As of today (3-23-99) I am leaving the crew.

I have decided to leave Here We Go, probably for good. But, before I go, I'm going to tell you about my identity:

**My real name is Lindsey**
**I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania**
**I never lived in France**
**I am not the original LuCkY. The first LuCkY could not work at the page anymore, so Wheels asked me to replace her, without really telling anyone that we did a switcheroo**
**I have never met any of the Here We Go Crew in real life**
**I am 14 years old, but no one believes me, because they all think I'm older than that**
**The 'N Sync concert review by Ducky, was actually done by me (the picture on this page was taken by me at the concert)**
**The reason I am leaving is because of Wheels**
**If I ever sent you a nasty IM, it was because Wheels told me to**
**Howie was my favorite BSB at one point in time**
**I really don't hate 'N Sync or BSB (but I do hate 5ive)**
**I'm still apologizing to Supergrover about leaving the page, because SHE is the one behind almost everything** **I was once a teenybopper, but within 2 months I grew out of that phase**
**I never met Rammstein**
**Whenever you read a notice from Wheels saying she was quitting, she was just trying to get some pity from all you people**
**If I was older, I would have been a teenybopper in the 80s**

Once again, I apologize to SuperGrover and Ace for leaving the Crew on such short notice. I think Wheels is quitting too...
I decided to tell the truth about myself on this page because the only reason I lied about anything in the first place is because of Wheels.
I am also just as big of an 'N Sync and BSB fan as anyone who comes to this page. I do not hate them at all (I only dislike Nick), and sometimes I consider myself a Teenybopper.
Before I go, I have one final message: