BSB and N SYNC In: TITANIC - By Jennifer

Part 1- Section 1

A romantic love story between Howie and Nickki of BSB and Lancey of ĎNsync. What will happen as Titanic sinks to the bottom of the ocean? Whoís heart will go on? Are they gonna Quit Playiní games with their hearts, or will they continue Teariní up Their Hearts?

(My heart will go on is playing)

~As the Titanic came up to the dock, BSB were so exicted. They were finally going to America to sell their cds and shake their butts for everyone over there. Nickki and Howie are happily expressing their dying devotion to eachother while Brian, Aj, and Kevin remain partly straight and single. Little do they know that ĎNsync has the same thoughts about boarding Titanic and selling their cds and shaking their booties for everyone over there, only ĎNsync donít have enough money. ĎNsync gets hounded down by Teeny Boppers as they try to figure out what to do for money.~

Jc: Hey, we need, like, more money to get on, or something.

Justin: Hey, we gettiní da bomb ass rooms with all dat gold trim, right yaíll?

Joey: Damnit Justin, we donít even have enough money to get 2 of us on at 3rd class, and you think youíre gonna get 1st class? Idiot. Idiot. Idiot........

Lancey: But I want a pretty pink room with teddy bears and pretty roses and flowers and fluffy pillows.

Jc: I donít think they have rooms like that. I know they have 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class, but no gay class.

Lancey: Oh, darn!

Chris: No, but BSBís Nickki got one like that. He and Howie are sharing it.

Justin: Hey, yo Chris, how do yaíll know Ďbout dat?

Joey: Chris and Howie are buddies, remember? Hint hint- hair.

Justin: Well, yo yo. Check it. BSB got 1st class tickets. Wassup widdat yaíll?

Joey: Yeah, well, theyíre big celebrities and stuff.

Justin: But yo, weeh are too. Ainít weeh?

Chris: Yeah, but I think Leonardo DiCaprio got all of our rooms.

Jc: All three?

Joey: Wait a minute. We had three rooms? Who was sharing?

Jc: It was me and Justin, you and Lancey, and Chris gets his own room because heís the oldest and the scariest.

Joey: Why do I have to share a room for? You know I like to bring all the ladies in with me and, you know, get it on.... And Lancey wont let me!

Justin: But yo, check it. Lancey gets scared if heís gotta stay by himself.

Joey: Even if his room has pretty pink pillows and teddy bears?

Lancey: All that stuff makes me feel good, but I canít take being alone.

Joey: Man! Iíll try to handle it best I can, but I gotta get the ladies in sometime!

Jc: Look, that should be the least of our problems. We need money!

Chris: I say we hound Leonardo DiCaprio and demand at least two of our rooms back!

Justin: Yo, dat wonít work cuz everyone dinks dat Leo is a coo brotha and heíll whoop our asses and win yaíll.

Joey: Hey, wait a minute. Maybe I could sleep with all the ladies, and make them pay me!

Jc: Good thinking!

Joey: I know, huh?

Jc: Not about sleepin around, you idiot! Iím saying, we could get our money from other people!

Justin: Yo, but how we gonna get dough from oder people?

Lancey: Yeah, we canít just take money from people. Thatíd be mean and hurtful to them.

Jc: Well, we could pretend to love all these Teeny Boppers around us, and somehow trick them into giving us money!

Joey: I think my idea is better.

Chris: Joey, shut up, you slut! Hey, Jc, Good Thinking!

Jc: Oh yes...All praise and glory goes to me! ( Has a flattered expression on his face)

Justin: Ok, yo, letís start den!

~íNsync is collecting all their money from Teeny Boppers who think they are gonna marry Justin or be the mother of Nsyncís babies. Surprise surprise- itís working~

~meanwhile BSB are already aboard Titanic looking around~

-BSB are in their rooms-

Brian: Hey, this first class stuff really kicks!

Aj: No, really? I was thinking this really bites! Duh, this kicks!

Brian: Shut up, ok!! Iím not sharing a room with you if you are gonna act like that.

Nickki: Well, me and Howie are gonna go over to OUR room and take care of a little business, k? (giggles and cups his hand over his mouth)

Howie: (picks up Nickki and carries him in his arms out to their room as Nickki giggles and smiles)

Kevin: Look at those two! Sick! Just Sickening!

Brian: Oh, let them have their fun.

Aj: Brian, Kevin, donít get any ideas!

Brian: Oh, just cuz weíre sharing a room.....

Kevin: Go busy yourself and dye your hair or something.

Aj: Hey, good idea! Good thing I brought my hair dying kit and curling iron!

Brian: Hey Kev, letís go look around this big ass ship, aiight?

Kevin: Alright, just let me unpack.

Brian: Damn, your so organized!

~Meanwhile, Nsync have succesfully gotten enough money to board the ship with two first class rooms and 1 second class room~

Joey: Hey, who gets the 2nd class room?

Jc: Well, I guess Chris! Heís the ugliest! He doesnít need any 1st class stuff!

Chris: Hey! ( In a Cartman voice[southpark])

Justin: Yo, Jc, we all gonna get some-a-dat gold trim in our crib, yo?

Jc: Yes, Justin, not to worry. Thereís plenty of gold in this ship for first class, that is!

Justin: Yeah! Datíll be phat yo!

Jc: Well, what are we waiting for? Letís board our ship!

~they start walking over to the entrance and Justin stops them to look at the poster on the wall~

Justin: Hey Yo, check out dis poster ova here! Itís got, like, all da famous people who are boarding dis ship!

Lancey: Why arenít we mentioned on it? How rude!

Chris: Hey, are BSB shown on it?

Justin:~ looks~ Nope!

Chris: Well, then I guess itís ok as long as they arenít beating us!

Jc: They must have not mentioned any music groups then.

Joey: No! Look, Mase and Puffy are on board.

Justin: Yo, for real, foo? Oh, datís dope, yo! They da men! Yeah! Dey coo brothas!!

Lancey: Who else is on board?

Joey: Thereís Tori Spelling, Michelle Williams, Christina Applegate, Kate Winslet, Neve Cambell....

Lancey: (interrupting) No No No, I meant guys.

Joey: Who cares!?! Look at that line-up of chicks...Iím gonna be a busy guy tonight!

Jc: Joey, shuuuuuuuuuttttttt uuuuuuuuppppp, mmmmmkkk?

~They finally baord the Titanic and try to find their rooms~

(Justinís getting lost because he canít read the signs)

~Meanwhile, with BSB, Brian and Kevin went looking around the Titanic while Aj was doing his hair, again, and Nickki and Howie were locked in their room together~

Brian: Damn, this ship is huge, huh?

Kevin: You idiot! What did you expect on the biggest ship of them all? Damn youíre lame!

Brian: Shut up alright! This totally sucks ass! Damn, we need a taxi just to get to the other side of this big ass ship!

Kevin: Damnit Brian! Youíre so damn lazy! Deal with it! Now letís go check out whatís on the other side of this boat!

Brian: I donít wanna! Iím gonna go back to our room and check on Nickki and Howie.

Kevin: You sick ass weirdo! What normal person would wanna see them two in action? At least watch a couple who knows how to do it right!

Brian: No No No, stupid ass! We gotta check on them and make sure they donít get outta hand or we might get kicked off, damnit!

Kevin: Oh yeah. Good thinking, asshole! Letís go!

~they leave to go check up on Howie andNickki. Aj is still messiní with his hair~

~Brian and Kevin finally get to their room and hear loud giggling and some moans~

Brian: (Has a disgusted look on his face) Damn! What tha hell are they doing?

Kevin: I donít know, but itís coming to an end right now!! *knocks on the door*

Nickki: Uh Uh, what Uh do ya Uh Uh want? Oh Howie!!

Kevin and Brian: OPEN THE DOOR, NOW!!!!

(door slowly opens)

Howie: Whataya want? It was just getting good.

Kevin: Stop it right now!

~then Nickki comes over with his passionate pink lis gloss on and ribbons in his hair~

Brian: Oh, sick dude!

Kevin: Alright. Thatís it!! Nickki, your staying in Brianís room with Aj and Iím gonna stay with Howie! Iíve had enough of this crap!

Brian: I feel sorry for you dude! At least Nickki has half a brain!

Kevin: I know. This bites, but somebodyís gotta take care of this.

~Kevin closes the door and starts yelling at Howie, making him cry~

~Brian and Nickki walk across the hall to their room and help Aj with his curly multicolored hair~

~Nsync finally found their rooms~

Justin: ( looks around at all da gold) Damn, this place is phat yo!

Jc: Told ya this place was loaded!

Justin: Yeah!! Hey, dey gotta B-ball court Ďround here?

Joey: Well, they got everythong else on this ship, why not?

Justin: Yo, letís go check if dey gots a court yaíll!

Joey: Ok.

Lancey: No, Joooooooooeeeyyy! Letís go to our room! I wanna decorate it with teddy bears and these pretty pink flowers I brought. Come on. You can help me decorate.

Joey: ( looks down ) Yippy, what fun......

Lancey: Come on. Itíll be fun, I promise! I even brought my Cyndi Lauper cd!

~Joey slowly walks away and keeps looking back while Lancey skips along towards his room~

Justin: Now letís go check fo dat B-ball court aiight?

Jc: Ok, but I need to take a beauty nap first.

~walks toward the bed~

Justin: Oh, wassup widdat, foo? I needs ta practice my B-ball if Iím gonna be da next Micheal Jo-dan!

Jc: Well, then have Chris take you.

Chris; No, no. I gotta go down to check out my crappy room in 2nd class that you assholes put me in! Assholes!

Jc: Shut up dumb ass! Címon Justin, weíll go check for that B-ball court. (pulls Justin aside and opens the door as he sneers at Chris)

Chris: I saw that!

Jc: Good!

Chris: ( leaves to find his room )

~Jc and Justin tell Lancey and Joey theyíre gonna go look for the B-ball court and to meet them for dinner when they serve it later~

Jc: So if we do find a B-ball court, how often are ya gonna make us come out and play b-ball?

Justin: Yo, if we find a court, yo...we gonna practice everyday and show off fo all da hotties out dere.

Jc: What if we donít find one?

Justin: Ahhhhhhhhh! No, God No!!! Dere has to be one!! Datís all Iím good at!

Jc: Yeah, well.... ( looks around a bit and seeís parked cars )

Jc: Hey look. You couldíve brought your Mercedes and parked it on the ship!

Justin: Damnit! What up widdat? I couldíve brought my bomb ass Benz to show off and I wasnít told Ďbout dis? Sup widdat, yo?

Jc: Itís not like you could really show it off. It would just be parked under and no one would know itís yours.

Justin: Oh yeah. Well, at least I gots my motha ta watch it fo me!

~They finally get to the gym, where there just happens to be a b-ball court~

Justin: Yeah!! Letís play some Basketball, baby!

~everyone in the gym looks at Justin all weird~

Justin: What up? Wuz wrong? I just gonna play some basketball, baby!

Jc: Well, letís play then!!!!

~They play for a couple of hours one on one cuz nodody wants to play with them~

Justin: Hey yo, wut tyme is it?

Jc: ~looks at the watch he always wears~ Itís almost time for dinner. We better go wash up before we go to dinner.

Justin: Aiight yo, but weeh be cominí back to dis court later, yo!

Jc: Yeah yeah, whatever.

~They start walking back to their rooms~

~Meanwhile, with BSB, Brian and Nickki have turned Ajís hair into an rainbow colored mohawk and Kevin has slapped Howie around for a few hours~

Brian: Well, we better get ready for dinner now, k?

Aj: Ok, but tommorrow I want a new hairdo.

Nickki: K, I can get it a pretty pink for you.

Aj: Nick, stay the hell away from my hair, ok?

Nickki: Ok. but your loss.

Aj: Yeah, sure.

Brian: Damn Aj, canít you leave your hair one style for two days?

Aj: No.

Brian: Pppptttttssss, I guess not! ~knock on the door~

Aj: Who is it?

Kevin: Itís me and tubby.

Brian: Ok, come on in.

Aj: No wait, whoís tubby?

Brian: Um, whatís his name.....the dumb ass.....

Aj: Oh, Heidi, or something.

Brian: Yeah, that one.

~Kevin and Howie come in~

Kevin: Ok, you guys ready to go to dinner?

Brian: Yeah, letís go.

Nickki: No, wait up a sec. I need to fix my hair and I donít think my cheeks look rosy enough.

Kevin: Damn it Nick! Shut your pie hole and letís go!


Brian: Ah Ah Ah. Nick, stay away from Heidi.

Nickki: Howie!

Brian: Who cares!?!

Kevin: Brian, you watch Nick. Me and Ajíll take care of Heidi or Howie or whatever itís name is.

Brian: No Fair! Why do I have to take care of Nick by myself?

Aj: Because like you said, Nickki has at least half a brain. Heidi, on the other hand, well, heís a dumb ass. He needs special care.

Brian: Alright, but damn!

~Meanwhile, Jc and Justin made it back to their rooms safetly and have taken showers~

Jc: Justin, you dumb ass! You donít wear that stuff at a first class dinner on Titanic!

Justin: Wut shud I wear den?

Jc: Iím wearing that outfit we wore on Regis andKathee Lee.

Justin: Yeah but wut shud I wear?

Jc: Damn it Justin! Just put something on and letís go get Joey and Lance.

Justin: Aiight den.

~Justin puts on some Tommy gear~

~After they are all dressed, Jc And Justin go get Joey and Lancey~

Jc: ~knocks on the door~ Joey!! Ya ready?

~Door opens~

Lancey: Joey is still getting dressed and I need to apply my make-up still.

Jc: Hurry up! We have to be on time! ~points to his watch~

Lancey: Oh dear! Iíll try, k?

~After they are all done, they think about going down to get Chris and decide that theyíll leave him behind because he canít come to first class dining rooms because of his apperance. Theyíll never let him pass~

Justin: Yo, dis dining room is phat, yo!!

Joey: Letís sit down and EAT!!!!

~They find a table to sit at which just happens to be right across from BSBís table~ ~As BSB come and sit down, they donít even notice Nsync~

Brian: Hey, Kevin, be sure and sit Heidi and Nickki away from eachother, k?

Kevin: I know man.

Nickki: ~starts singing~ I know what boys like, I know what boys want, I know what boys like, boys like, boys like me! Na na nana, Na na na nana.

Howie: ~giggling~ Oh, stop, Nickki! He He!

Brian: Oh, sick dude! Make them stop!


Aj: Yeah man, thatís telling Ďem!

Kevin: Aj, damnit, take off your glasses! Weíre supposed to look classy and show some class.

Brian: But how is Aj supposed to class if he doesnít have any!?!?

Aj: Shut up, alright! Just, just shut up! Itís not like you have any!

Brian: I have more than youíll ever have!

Aj: Shut up!

Brian: You shut up, idiot!

Aj: No, you shut up!!

Kevin: All right, this is stopping right now! Both of you shut up!

~Meanwhile at ĎNsyncís table......~

Waiter: And what will you gentlemen be having this evening?

Justin: Weíre not gentlemen yo!

Waiter: ~surprised look on his face~

Joey: Iíll take two of everything!!

Jc: Joey!! Cut down on the chow a bit, ok?

Joey: Hell no. Look at all that good food on the menu!

Justin: Hey yo! Sup homie? Do yaíll have some-a-dat Apple Jacks?

Waiter: Iím sorry sir, we donít serve that.

Justin: Wassup widdat yaíll?

Jc: Iíll just have a steak with some dinner rolls, thanks.

Lancey: Oh dear, I just canít decide. Will someone share a plate with me?

Jc: Lance, just hurry up and order alright?

Lancey: Oky doky, Iíll just get a side order of shrimpy then.

Justin: Yo, I guess I just get wut Jcís gettiní aiight?

Waiter: Yes sir. ~walks away~

Lancey: Hey look! Itís BSB!!

Jc: What the hell are you so happy about? Justin: Wassup widdat Lance?

Lancey: Oh, I canít help myself, heís just so cute!

~Then Nickki sees Lancey across the table~

Nickki: Oh my, whoís that over there?

Howie: Nickki!! How could you? I thought you were true to me!

Nickki: Yeah, whatever. Whatever Howie.

Howie: Well, Iíll just find myself someone else then.

Brian Kevin and Aj: ~look at Howie~ Donít get any ideas!

Howie: Fine! Iíll look for someone who wants to have a little fun on board.

~They all eat their dinner while Puff Daddy and Mase perform~

Justin: ~gettiní all happy cuz Puff and Mase are there~ Yeah! Yeah boy! Oh Mase, Yo da Man!! You Da Man!! Yeah Puffy! put Ďem togetha fo Puffy!!

Jc: Settle down, mmmmkkk?

Joey: ~not paying any attention because heís stuffing his face~

Lancey: Iím gonna go take a walk around the boat, k? Iíll meet ya back in the room in about a half an hour.

Joey: ~still eating~ Yeah, whatever...

~Nickki sees Lancey get up and wonders where heís going~

Nickki: Oh my, whereís that cutie going? Iím gonna go follow him, k?

Kevin: Just be back in Brian and Ajís room by night time.

Brian: Yeah, and stay away from the big tall guys or theyíll beat you up again.

Nickki: I know. I learned my lesson once in for all. Buh bye! ~gets up and follows Lancey out the door to the deck of the ship~

Lancey: ~walking slowly singing to himself~ girls just wanna have fun, thatís all they really want, some fun....

Nickki: Hi!

Lancey: Oh, hello there!

Nickki: So, are ya single?

Lancey: Oh yes! Wanna stroll with me around this ship for a while? I need love.

Nickki: You need love.

Lancey: We all really need love.

~They walk around and get to know eachother better~

~meanwhile back at Nsyncís table..~

Jc: ~has a disgusted look on his face~ This isnít jazz!

Justin: Of course not, you idiot! Itís da man, Puffy!!!

Jc: I donít care. This sucks!

Joey: ~laid back from all the eating~ Ahhhhh. That was good, man. So, whatís for desert?

Jc: Damnit Joey! You just ate!! What the hellís a matter with you?

Joey: What? Iím hungry! This sea air makes me wanna eat more.

Jc: Whatís your excuse on dry land?

Joey: Shut up!

Justin: Yeah, all air affects his appetite, huh?

Jc: Guess so.

Joey: Cut it out! Waiter!!! Over here!

Waiter: Yes sir?

Joey: I want the best desert you have!

Waiter: Well, Iíll bring you the desert menu, sir.

Joey: Ahh, Iíll spare ya the trouble. Just get me everything.

Waiter: ~surprised look on his face~

Jc: I know, we didnít think he was such a fat ass either.

Joey: Damn proud of it!

Justin: Yo, shut up, aiight! Mase is rappin to ĎFeel so goodí.

Jc: Donít make me go up their and teach him some jazz lessons, mmmmkkk? Cause he could sure use them.

Justin: Shut up, aiight! You donít know jack Ďbout music.

Jc: Oh yeah, well if itís anyone who canít do music, singing that is, itís you!! Youíre always messing up our songs with your squealing!

Justin: Well, it apperantly works cuz I awayz get all da chicks yo!!

Jc: Well, I donít like it!

Justin: Who cares!?!?

Joey: Shut up!!!! God I swear, man. Hey, after weíre......After IíM done eating, wanna go check for ladies?

Justin: Yeah!!!!

Jc: Alright, but weíre not staying out later than 10pm.

Justin: Look at dat...We can never have any fun cuz the asshole is always here to ruin it fo us! God, arenít weeh blessed?!?

Joey: I know man. Hey, shouldnít we go look for Chris?

Jc: Alright, but I mean it about that time limit, ok?

Justin: Screw you...if you wanna go ta bed early like a foo, go ahead, mmmkkkk? But weeh gonna stay out and party all night long, till da early break of dawn!!

Jc: Go ahead, but Iím the one whoís gonna look all good tommorrow morning while you guys look like crap!

Joey: Whatever.....

~meanwhile at the BSB table~

Aj: Well, letís get up and go see what Nickkiís up to, k?

Brian: Yeah, we gotta go check up on him. He might be doing something stupid again and he might get us kicked off the ship.

Kevin: Oh shit, youíre right! Letís go!!

~They get up to go look for Nickki~

~meanwhile Lancey and Nickki are still strolling the ship>

~suddenly there is a strange silence as the two walk slowly together>

Lancey: ~singing softly~ Get into the groove, boy youíve got to prove your love to me, yeeeeeaaaaaahhh, get into the

Nickki: (interrupting) Oh, Iíll do whatever it takes to prove my love to you!

Lancey: Oh, I was just singing one of my favourite songs, I didnít mean you had to prove your love to me. I already know how much you love me.

Nickki: Oh. Well, letís spend the night together, k?

Lancey: Ok, Joey doesnít want to stay with me, anyway.

Nickki: Joey? Oh, I know him. Heís the slut, right?

Lancey: Thatís him. ~somehow, someway, BSB see them walking and pull them over to talk~

Howie: Nickki!!! How could you?!?

Howie: Itís Howie!!! Howie, god damnit! Howie!!!

Nickki, Lancey, Aj, Brian, and Kevin: WHO CARES!?!?!