Beast Hunters - The Rememberence

written by Talon

Swoop wakes up from his sleep covered in mech fluid, breathing heavily. Alpha hound senses his distress and comes to the room.

"Is everything all right my young friend" Alpha hound asks over the door comm.

"Yes, Alpha, I'm fine." the small one responds.


The next morning, Alpha Hound is waiting for Swoop in the computer deck.

"That was the third time this week." Alpha Hound does not need to say anything further for the Swoop to understand. "Care to talk about it?"

"Its my brothers. They plague my dreams. One I have not seen in a long time and the other is dead. Wh-what can I do Alpha hound" Swoop asks, truely distressed.

"There is only one thing you can do" Alpha said as he looked down at the floor.

"What!!!"Swoop exclaimed with joy and surprise.

"Tell me what happened and your mind will be eased" Alpha said as he looked at the Puffin/Seal. Swoop had felt Alpha Hound was like a father to him, but for a moment he was not sure whether he should tell his commander. Hound stood for a moment while Swoop decided.

"Very well Sir, It all started after the great Frostbite died. The command center went haywire and was destroyed. I was thrown from job to job without my brothers. We have always been close, so it was really hard.

"Finally I got a job with my brother's video servailance of pred base Kamma, Cobrocks personal domicile. Man that was the dumbest mission I ever excepted.

"It started Great. Scoop my Panther/Pelican brother, set up his equipment and Squall my Bear/eagle brother guarded us until we were done. "But some thing went wrong. The Preds found out.

"We had enough time activate the base's auto destruct and send the information we had gathered before we left.

"Squall and I were already aboard the escape ship, and Scoop was about to get on. Then the Pred's showed up. They blasted Scoop's legs out from under him, right on the platform. He was only a foot from the hatch. "I tried to go out and save him but Squall wouldn't have it. HE went back. Laserbeak had the final shot. It blew up the platform. I managed to get both of their bodies onboard. Squall was critically damaged. Scoop... there was nothing I could do for him."

Alpha Hound looked down at the youngest member of his crew. He opened his mouth, but no words came out.

"I was able to save Squall and bring him back to base. I haven't seen him since" he finished and a tear of mech fluid ran down his cheek.

"I understand exactly how you feel. I once lost someone in that same way.

Swoop looked up. "Was it during the great war? I know many good Autobots died in it."

"No, not then. Someone else, since I've been a Maximal." He turned to leave.

"Thank You sir. I feel more at peace having shared this with someone." Alpha Hound smiled back at the computer engineer.

As he walked out he began to think to himself. "Why, why so many tortures are forced on one boy? Why must it happen to anyone?"