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What Was New?

Before this new format took shape, the news page help all the news. Now it will hold only the old news items (thats called an oximoron for you SAT takers).
All the news from the old version of the page, and the newer updates after they've been on the front page for a while, will end up here.


Sun Oct 17th - Today is the ten year aniversary of the Loma Preita Earthquake in SanFrancisco, right near my (SlipBot's) home.
And I'm celebrating by updating the page (so festive!). Anywho, only new thing is the addition of pics of Apocalypse and his minions. Check them out in the Apocalypse Section.

And! In a matter of days the page will be undergoing a MAJOR overhaul. How major? Well, lets just say you wont be able to access anything as everypage will be redone, and new ones added. Yippee!!

Fri Sept 24th - SlipBot's story "Then Like Now" is done. However, for now, it is not known what it will be.

Sun Sept 18th - Your all going to faint, but yes! Three updates in four days. Primus how could we! (sorry, sarcasm overload in my processor) Anyway, you can now check out Tiger's new episode: Outpost. And expect some new characters from it up soon!

Fri Sept 17th - [gasp!] Updates two days in a row! yes, creepy. But it is true. His stripedness has finnaly found away to get his pics of the Seekers on-line. Check them out in the Seekers section. Also! Check out our new Copyright notation section, just to explain how we have one...

Thurs Sept 16th - How long does it take to update the page? A while. Several new shorts are up, and the Seeker Prelude. Also, Jonnybot has left again, his ideas will still be around though, and he will remain on the contact list for now.

Friday Aug 27th - Editing, lots of editing. Just about all of the stories have been fixed for errors. Also some charactor developments. We've added in some new Independicons and fixed Razorquill. And on another note... we officially welcome in Talon and INFERNO, the Guild's two newest members. And Jonnybot has returned. Welcome aboard guys.

Thursday Aug 19th - Links Page is done and added.
Six new profiles added. Check out Predacons Manterror, Scarem, and Ravager, Maximals Prowl and Snarl, and Independicon Killspree.
SkyBolt's Prelude to "A Fish out of Water" is done. Check out "Scrambled"

Tuesday Aug 17th - Added in SkyBolt's short story "A Fast Action" It's been around for a while on the AUG, but it had been forgotten by SlipBot until this morning.

Monday Aug 16th - Added in Tiger's first episode "A Million Miles Till Morning" and moved 'Can I Buy You a Drink?' as the prelude to Tiger's. Also added are the Apocalypse followers Page and redid the link bars on the bottom of the charactors pages. Friday... the 13th! - Added in the end! of 'Isle' now called 'Tor.' Check it out.
Also added in a series of short stories for you all.

Thursday, August 12th - Added in the Decepticon Pirates and Autobot Gladiators Characters.
Fixed a few spelling errors. If anyone notices more, let one of us know.
And if you made a character, we will try to give you credit soon.