Performance On MTV's Rock-N-Jock Bowling Ball

Performance on MTV's Rock-N-Jock Bowling Ball

On 2-20-99 New Radicals did a performance on MTV's Rock-N-Jock Bowling Ball special. This section has all the details from the show, along with some pictures!

The New Radicals came out to do their performance about 15 minutes into the show. Carson Daily introduced them and they started with "You Get What You Give". First off, this wasn't just any ordinary show, they had to take five of the bowling lanes out so they could play and Danielle Brisebois was there for backup.

Gregg began the song with a few random "I love ya honey"'s and "ooooooooh"'s. Then screamed "One, Two, One Two Three Four!". Then the song started. Gregg just stood there doing a few arm movements for the first minute or two. This preformance sounded a lot like the Leno show (except on Leno the sound system was terrible).

When the song was towards the end and Gregg was singing the "health insurance..." part he had a flat tone to his voice and was speaking it. This, didn't work to his advantage. Infact, it set him behind the song so he didn't say "we'll kick your ass in!" on time, but he covered his tracks pretty well.

Then, without warning, Gregg went nuts! He was dancing all around the stage with the microphone. Then, he danced over to the drummer and started hitting the drums with his microphone like he was the drummer. He wound up knocking the cymbal off it's stand! When the song was just about to end Gregg went to the front of the stage and sat on the floor, and when the last beat of the drum was over he dropped his head.

After "You Get What You Give," they played "Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough" for the audience, but we, the viewer, only got a little snippet of it coming back from commercial.

Click here for a video of the performance!

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