gorgeous. Which I actually prefer since all my boyfriends have always been good looking, yet not the MOST GORGEOUS GUY IN THE WORLD. But yeah continue..

  I think this hate board was a totally stupid idea.

It's called a web page

When I read what you have to say about any of them, I get offended.

Aww gee that's too bad you stupid ditz. Read the disclaimers

  I know you are just doing it for other people's laughs, but we (my sister and I) are really mad about this


You make them sound conceded and that they don't care about anybody else but themselves.

I think you should worry more about how you make yourself sound. Right now Im getting the impression you can't spell and are under the age of 15.

  Most of the stuff you say isn't true and I hope you would change it. 

Not a chance.

I know what you thinking, "If you don't like it, don't come in here." 

Actually no, I was thinking about where I'm going tonight with the rest of the Crew..but go on

Well here's what I say to that sort of comment.  FUCK IT!!  I really don't care what you think I should or shouldn't do. 

Okay, well you brang it on yourself. Since you don't care what you should or shouldn't do, maybe I won't listen to YOU and change crock shit on this page. (I wasn't going to anyways, just for the record)

Maybe I do it just to send these bad e-mails.

Yes and I answer to these "bad" emails..which is often called Hatemail, ya know?

  Well, that's all I have to say.  I hope you take it into concideration that other girls who go in here get really hurt.

We know, but also other people have the time of their lives here. And really..I like to think positive :)

  The way you make fun of them can really hurt someone who likes them a whole lot.

If you're a teenybopper...

I hope you all had a kickass new year! We've started things off with some more stupid dipshits, check this out.

ok i like your sight its like funny and pervertid all in one and no afence butt that one Email you got that you liked anuf to putt on your sight that girl is such a freeking suck up i want to freeking through up man n!


and dont gett me wrong butt do you have nothing eals to do in your life butt just watch all these damb things with backstreetboys and Nsync all the time


and then come on the web sight and just like make fun of it! its cool butt you gyse have to gett some kind of life!

Is she telling us to get a life????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

i am nott a tenny bopper and you can just keep on kritasizing the 2 groups for all i care butt plese gett a life you people. you just make me feel bad for you.

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Alright that's better. Don't you fucking dare tell us to get a life when you cant even fucking spell DAMN. As much as your letter was funny it was also the most fucking pathetic letter I'd ever recieved. It shows even non teenyboppers can be mindless idiots, huh?

And another one..

To the losers who made this page,

To the loser who wrote this letter,

Do you think you're funny or something?


I'd just like to letcha know you're not.

Damn, I guess we have to tear the site down now, some teenybopper told us we aren't funny. Gonna go die now.

And I dont really care if you put this on your hatemail page,actually i'd be really proud if ya did.

That's fucking scary if your proud of behind exposed as a mindless dipshit to all the cool nsync fans out there. I'll pay for your therapy if you want?

If you like N Sync then why are you are you makin fun of them?

To piss dipshits like you off.

That just shows how stupid you really are.

I guess so!

And why do you constantly make fun of Lance?

Looking at him will answer all your questions.

What did he and the other 4 guys do to you?

We're all jealous of Lance, no really.

I hope N Sync gets on your page and sees how stupid you are.

Me too actually. Maybe they'll realize there are some girls who don't think they are the greatest people in the world. It can be made known that as much as the fans out there love them, they are grounded and are not psychopaths. But then again, they can also see how scary some fans are as well I.E. YOU

Makin fun of someone is not the way you show them you like them.

My mommy says that when boys tease you that means they like you..

You guys are sick.

I know, it's that damn flu thats been going around.

Yall need to go to a phsychiatrist.

Yeah, let's all pay Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick a visit

Look She emailed us again!

To the loser bitches who wrote this stupid ass webpage,

We've covered that already.

Hell yeah its me again Stefany.

Oh goodie, your presence has been missed these..5 MINUTES.

I done wrote you b-4 and hopefully you got it and read it.

Yes we did, which is why now BOTH your hatemail letters are posted.

guys just REALLY piss me off,ya know that?

guys piss me off too.

I was readin that stupid ass section called God needs to spend a little more time on them

And just how does a section have a Stupid Ass?

and i seen where you told some girl that shes probably just some fat smelly 12 year old girl that wears N Sync shirts.

Yeah, I could hook you up with her maybe? You seem around the same age.

Well even though you wudn't talkin to me as a matter of fact I AM A SKINNY 12 YEAR OLD WHO WEARS N SYNC SHIRTS

I'm scaring myself with my psychic powers.


Girl Power!


Well I'm going to post you up here and make you look like moron, okay?

Oh are you gonna call me names and make fun of me?


My heart is just broken into a million pieces, I think Im gonna cry.

Here's a tissue.

Ya know youre probably the fat smelly ones and the only way youll feel better about yourself is to make fun of other people.

Yup, I'm a 900 lbs woman who has to clean herself with a shower brush. You can catch me on Ricki Lake in three weeks.

It must REALLY suck to be yall .

It must suck more to be a 12 year old who wears nsync t-shirts

Yall are probably all in a foursome and thats why youre always defendin yourselves.

I'm convinced you don't even know what a foursome is

Well I just wanted ta letcha ya know YOUR SITE SUCKS!!!!!!!

Good golly!


Stefany Bass? Should I call the cops now or later?

(yeah go ahead and make fun of my last name I LOVE LANCE!!!)

That's nice.


This should be good

I don't usually cuss but you guys really make me mad!!!

Yeah I'm sure your mommy wouldn't like you cussing huh?

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