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We have some new Questions for 8/28/98

Does Justin really have a girlfriend? Or is it all just a bunch of sh*t?

Okay, we've had this question from about ten people. Well, Justin had rumored to be dating Veronica Finn (Aka Huckleberry Finn in the thank you's, like that isn't obvious already) Now they have said to be best friends! So we can't really tell you. We'll go with what Justin Says. Nothing. ;p

Tasha From Peterborough Canada asks:

Is it true Chris has a girlfriend? Or was it another joke??

Infact, Yes he does. The Here We Go Crew were at the Hotel in Ottawa to see N SYNC come in. Chris was infact with a girl. We do not know her name though! We are still trying to figure out who would go out with Chris other than Wheels...

Mel from Oregon asks:

What are your real names?

Well, as you know Wheels' name is WHEELS! We would rather be left unnamed due to some reasons. Plus being Mysterious is cool.

Kenisha from Toronto asks:

OMG! This site was SOOOOOO funny!! I just have one question!! Who are your fave N SYNC and BSB guys?? WHEELS AND SUPERGROVER YOU ROCK!!!

Well, speaking for me, I dont really like any of them, but if i had to pick one I'd go Justin's way. Now BSB AJ all the way, that guy is fine. Wheels likes Chris, but would gladly shove him off for Kevin! Then i ask myself who wouldn't? LuCkY likes JC and B-Rok. SuperGrover likes..wait..LUSTS Joey.(WHY?????) Her fave bsb would have to be AJ!

Tiff from Vancouver B.C. asks:

OMG first I'd like to say this page rocks! LuCkY and Wheels You guys rock! Okay, people always think that BSB are virgins and that they are soo nice and innocent! What are your opinions???-Tiff!

Well, we KNOW for a fact that all of them are not virgins. Come on, they are all guys with hormones (esp the teenage ones) that have girls throwing themselves at them. As for girlfriends, Kevin does not have a girlfriend at the moment as far as we know, AJ is always with a girl, Nick is infact dating Mandy Ashford (you can see her at , shes the blonde one), Brian has a girlfriend as well, and Howie has a boyfriend. No. Just kidding, he has been free since just a month ago. So i totally doubt they are virgins, especially Kevin being almost 27. If he was a virgin that would be sad. Innocent? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Okay sorry, AJ is not innocent, not at ALL! Just look at him, you think HE IS INNOCENT? Brian may look innocent and play that choir boy act, but that guy cusses like there is no tomorrow. Kevin actually is pretty much innocent, though he has some WICKED mood swings as we hear from fellow friends that have met him. We don't know, he's been the sweetest towards us when we met them. And Nick? Pfft. Don't get me started on him. He's about as innocent as O.J. Simpson. We must remember they are normal guys making a living. What guy do you know that is TOTOLLY INNOCENT. I don't know any.

Britney from PA asks:

How did you guys get such a successful page started like this and What inspired you to do this stuff?

Well One day I was on IRC when Wheels messaged me going "OH MY GOD HAHAHA LOOK AT THIS SITE!" so i went to the link she pasted for me and it was "We Like Girls". Well i had quite a good laugh, so we passed it to Grover and LuCkY. We then later discovered "The Girls Who Have Everything" and then it just hit us that we wanted to do something like that as well! As you can see we did not cut and paste. We used out own ideas and anything that was just remade a bit or was in relation with their ideas we thanked them at the bottom of our page! So that is what inspired us. How? A good web host. Lots of Free Time. And a Twisted Sense Of Humor.

Someone From Somewhere askes:

How did you guys meet bsb and nsync?

Well, We met them BOTH at Planet HollyWood, BSB was an accident, they popped up out of no and to our luck there was about 5 fans so we got to talk to them for about 15 - 30 mins. N SYNC was deliberate and we met Chris. Some of the Here We Go Posse went to the Ottawa show and saw them there at the hotel, and all of us were there at the Orlando Bands Together (Seriously we were taking a holiday and didn't know they were coming, but as soon as we found out we went) So we saw them for a few mins there. But no we didn't freak out and it won't hold a place in our hearts cuz I MET MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will rule eternally!

Melanie From Denmark asks:

Hi! I want to congradulate you on your great site! My question is Who are you girls and where are you from? And Flash you did some major butt kicking in the email! *lol* I loved it!

LoL, thanks. Who are we? Well you can see in the Here We Go Posse Section. Where are we from? Well Myself (Flash) I'm from Sudbury Ontario otherwise known as boringsville. Wheels is from Toronto (Smack downtown where all the stuff happens) LuCkY is from France, (Paris to be exact) though she is an American living there. And Grover is from Georgia. We all had a 3 week get together for the summer if you're wondeng how we went to concerts together. And yes we all met on here.

Mel from Ottawa asks:

Is LuCkY that girl Cee from the psycho fans page?

Nope! She was from Paris, and now is in PA! She is Not Celine!

Steff From England asks

Hi! What went on about JC and Nikki DeLoach? I hear there is some tension between them!

Well, rumor has it that Nikki apparently cheated on JC (Yet I can see why.........) Therefore they are done. But that is only what we hear...

Monica from Sudbury Ontario asks:

I hear some of you are singers, do you sing professionaly?

How did you know that?! Well I dont sing, I have taken dance for 10 years, and from what I know LuCkY doesn't sing, I think she doesn't do anything in the performing area. Grover and Wheels are the two singing stars in this posse. They have both taken vocal lessons (They met eachother through vocal teachers) but at the moment they do not want to persue anything.

Missy From Calgary Asks:

Hi! I'm real sorry to hear about your boyfriend Wheels! Were you two really close?

Wheels and her boyfriend had been friends for 5 years. They met at Martial Arts and they had been best friends until this summer when they got serious. He was a really sweet guy, and I admit he was FINE. It was a total shame, it really was. They were going to get married as soon as Wheels was out of highschool. I guess not anymore. :(

Syd from Australia asks:

Who are Joey's role models cuz he seems to be one horny mate

His role model seems to be George Michaels.

Tammy from Saskatchewan asks:

Hi Flash! How do I meet N SYNC? Or How do I get them to notice me?

Wear a Chadwick costume. That would not only get their attention, but you might be lucky enough to get beaten up by them! Who would need a picture or an autograph then?

Leta from Somewhere asks:

Is it true Danay and Chris are together?

You know, knowing them I wouldn't doubt it.

Ral from NJ asks:

Is it true that Brittney Spears and Nick Carter are getting down?

Getting what? Oh you mean dating. Actually I've heard this rumor from several people, I highly doubt it but who knows.

Lise from Paris asks:

How do you make webpages like this? I want to make one!

Be sure to make a good one. After mine, Yizzy's, and Cheryl's there's been a few that have really blowed. If you're going to do a good humor site than

A) You need a good sense of humor and try to be mean SOMETIMES. Do not worry, you will not burn in hell if you poke extra hard at them.

B) able to update alot seeing as people really like this humor shit.

C) Must be creative and DOES NOT COPY EVERYTHING from the site that inspired you.