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Kev's Kar!

This is Kev's Kar - a Toyota Corolla! We are parked in the Middle of Nowhere...somewhere in between Casa Grande and Yuma, Arizona. The “flamer” (Brian Appel) had to use the restroom on our way to the Yuma Triathlon, so we stopped and took this awesome picture! I have tons of memories in this kar, including the time I drove around looking for Kev so I could cheer him on while he was racing in the Yuma Tri, to the time I kept pulling over to the side of the road coming home from Nogalas so people could take a breathier, to the very time I drove at 1am on our vacation to Long Beach! Also, hearing Will Smith's song "Just The Two Of Us" play over and over and over again on KRQ-Tucson and KIIS-Los Angeles! Now Kev has his window's Limo tinted, and his windshield has a crack in it from our trip to Long Beach when a rock hit it, and a "I'd Rather Be Running - Sport Chalet" license plate frame! Oh, I can't forget about the "Da Bomb" sticker:-)

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