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Best Buds

Kev and I are in the Lobby of our Freshman Residence Hall (Arizona/Sonora) at the University of Arizona wearing our "Arizona Triathlon" t-shirts! After he completed his first 10k of a Triathlon in Yuma, I gave him a team shirt! Now he is as much as a part of the TriCats as I am! This picture was taken after one of the many dinners we cooked (yes, cooked!) together! We had a blast, whether we went out to eat, or simply just ordered in or cooked, it seemed as if Kev and I always ate dinner together. Some of our favorite places to chow-down at was BisonWitches, Zack's Pizza, Lucky's Chinese Food, China Express (I think that is the name of it!), Tony Romas, Olive Garden, & Red Robin, just to name a few! Oh, we can't forget about our Ultimate All-Time Favorite Place: In-N-Out!!!!! Double-Double, Triple-Triple-Triple (3-by-3)..."That's What A Hamburger Is All About!"

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