Pirates and Gladiators

Created by TM2 Prowl


History: During the search for Stasis Pods and alien relics, both the Preds and Maxis stumbled upon a mysterious ship, which upon closer inspection revealed an ancient Decepticon ship. Inside were trashed Decepticons and Autobots. In a combined effort the Predacons and Maximals attempted to repair them, but their bodies were slagged beyond repair. The only way to save their lives were to take their slowly deteriorating Sparks and transfer them into blank Protoforms and hope it does not upset time. Only a few could have been saved in time unfortunately, but they were joyous to find out the ship was meant to be lost meaning it was destiny to heal the veterans. Now there are three new Predacons and three new Maximals.


Predacon Pirates
- They were Decepticons pirates sent by Megatron in order steal Autobot supplies to continue their struggle. They were on their way to deliver the Autobot Gladiators when they received a distress call from Megatron. The Autobot Gladiators escaped during landing, beginning a rebellion, only for it to end in a crash.

*** Minor Note - Beast Wars Megatronís stolen ship -The Nova II- was named after the lost Decepticon pirate ship.

Beast Mode: Parrot/ Gorilla
Function: Leader

History: Trigger was both the brains and the brawn of the group serving as their strategist in tough spots. His strength is incredible, capable of lifting a large RV. He has a tendency to talk a bit much, but no one dares tell him this if they value their Spark.


Beast Mode: Rhino/ Armadillo
Function: Shock Trooper

History: Quake was one of the Predacon veterans. He was once a tough bot who helped serve the original Megatron by serving as one of his second in commands. He was on a rise to power and victory, but that was before an Autobot attack killed his comrades, quickly putting him at rank zero. He now serves as a heavy support fighter hoping to regain the trust of Trigger and Bludgeon.


Beast Mode: Frog/ Turtle
Function: Scout

History: Shocker is the lovable-but-somewhat-reluctant member. He feels that his skill as a warrior cannot be matched, but is scared to prove himself in battle without his turtle shell shield and everyone on the front lines except for him. Nonetheless, he is a good soldier that wields a gun that shoots small balls of electricity meant for short-circuiting enemy circuits.


Maximal Gladiators
- They were a group of Autobots that were held captive by Decepticons and sold as gladiators for the Decepticonsí amusement. Only three were able to survive the transfer.

Beast Mode: Sabre-Toothed Cat/ Woolly Mammoth
Function: Maximal Gladiator Leader

History: He was the strongest gladiator and after the many years in the Gladiator Pit he developed a leadership skill that helped him rally the troops against the pirates. He also grew a sense of morality, promising never to kill, for if he did, he believed the Decepticons molded him into them.


Beast Mode: Coyote
Vehicle Mode: Helicopter Function: Special Operations

History: Blades was almost the Bluestreak of the Maximals. Before he was a Maximal though, was the best friend of Bluestreak. Yet when the Decepticons attacked they killed all but two, Bluestreak and Crossblades. Later that day Blades took a walk along the rubble, only to be captured by the space pirates. When he woke up from the Stasis Pod he found himself in a totally sleek coyote mode. Besides his class clown and gladiator reflexes skill he is capable of flying in a helicopter mode.


Beast Mode: Eagle/ Leopard (Triplechanger)
Function: All Terrain Warrior

History: Lance is the very first of the triplechanging Maximals. Lance was once the nice boy all admired, but after a raid he was captured and his life changed forever. He had to learn to fight on his own and to learn how to rely on no one else but himself. Unlike the others, he has a festering rage swelling up inside him against the Decepticons, and now a rage against the Predacons. He has no mercy and he shall fight to their finish.


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