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Megatimus Primal
Allegiance: Neutral
Form: Tyrannosaurus/Gorilla/Tank/Jet
Function: Vok Warrior & Historian

Weapons: Enough weapons to take out the planet killer, by himself.

History: He was created after the Vok's failed attempt to destroy the Nexus Zero Project. The last Vok combined aspects of the two mightiest Beast Warriors, Megatron and Optimus Primal. He now serves as a historian to the Vok in order to record the history which was "broken."

Created by TM2/BM Prowl


Beast Mode: Hyena/ Vulture
Faction: None

Appearance: Scavenge has vulture wings, although they are much larger, with a hyena’s head. His eyes are a glowing yellow, without visible pupils, except in robot mode. His body shaped like a hyena’s, but covered in black feathers. He has hyena-like feet, but with long, curving talons.

Weapons: His weapons in robot mode would be twin hand-held pulse guns formed from his wings. He would also have night vision and a utility belt.

Personality: Scavenge reaches out very quickly to people, and despite his best efforts, always grabs onto hope in any situation.

Created by: Jonnybot


(remote avian vehicular espionage 'noid)
Form: Raven
Faction: N/A

Appearance: A small black-wing bird. It is completly robotic, with two glowing red eyes, one with a slash across it. Tucked under the bottom of each wing, pressed against the body, are mini jets, alowing the unit to fly at greater distances.

Background: Built by Loki as a spy drone (a la casseticons), it went awol after a botched mission. Loki seemes incredibly angry at this, and built c.o.y.o.t.e. to compensate (who was later destroyed). r.a.v.e.n. spends his time monitoring all sides of the conflict, carefully taking notation of all that goes on.

Created by: SlipBot


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