BSB On Jerry Springer

JERRY: Hello, tonight we have a most interesting show. Backstreet Boys are in the studio, but right now lets focus on 11 year old Amanda Killborn.

***The film an ugly scrawny kid with a bsb t-shirt on***

JERRY: Hello Amanda welcome to the show.

Amanda: I had sex with Nick! Hes mine!

JERRY: O..kay...Does Nick know how you feel about him?

Amanda: I don't think so. He had 16 beers before it happened.

***The crowd boos***

JERRY: OKay, well let's bring out Nick!

***half the crowd cheers, half the crowd boos, and the other .01 have Nick Carter written on their foreheads***

JERRY: Hey Nick! Welcome to the show!

Nick: I do not have a girlfriend, I am a virgin, I am a natural blonde, and i go to church everyday.

JERRY: Um..No, that wasn't what we were going to ask you.

Nick: that case. *Takes out his cigarettes.*

JERRY: ..... Amanda has something to say to you. Amanda, Nick..go ahead and talk.

Amanda: Nick! I had sex with you.

Nick: WHAT?! You're a teeny bopper. I stay away from teeny boppers.

Amanda: No Nick!! Don't act cool because you're in front of the camera!

Nick: I'm not acting cool, I did not have sex with this girl Jerry.

JERRY: OKay, well Now Nick's boyfriend, Howie Dorough would like to add his two cents in. HOWIE DOROUGH.

Howie: *Comes out* Hey Everyone!!! *wink*

Crowd: *Crickets crickets*

Amanda: Go away Howie D!

Howie: No way bitch! you better stay away from my man you hear?? Go get your ugly scrawny ass a ken doll and shove it up your (censor) you skank! *wink, drool*

Amanda: Thats it!

***The 11 year old girl starts beating Howie up until the guards tear them apart and sit them down again***

JERRY: OKay........Now here is Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, and AJ McLean!

***The crowd cheers***

AJ: *Runs out and starts beating the shit out of Nick***


AJ: I don't know! It's JErry Springer!

Nick: Oh yeah! *They start fighting*

Brian: *Throws a chair at Kevin and they start punching eachother's heads in*

Howie: *Is still getting his ass kicked by the little girl***


JERRY: *Walks onto the platform, but then he starts getting beaten up too*

***The ABC sign shows up on the t.v. meaning the show is over for the night***

LOL You were all thinking they were really gonna be on huh? No way. They aren't that desperate for exposiure, although I have no clue about N SYNC. :).