Beast Hunters - Scrambled

written by SkyBolt

Basin was out walking. It was a nice day. The wind pushed at the trees and the flowers smelled wonderful. She walked along. After a while she came closer to the river. She walked along the beach and bumped into Scavenge who looked most excited.

''Scavenge! Whats happened?'' she asked, seriously staring at him.

''I found a new pod, but its circuits have been more than trashed and I need help now!'' He said, pulling her with him.

Basin let out a ''hupp'' and was dragged away by him. They got to the pod. Basin looked at it. She searched for life.

''Hmmm..yes its harmed..maybe if I just click here and...uhh?''

Basin repeated that phrease more than 4 times.

''Theres not much computer writing of any kind left! I dunno if I can...'' she said and fumbled around with the pod.


Scavenge lowered his head.

''No use Basin...its gone.''

''Nooo! I can handle this!'' Basin said furiously some ten minutes later.

Scavenge raised his hands and rolled his eyes.

''Alright alright I'm sure you's just that...''

''Its just that nothing! Shush up now!''

Scavenge looked worried at Basin as she fumbled around, not knowing what to do. Basin tried everything she could figure.

''Basin Please...its no us---''

Basin screamed and jumped backwards as the pod popped open.

''BLDBDBDLDLLDUUHUMMuuMm!'' The creature inside mumbled.

''I was expecting ''Maximize'' '' Said Basin and looked worried.

Scavenge looked wide eyed at the creature. It was a big green/orange/gold colored Cod Fish. The two big eyes looked at Scavnge and the fish started to struggle and flip around on the beach. Basin looked askingly at the fish and gave it a push into the water. The Cod Fish swam around in a circle untill it stopped and looked with its ugly big eyes at Basin and Scavenge.

''Hey there, whats your name? I'm Basin and This is Scavenge.''

''Blubbuummuukappkappkapp....oink..oink'' it said, with a voice which sounded like he was talking underwater, and then he disappeared down.

''What?'' Said Basin and frowned.

''I think he speaks backwards...his name must be Knio''

''Knio? What kinda name is THAT?'' Basin said

''Knio...'' Said The Cod Fish which had returned to the surface.

Basin walked down to the shore.

''Look here Knio...say ''Maximize'' please''

''Mammmamm Maximize...'' he said. Silece fell as nothing happened.



Scavenge sighed. ''He can't transform, great....''

"Silence Scav, he can do it! Knio, one more time!!!"

"Knio, Maximize..."

More silence.

Then a big explosion.

"That stasis pod is ours!!!"

Basin looked over to the bank overlooking the seaside, where Scarem, Injector, Manterror and Daggerfang stand, weapons readied.

"Oh, slag."

Basin rised and looked at the predacons.

''Hide.'' Scavenge said and the both dodged behind two rocks.

Basin draw her weapon and fired at the predacons, hitting Manterror.

''Knio get out of here!'' she yelled and waved her hand madly at the Cod Fish.

One blast from Scarem hit her in the shoulder and she got knocked down.

''Basin, No!'' said Scavenge and fired at Scarem which dodged.

''Get the pod!'' said Injector and Daggerfang rushed to Knio

''You hurt Friend! I will hurt you!'' Knio snarled and smacked Injector with his large fin.

Injector gave of a ''Gaaah!'' and fell into the river.

Daggerfang backed up and aimed at Knio. The transmetal fish got up from nowhere and spit water in the croc/tiger's face. Daggerfang snarled and spit out the water he had in his mouth. Scavenge aimed fast at Daggerfang and knocked him back, back into Manterror. Both crashed in a palm tree and coconuts rained down on them. Injector fought to transform but couldn't speak with his mouth filled with water. Basin shot at him and he fell down again when he lost his grip form the rock.

Two shots knocked down Scarem into the river and he was pulled under by Injector. Scavenge lowered his weapon and stood still for a moment. Then he looked wide eyed at Basin.

''Are you hurt badly?'' he said and kneeled by her.

''Its just a shoulder wound....''

Basin rised and groaned. She turned to Scavenge and sighed.

''I better get back to the base'' she said. Scavenge nodded. Basin sighed.

''I..I got it!'' someone spoke behind them.

Basin turned around and met Knio's new robot mode. He was silver colored with lots of gold, green and orange highlights. His head was sized pretty small, on his big legs two fish holsters was locked. He looked pretty silly. But Basin smiled. Its was anyhow a new maximal, not so smart, but friendly.


Riptide stood outside Astroplex and waited for ScratchCap to come. he looked aside when Basin and someone else approached the base. Riptide's brow slowly rose at the sight of the robot.

''Uhm...?'' he said at stared at the bot and then at Basin.

''I'll explain later....''

The new bot and Basin walked thru the door and met ScratchCap. Scratch just kept on walking and looked strangely at Riptide.

''I'm NOT gunna ask what that was........'' he said and the two walked along.



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