Fusion: Salamander/ Poison Dart Frog
Function: Assassin, Poison Expert, Spy

Quote: "You dare face death, well then you face death no more. You are already dead."

Weapons: Skin, Hands, Blaster, Ice Blaster, Tongue Whip

Appearance: He first looks in beast mode like a salamander with a frog's head and legs. The frog’s head becomes the right arm and the tail which is a blaster becomes the left arm, and the barrel of the blaster flips out. Legs come out from the belly of the Fuzor. The beast legs move down over the shoulders like two sashes, but they can spray poison or grab ahold of one.

History: He came from a pod which the Predacons brought. Daggerfang tried to program it loyal to him, but he failed. Amphibious was still loyal to his commander, in a way. Daggerfang’s programming slowly makes him want to rule the Predacons, over Bludgeon. He hates Daggerfang, and likes to capture his prey and squeeze them until their life melts away.

Created by: Talon


Fusion: Army Crab & Squid

Quote: "You will fear my touch... ouch! Dammit, stubbed my bloody frickin' tentacle again... medic?"

Weapons: Tentacles with Blades at the Ends (comprising left arm), Blaster Cannon for Right Hand

History: During Megatron's early experiments with cloning, he created Aquarius, an army crab/squid Fuzor with the mentality of Quickstrike and incredible strength and endurance, enhanced by a vicious mean streak and lust to feel the pain of others. However, an idiot that gets a hard-on from the pain and fear of others didn't work out quite as planned. So Megatron deployed Tarantulas to kill the new arrival, sending Quickstrike along to make sure the shifty Predacon did as told. While Tarantulas tried to kill him, QS felt a kinship with his "brother," and saved him. Megatron did not take kindly to this, and placed Aquarius in stasis lock and sentenced QS to building three jamming towers by himself. Eventually, Megatron revived Aquarius to use as a bartering tool with Bludgeon. Aquarius was “traded” to the Predacons as insurance for Bludgeon.

Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Archaeopteryx/ Raptor

Beast Mode: Architron has the body of a velociraptor, and the wings and tail of an archaeopteryx. He has feathers and scales. Feathers on the wings and tail, and some down it's back, but the rest is scales. Its head would be a bit more narrow and his nose would be a tad beak-shaped.

Created by: Armania


Form: Futuristic Tank
Function: General, Leader

Quote: “Nothing is more satisfying than the death of one’s enemy.”

Weapons: Bludgeon has both a bludgeon and a sword, and twin sidearms armed with telepathically activated ammunition types, along with a cannon, should he need it.

Backstory: Bludgeon was one of the first Predacons- and the first experiment with the technique the Maximal Alliance was using. However, the Synthoflesh reaction was odd- Bludgeon did not remove his Pretender Shell, seeing as the Predacon scientists were counting on the Synthoflesh shell would change to form an animal. Instead the Pretender and the Transformer inside were merged, with a varied, more mechanical form of the Pretender Shell as Bludgeon’s robot mode and the tank that he transformed into within becoming his vehicle (not beast) mode. The Predacons learned to change the program to create a true new form, but Bludgeon chose to remain in his new, powerful body...

Bludgeon became the first general of the Predacon armies and became the Elder General by the time Megatron started to formulate his plans. However, because of his purely military standing, he was not allowed to defend Megatron, whom he secretly agreed with. Eventually he became head of the Predacon Secret Police after a faked death, which left the Tripredicus in control of the military. Bludgeon and his crew were commissioned after Ravage left, but for some reason arrived before the former cassette arrived. Half of Bludgeon’s crew is made up of military Predacons.

Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Cobra/Mantis
Function: Bioweapons Specialist

Beast Mode: A short, green snake with forearms of a mantis. In front of the cobra's hood is the head of the mantis, triangular with antennae. Two mantis wings on the back fold down to blend in with the scales when not in use. Flight is only accessible in this form. The body is very chunky, not slim as one would imagine.

Robot Mode: The head, excluding the hood, transforms to that of a femme-fatale bot. Her arms remain the same, while the snake body undergoes major changes. The underbelly changes to a robotic chest and torso, legs rotate out, and the last two feet of the tail stick out, similar to the abdomens of Inferno or Millitant. Circe’s weapons are stored in the tail and on the back.

Weapons: Circe is armed with a crossbow/cyber-venom weapon similar to Blackarachnia's, only with a sharper angle, and green in color. Circe also has a powerful sound attack, entrancing any male Maximal, Predacon, or Independicon around to do her bidding. This ability can easily be overcome or stopped by inflicting damage or using a strong will. Circe's other weapon is a long-barreled standard issue gun.

Backstory: When her pod was found, Circe's original body had been completely destroyed. The only part of her that was still desirable was the Spark, and the casing immediately around the spark. With no body to scan an alternate form for, the pod was taken and a simple body was built out of scraps and a few odd parts leftover from the original body. Although the spark was Maximal originally, the body is Predacon, making this pod-born Transformer the only one that is truly Predacon.

Personality: Circe is truly a vicious lady, to use the term loosely. She will stab any bot in the back to achieve her missions. Programmed to be totally obedient to commanding Predacons, she has absolutely no knowledge from her original Maximal programming. For all purposes, she is a Pred. Her allure and her venom make her an extremely dangerous adversary.

Created by: SlipBot


Fusion: Tiger/ Crocodile
Function: Torture/ Aquatic Attack

Quote: "Torture is an art, and I do it so well!"

Beast Mode: His back is reptilian and his back legs are long. His front half is all tiger and his face is elongated, with teeth sticking out.

Robot: His head goes down ontp his chest. His front legs go on his back like Tigatron, and he stands on his back legs with his tail as the weapon. His face is half-reptilian and half- tiger.

Created by: Talon


Fusion: Alligator/Lobster
Function: Frontline Combat/Ocean Combat

Weapons: Miniguns, Cluster Bombs

Beast mode: Drow's pod crashed in a swamp and made him a lobster/alligator Fuzor. Drow is around the same size as Cheetor. He moves in warp speed underwater and is very hard to see. The lobster legs are colored dark blue while the rest of him is colored in different colors like many kinds of green, gray and some brown. The back is covered with hard shell which is very difficult to either break or shatter. His front legs are two big claws instead of legs. The tail is covered with a lobster tail and under it, the alligator tail shows.

Robot Mode: When he transforms from beast to robot the alligator head splits in two and the lower jaw sets down on his chest while the upper jaw sets down on his back and the lobster legs turn into his ribs. The two claws, one big and one small, swivel to be his hands. Inside the tail he has one electric wire which he can use as a lasso if he wants. The alligator's hind legs set down on his shoulders, from which he can launch his cluster bombs from. In his claws/hands he has two miniguns.

Personality: It’s not a question of courage for Drow. If his leader tells him to destroy he will without questioning anything. Drow is almost impossible to fight with underwater, and worse in a swamp.

Created by: SkyBolt


Form: Salamander
Function: Pyrotechnics expert

Quote: “When life hands you lemons, make Acid-C-Bombs.”

Weapons: Flashfire uses a heavy-duty flame-thrower fueled by an indestructible Energon tank placed on the Transmetal’s back. Flashfire is also gifted at making pyrotechnics marvels and weapons involving explosions, though his intelligence elsewhere is... questionable, at the least.

Background: Flashfire is a pyromaniac Predacon with more than a small taste for setting Maximals aflame. Other Predacons fear him, afraid that he might turn his fetish towards burning Maximals towards his own comrades...

Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Badger/ Mountain Goat
Function: Tactician

Beast Mode: Take a look at a goat, give it a badger's head with the horns. Badger's fur goes along the extent of the body and legs, which are goat's legs. Badger's tail.

Bot mode: Standard head-to-chest conversion. Robot legs and arms flip out from the underbelly, while the beast legs move to the back, forming two weapons.

Weapons: His two pairs of legs combine with some materials from his back forming twin cannons. In addition, he has a crossbow which shoots tiny arrows of pure energy, generated from a chamber on the bow's back.

Background: Loki's origin's are unknown. He simply showed up one day. Although he has sworn leadership to Thunderwing and Megatron, he doesn't always play by the rules. In fact, he will go on missions only when it suits him. What his plans are is not known, though he has dropped the names of Fenrir and Ragnarok.

Created by: SlipBot


Form: Praying Mantis
Function: Stealth Fighter

Quote: "Who needs quotes? I'm too important for quotes."

Backstory: As low a self esteem as Scarem has, Manterror is conceited. He is highly skilled in stealth operations, something taught to him in an extremely secretive Predacon Secret Police training course. Other than that, Manterror doesn't like aquatic Cybertronians, and is oddly scared of them. His reasons are unknown.

Profile Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Millipede/Ant
Function: Soldier, Tunnel Excavations Expert

Quote: “Prepare to be sliced and diced, and made into Julienne Fries Maximal!!!! Keeyahharrr!!!!”

Background: Militant's pod was found buried several feet in the ground. Existing there, he was given tunneling and digging capabilities as well as other abilities, associated with a ruthless warrior. Very similar to the way Inferno originally was before he learned about the Predacons, Militant is driven by two things: Fighting Maximals, and serving Bludgeon with utmost loyalty.

Beast Mode: Start with Inferno. Paint him black. Then change his backside into the backside of a millipede, extending several feet past where the thorax was. Add on hundreds of tiny legs along the side of the back, that in no way can reach the ground.

Robot Mode: Think much like Inferno again, only black with green highlights. His face is similar, but only has one eye, located in the center of his face. Instead of Inferno's fire gun, he has a smaller chain gun like Rhinox's, and a long thin bazooka.

Created by: SlipBot


Beast mode: Anaconda/Lion/Cape buffalo
Function: Shocktrooper, Berserker Specialist

Appearance: An anaconda body with a lion’s head and the horns of a cape buffalo on top of the lion’s head, along with buffalo hind legs and lion front legs.

Transformation: His horned lion head goes across his chest, and his legs go behind his back much like like Transmetal Cheetor. He stands on his buffalo legs, and uses his anaconda tail as one arm and a normal arm comes from his chest. His robot face has a mane around his head, the two horns across his face and in front of his mouth.

Quote: "What comes to close to me well die a horrible death"

History: Ravager was created by Bludgeon to be a foot soidier and that is what he is. He is one of the most massive Predacons there are. He was an experiment trying to put three beast modes together, like Siege.

Weapons: His natural skills are a tail whiplash and strength. In beast mode he can draw in his legs and strangle his prey to death. Eye lasers. Poison spit. All this, and a basic blaster.

Created by: Talon


Fusion: Ladybug/ Tortoise
Function: Close Range Assault, “Trump Card”

Physical Description: In beast mode, he has a turtle’s shell and it splits apart like a ladybug’s, revealing his wings. His beast head is a mix of tortoises’ and ladybugs’ facial features. He has six reptile/insect legs and a reptilian tail. In robot mode, two sets of his beast legs become four separate robot arms. His beasts mode’s hind legs become his robot chest. His beast mode’s chest becomes two clunky robotic legs with high-powered jets on his heels. The shell and wings stay on his back. He carries a large rocket launcher and a serrated sword like some of the TM2' have.

Savage is a relatively large Predacon, and he's a slow walker because of his immense size. When he flies his weight keeps him close to the ground and reduces his speed when traveling long distances. He stays in beast mode in the majority of close combat battles, using his massive jaws to crush and tear enemies apart. His personality is timid, quiet, and he is ridiculed constantly about his being not so bright and always minding his own business. He has been known to lash out against his own teammates, and Megatron uses this to his advantage when ever he gets a chance. His bottled up anger and mysterious "loner" personality makes him the perfect weapon of destruction against the Maximals.

Created by: Ravage


Form: Scarab Beetle
Function: Biological Weapons

Quote: "If I didn't want to extract the Synthoflesh from your body tendon by tendon, I'd eat your spark right now."

Backstory: Scarem was training Tarantulas in the field of biological warfare before the aspiring, treacherous Predacon was put on special assignment. Scarem and Tarantulas share quite a bit in common, though Scarem is a bit more abrupt and outright, very outwardly insubordinate, and he does not exactly think Bludgeon would make a good leader. That's not to say he thinks he'd be a good leader; he has a high inferiority complex.

Profile Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Utahraptor
Function: Communications/ Chief Science Officer

Weapons: The ‘raptor has twin magnum-like blasters and a bow and arrow set. His arrows have many different variations, much like Line's spiderwebs. Despite his skill with his cyber-bow, Shaft prefers to use his magnum blasters.

Personality: Shaft is a charismatic and halfway decent Cybertronian under his gruff, abrasive exterior. Unlike most Predacons, he is caught in the throes of love.

History: Necros, Bludgeon's communications officer, chose to wait a while after the landing of the Predacon craft, locating some earth signals from the future. He named himself after his hero, Shaft, claiming to be "one bad mother." He also cusses in Cybertronian frequently, and even studies old earthen swears- his education of his past, his setting's future is never-ending- something Bludgeon grows tired of.....

Quote: "Past, present, future, it does not matter, I am still more than a match for any Maximal!!!"

Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Lion, Goat, Snake (Chimera)
Function: Ballistics, Artillery Support

Basic Mode: Siege has a lion body with a snake's tail, three heads, lion and snake( one on each side), the goat's being in the center. Siege is massive in size, no smaller than Primal's third form.

Robot Mode: his snake head is an arm (like Megatron's), the goat head would remain the robot's head although it would fold open, revealing a humanoid head. But his horns (which look like a ram's) would still be coming from his head.

Weapons: His transformation also unveils some heavy cannons mounted on the back, more like mortars though. In hand to hand combat, he would fall back to the snake's fangs and the lion's claws.

Created by: Hound


Fusion: Transmetal Vulture/Komodo Dragon
Function: Search and Destroy/Assassination

Quote: "I am your nightmare, and will haunt you to extinction!"

Beast Mode: Splurge is a big dragon, basically. He has a vulture’s beak, but his features are mostly that of a Komodo Dragon.

Weapons: Large razor-sharp claws, dual Proton cannon rifles (massive for each hand). He is a good Sniper, and targets well. Splurge was created in the same way as Rampage, however his Spark was not indestructible. The creators who created Rampage thought he was a veg/blank, as he was not the final product (Rampage himself). Splurge was then dumped and left for scrap. He was later reactivated and roams the galaxy as a hired assassin.

Created by: INFERNO


Fusion: Anaconda/Porcupine Function: Front Lines Combat

Weapons: Constricting Beast Mode, Homing Missiles, Blaster

Beast Mode: Throttle appears mostly to be an anaconda but his back is covered all over with porcupine thorns. The thorns are poisoned and kills every animal that touches them. His color is a dark green and the thorns are black. Throttle is *very* long. He is able to strangle his enemies if he gets around their neck, and can even shatter them in robot mode easily. He moves fast in water and on land, especially in the desert or in the jungle.

Robot Mode: The snake head goes down on his chest and inside the ''tail'' [even if a snake is a long tail but... feh] he has a blaster. The rest of the tail is locked onto his back so he has a tail in robot mode to. His arms, legs and back are covered with thorns. His missile launchers are locked onto his fists. The coloring also changes to more dark blue in places. He's in the same size category as Inferno.

Personality: Throttle does not use any tactics. He only wants to destroy and kill. Also, he likes to play with his victim before the last moment arrives.

Created by: SkyBolt


Form: Black Falcon
Function: Field Leader, Tactician

Quote: “There comes a time in every honorable Predacon’s life where he has to make the decision: To kill or not to kill.”

Weapons: Thunderwing is a walking armament carrier- one of nearly everything.

Backstory: After being rebuilt by Bludgeon he became another of the first Predacons, the first Predacon to be able to master the conversion process. The mode of the black falcon was chosen before the Tripredicus council's decision that all Predacon scanners only scan for insects, reptiles and crustaceans, much like Ravage, who was between Bludgeon and Thunderwing. Thunderwing has been rebuilt with strong morals and a sense of honor reminiscent of Dinobot’s. Loyalty to his old friend Bludgeon is the only thing keeping him fighting for the Predacon cause.

Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Tiger/ Shark
Function: Underwater Reconnaissance

Beast Mode: Mostly shark-like body with tiger legs. The head is a mixture of shark and tiger features. The entire body is covered in tiger stripes.

Weapons: Tigershark has several underwater missiles that can be fired from both of his flanks that transform into heatseekers when he is on land. In robot mode he has a pulse rifle that can fire the heatseekers as normal rockets if he needs, but it takes a long time for them to load up.

History: Tigershark is torn because Shaft activated him, but his Stasis Pod was commanded to create for him two Maximal forms, those of a shark and a tiger. He tries to keep a facade of fake loyalty up, but he eventually starts to believe it... with a vengeance.

Created by: Waspinator
Profile Created by: Tigerhawk


Warp Scream
Fusion: Hornet/ Crow
Function: Aerial Combat

Weapons: Missile launchers, Blaster

Beast mode: Fused with a crow and a hornet, Warp Scream looks pretty weird. Coloring is yellow and metallic dark green, almost black [like crow feathers]. He has both crow wings and hornet wings, and the hornet wings are under the bird wings, which sit high upon his back. He has two bird legs as arms and bug legs as legs. He also has two big hornet eyes and antennae, along with a crow beak with two hornet grip teeth on both sides of his beak. His stinger is covered with tail feathers. Both of his eyes are colored to have a hypnotic effect.

Robot mode: The crow wings stays on his back and likewise, the bug wings stay on each side of his body. The bug legs folds down to his ribs. The tail feathers go down on his shoulders and the beast head is his robot head so his face is inside the crow beak and the lower part of the beak goes down on his chest. The both crow legs turn into his arms and hands. His stinger turns into a blaster and the missile launchers are parked on his hips.

Personality: Warp Scream is a smart guy, but he spends much time in his lab. Warp isn't all that powerful in battle but he can beat his enemies with cunning and skill. Is rather creepy but likes to talk.

Created by: SkyBolt


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