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Kev Running

Even though Kev is wearing those flaming blue and yellow shorts, he's still cool! Kev is a great runner and time-after-time and day-after-day we would train together while I was attending the University of Arizona! This was the base of our friendship. We became friends by running together, after being introduced by one of our friends, Mel. We started running together around the U of A Mall, then it turned into some more difficult hill repeats up "A Mountain", to running in the rain and cold. Nomatter what type of weather hit us, we still made our workout each and every night at 10pm! It was a blast running with him - plus he raced in the 3rd Annual Bixby Knolls 5k/10k Run in April, 1998 placing 7th overall! His plans were to tri-out for the Arizona Cross-Country team this year, but he realized that he would not have the time with school, NROTC, and hanging around with his friends! The fact of him not trying out for the team had nothing to do with his ablity to make the team, as he is more than fast enough, but time in his daily life was the factor. Run Madphast Run!

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