Alpha Hound
Beast mode: Great Dane
Function: Commander

Weapons: Alpha Hound has spiked gauntlets and knuckles, and his tail straightens into a heavy staff. He also uses wrist cannons like those used by Optimus Primal. And when he's in a bad mood, he wields the same rifle model as the original Optimus Prime. Two leftovers from his Autobot days are his built-in radar and his amazing strength. A punch from him could smash open a foe's body.

Appearance: He is a head or two taller than Optimal Optimus, but his hound form makes him very slim. He does, however, broaden at the shoulders. His colors are those of his original jeep, green and black. Hound’s transformation is similar to Tigatron's, except that his animal head implants itself right into his chest. Hound's personality is very reserved. He's seen too much and lost too many friends to be otherwise. He is very reluctant to make friends as a result. His past hass yet to be explored...

Created by: Hound


Fusion: Fresh Water Dolphin/ Sloth
Function: Wilderness Expert

Appearance: Basin has the body of a dolphin with hair along her back and sloth limbs on her side. Her face above the dolphin snout is also that of a sloth.

Background: Basin's limbs allow her to walk on land or swing through trees, while her tail and sleek form allow her to swim superbly. Basin is a wilderness expert, specializing in jungle conditions.

Created by: SlipBot


Fusion: Fox & Falcon
Function: Scout

Beast Mode: She is a lot smaller than Silverbolt. She is reddish with black wings.
Robot Mode: Eclipse is about the same as SkySaber, but smaller, with coloration from her Beast Mode.
Quote - "The real challenge is not fighting Predacons, but getting SkySaber to loosen up!"

History - Her Stasis Pod was found by her long lost love, SkySaber. Her Stasis Pod scanned a small fox and a nearby flying falcon. Unlike SkySaber, her attitude is almost footloose and fancy free. She strives to get SkySaber to loosen up his dark and serious attitude, but when he nearly reaches it, he merely falls back down. Eclipse is used to scout ahead for more Stasis Pods. With her skill and her skill alone is there hope for the remaining pods.

Created by: TM2/BM Prowl


Fusion: Transmetal- Lynx/Eagle
Function: Bounty Hunter/Old Code Warrior

Quote: "Revenge is not a pleasure, but a burning fire that can only be quenched by the taste of death."

Beast Mode: Lynx body with wings. Head of an eagle with tips that come off of ears from the lynx. He has a stubby tail (for kicks).

Weapons: Gamblor has a large sword (most often used) and a smaller semi-auto plasma cannon (used in multiple-Transformer battles). Very skilled with sword and hand-to-hand combat. He doesn't prefer to use his firearm unless necessary. He does believe in honor, however, his honor is clouded by a lust for revenge that festers inside him, against his nemesis Splurge. He was in a partnership bounty hunter organization with a long-term best friend, Aquilios, who lived similar lifestyle as him (old code honor, ridding space of evil...that kinda thing). Splurge ended that by killing Aquilios and sending Gamblor on a quest across known space.

Created by: INFERNO


Fusion: Wolverine/Eagle
Function: Warrior

Beast Mode: Fused with a wolverine and an eagle, Huntress is fast in snow, on the ground, and in the air. Her color is golden flecked with black [or a very dark brown]. She has a head is most like a wolverine’s, but with the eyes of an eagle. Her ears are covered with golden feathers. As well, her claws are as sharp as eagle claws. Two big wings are situated on her back and her tail is covered with feathers.

Robot mode: Wings are locked on her back and the wolverine head on her chest. The paws go down on her back, so her beast legs don't turn into her arms or legs. The tail feathers cover her neck and her upper body. Her color changes to more golden in robot mode. Autoguns are mounted on her fists.

Personality: Huntress loves all her comrades and would be devastated if anyone died. She talks with everyone and is quite neutral. Expectedly, she does not enjoy being alone.

Created by: SkyBolt


Fusion: Hippopotamus/Frog
Function: Underwater Rescue and Attack

Transformation: In Beast Mode Hippog looks like a bulbous frog with tusks in his jowls. He first puts his front legs on his shoulders his head on his chest and he stands on his hind legs and his arms spring from his sides to complete his transformation.
His face has really big eyes with two horns on his head. His main colors in both modes are green and gray.

History: He arrived on the Astroplex with his comrades but was knocked into Stasis Lock by a drunken RazorQuill, forcing him to get a beast mode that matched his personality. He loves to eat and he loves to exercise, and with the two modes he has, he can.

Weapons: Super strength, and he has a super sonic blaster that can fry circuitry, as well as eye lasers.

Quote: “I like da way it jiggles, it jiggles, it jiggles, WHHOOOAAAAAA WHOOOO!!!! Shaggin’ style!!!”

Created by: Talon


Form: Codfish/ Jet
Function: Outcast/ Cook

Quote: "With the power of these dead fish I shall smite you!"

Beast Mode: A codfish, a Transmetal codfish. Sound good? Orange, green, and gold coloring with silver highlights. Every cloud has a silver lining...

Vehicle Mode: Two jets roll out onto his ventral fins (the side ones)

Bot Mode: He looks pretty silly. Take Beast Machines Blackarachnia, keep the head size, make it a scrawny male body with thicker legs, and two fish in holsters on his legs. Silver coloring with gold, green, and orange highlights. Of course, to get from fish to freak, he um, well, he, um.... morphs!

Background: When Basin found his pod out by a river, it was thrashed. There wasn't enough computer code to fill a woman's purse! So she fumbled around a bit and re- worked his programming until he came out! What a mistake. His twisted codfish couldn't transform, so he was forced to learn a new way to "tame the beast without." In other words, he morphs.

Personality: Most ‘bots hate him. He has a heart of gold, but a brain of tapioca pudding. He makes little sense most of the time, and the rest he makes none. He has applied for the job of Astroplex cook, however, most are wary of trying his culinary works of art until someone else tries it. Alpha Hound seems to admire him in a quirky sense, and normally he gets the broadside of any of the codfish's mishaps.

Created by: SlipBot and SkyBolt


Form: Owl
Function: Field Leader, Tactician

Quote: "I've got the plan, if you've got the cast-iron manifolds for it!!"

Backstory: Prowl was rebuilt as a Maximal and commissioned around the same time Hound became a Major in the Maximal armada, and thusly the two often found themselves serving together, Hound always as the superior officer and Prowl right below him. They have a sense of camaraderie, but are also great fighters individually. Prowl also has great skills when planning battle, a strategic genius, and aside from that he is basically unchanged since his death in the Great Wars.

Profile Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Beaver/ Dolphin
Function: Scout

Beast Mode: Quiron’s colors are mainly gray and ocean blue. His head looks mostly like a beaver's except for the dolphin eyes. The tail is a dolphin tail fin, and on each side of his body, two fins stick out. There is also a fin on his back. Quiron is very fast underwater.

Robot Mode: Quiron’s tail fin splits in two and turns into his legs. The beaver paws are locked onto his back. The side fins stick out from his shoulders and his beaver head is locked onto his chest. Quiron's color turns into more silver in robotmode.

Personality: Quiron is a positive, smart Maximal. He likes to fight and to be by any water body.

Created by: SkyBolt


Form: Chimpanzee
Function: Field Scout, Mechanic Vehicle Mode: Low-flying Skimmer

Quote: “When the chips are down, the Brass Monkey can fix it for ya.”

Random was once the mechanic for the Cybertronian StarFleet spacecruiser Raiden with Goldstar, who became Goldmane. Random has become quite interested in his beast mode, that of a chimpanzee. Upon activation Random became the mechanic for Outpost Prime, discovering that it was not maintained well. He has never been to the Astroplex, and has only met other crewmembers except via transmissions. Quick, spry and agile, Random proves to be a formidable fighter, especially when engaged in combat with larger Predacon foes. Random is prone to making practical jokes.

Created by: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Hyena/Porcupine

Beast Mode: RazorQuill mainly has a hyena body with quills on the back. A black and brown body with gold detailing.

Bot Mode: He would look somewhat like Wolfang, with quills on back.

Weapons: Spear for a weapon, and a sidearm blaster.

Backstory: RazorQuill was one of the Predacons onboard the Astroplex, but he defected to the Maximal side after an altercation with Bludgeon. RazorQuill is charismatic yet sarcastic, and every Maximal has a different reaction to him.

Created by: Oneiros


Fusion: Unicorn fish/ Manta ray
Function: Warrior/Underwater Reconnaissance

Weapons: A sword made from the horn on his nose and two small blasters.

Beast Mode: Riptide is rather small which makes him very fast underwater. His colors are dark blue and black stripes, and the horn is colored a metallic red. He looks mostly like a unicorn fish but the two giant manta ray wings stick out on each side of his body. With them he can make a high jump in the air and soar for a short time. Riptide's beast mode isn't too powerful, but it is very fast. Of course he can nail his enemies with his large, sharp, horn.

Robot mode: When he transforms, his horn falls off and becomes a sword. The tail/fin flips back on his back while the fish head goes down on his chest. The smaller fins stay on his back while the large tail/fin and the manta ray wings lock onto his arms. The back/fin split in two and stay on his head. In robot mode the color changes to a more metallic red in parts.

Personality: Riptide is friendly and neutral, but hates being ignored. If he is in a dangerous situation he can become confused and be easily harmed. Riptide hates fighting with his sword but sometimes has no choice.

Created by: SkyBolt


Fusion: Rooster/ Snake
Function: Demolitions

Beast Mode: Mostly a rooster with scales on its back and head.

Robot Mode: Very similar to Transmetal Rattrap, with the head on the shoulders, back on back, et cetera. Color scheme is gray on gold. His "brain area" is red.

Weapons: A standard issue pistol, long range gas can rifle (smoke, tear gas, etc), and Betty Bombs.

Background: Rattrap's brother, he was originally the one meant to stay active on the Axalon, and his brother was the one to go into a Pod. However, his love of adventure made him refuse to let Rattrap get sent off and took his place instead.

Personality: Constantly wise-cracking, he finds himself in dilemmas often, thanks to his adventurous spirit, or an accidentally detonated bomb.

Created by: SlipBot


Fusion: Butterfly/ Eagle
Weapons: Poisoned Wings [beast mode], Big Chaingun

Beast Mode: Screech is a large eagle colored the same as a butterfly. The wings are colored as fire and the rest of him is colored metallic red and silver. The eagle's eyes are yellow and look like bug eyes. His wings are poisoned and when he flies the poison dust falls like snow and paralyses those who gets it on themselves. His pod crashed on a field filled with poisoned flowers and butterflies, a fake paradise.

Robot Mode: His main color changes to more black. The wings locks onto his arms and the tail feathers on his legs. The eagle head goes down on his chest and the eagle legs on his shoulders.

Personality: Screech may look silly and dumb, but he is crude and poisonous. He hasn't got the warrior style but he got a creepy metallic sounding in his voice and loves to scare those he is able to.

Created by: SkyBolt


Fusion: Wolf/ Owl
Function: Stealth/ Sabotage

Beast Mode: Much like Silverbolt, but slightly smaller. He is also more metallic like the Transmetal 2s. His hair is a pure white and his wings are a metallic black. His tail feathers are gray. His front two legs are normal like Silverbolt's. His left eye is a normal black, while is right eye is a clear and radiant red.

Robot Mode: As a robot, again he is slightly smaller. His metallic coating is better shown in this mode. His main color scheme is white, black, and red. On his head (as I stated before) he will have the Ratchet/Prowl/Bluestreak head crest. In this mode his left eye is red, while his right eye is black - reverse color of beast mode eye arrangement.

Quote: "Darkness is not my ally, but instead my tool of vengeance."

Weapons: SkySaber has wing blasters like Silverbolt, but instead of throwable swords or clubs he shall have spears.

History: SkySaber is Silverbolt's silent brother. His Stasis Pod landed in a area of dark mountains. Time went on and he was found by Alpha Hound’s crew. He joined their ranks and found his lost love Eclipse, even though he is on shaky grounds with the Maximal leaders.

Personality: Unlike his brother, who uses manners and a Lancelot attitude, SkySaber is quiet and mysterious. This quietness scared Predacons and Maximals alike, including the deranged Flashfire. When SkySaber talks he says few words, but his words have a truth. He uses his stealth skill to infiltrate the Predacon base with ease and sabotage big operations and spy jobs. He stays on Earth with his lost lover Eclipse, who has joined the Maximal ranks. Will SkySaber ever truly fit himself in?

Created by: TM2/BM Prowl


Fusion: Hyena/Vulture
Function: Desert Patrol

Weapons: Blaster/Crossbow, Mines

Beast Mode: Slew's pod crashed in the desert, where some vultures came to feast on it. This led to him being a cross between a hyena and a vulture. His color is a natural gray/brow with black spots. He looks mostly like a hyena, but has vulture and hyena legs [like Silverbolt] and two big wings.

Robot Mode: His hyena head sets down on his chest and the wings along his arms. The hyena front legs flips down and turn out to his arms/hands. The hind legs twist around and turns to his robot legs. His weapon which is a crossbow-like blaster is parked on his back which makes it easy for him to reach it. In robot mode his colors are more metallic with golden parts and such.

Personality: Slew is disgusting and loud mouthed to everyone. Everyone gets pissed at his hyena laugh which he always has to use. Slew laughs for fun, for trouble, and because he just loves it. He has one other bad habit. Whenever he and his comrades are out scouting, if he finds a dead animal, whatever it could be, his instincts for him to stay and eat.

Created by: SkyBolt


Form: Tasmanian Devil
Function: Grunt Trooper

Quote: "I'm the best there is that what I do, which is something you stink slag at."

Backstory: Snarl seems to think Predacons are a bunch of easily-beaten louts, and that seems to be his only real flaw. Snarl is basically the perfect shock trooper, able to take some hits and inflict a good amount of damage, as well as be relatively quick and smart enough to get out of a sticky situation. He was originally stationed at Outpost Prime, but was allowed to return to the Astroplex and serve as a shock trooper.

Profile Created by: Tigerhawk


Form: Fruit Bat
Function: Science Officer, Field Scout

Quote: “Knowledge is power.”

Background: Sonar has recently matured into an adult Maximal during his stay with the Astroplex crew. Incredibly bright and gifted with an amazing radar system, Sonar was chosen to be the Science Officer at Outpost Prime, a field operation where the Maximals could get back in touch with nature and watch out for Pred attacks. Sonar also has relatively bad eyesight, mainly at seeing to faraway distances. Because of this he is a bad shot. Sonar is happy spending most of his time listening, recording data and analyzing readouts.

Profile Created By: Tigerhawk


Fusion: Eagle/Kodiak Bear
Function: Bodyguard to Swoop, Maximal Trainer, Guerilla Warfare.

Weapons: Swords, Chainguns, Eyelasers, Brass Knuckles, Gigantic Talons, Crushing Teeth, Wing Missiles.

Quote: “Don't mess with someone bigger, badder, or deadlier than you, for you will most certainly pay for it.”

Beast mode: He looks like a gigantic Silverbolt, the exception of the differences in animals. He also transforms the same.

Background: Once, he had two brothers, but now only has one. That makes him protect the one, Swoop, more than ever. This monster of a beast is almost as big as Optimal Optimus, but not quite. Squall is one who does not use his weapons he likes to rip his opponent in half with his bear claws.

Created by: Talon


Fusion: White Rhino/Stegosaurus
Function: Demolitions

Beast Mode: Body of an off-white rhinoceros but with bright red plates all the way down his back. His tail spines would be removable missiles for his main weapon in robot mode, and the two largest plates could be held as shields. As for color scheme: his robot body is mostly bright red, like his plates, but he also has bits of dark violet. His main function would be to storm through Predacon territory, ramming everything in sight. If he were a toy, he'd definitely be Mega sized.

Created by: Punycron


Fusion: Puffin/ Seal
Function: Scholar, Technician

Background: A hero on Cybertron, he was rewarded for his bravery by being named after one of the original Dinobots. Swoop became a Fuzor as the results of an experiment.

Created by: Talon


Fusion: Boar/ Ram
Function: Strongman

Beast Mode: Tusks’ body is a boar with ram's legs, and a bighorn sheep’s horns on a boar's head.

Background: Tusks is the stupid strongman. His brute strength makes up for his lack of intelligence. He has high endurance.

Weapons: Shoulder mounted cannons and blades attached to his wrists. He also uses a standard laser rifle for normal missions.

Created by: SlipBot


Fusion: Rat/ Hummingbird
Function: Expert in Technology and Spatial Physics

Quote: “There's something you don't see every day, a abnormally large spatial vortex with a taste for peanuts.”

Beast Mode: A white rat with green feathers running down the back (a la Silverbolt). The rat nose is not present, replaced with a long hummingbird beak. At the sides of her back are a pair of wings that flap incredibly fast, keeping her large body aloft. However, because of the weight of the rat part, her body hangs in the air as if someone was holding it with one hand.

Robot: Her coloring is mostly green and white, like Tigatron's. She wears a visor like Tigerhawk and her wings hang loosely from her forearms. A pair of jets on her back allow her to fly in this mode.

Weapons: Wingspan has two small plasma cannons, one under each wrist. She also has two protrusions on her knees that can be pulled out as sai (the protrusions are the handles).

Background: Wingspan spends most of the time in the base. She only goes out to investigate alien sites or any form of device that has crashed on the planet (ships, probes, et cetera).

Personality: An extreme tech-head, she spends lots of time wiring machines and programming computers. However, with all of her technological prowess, she can't do three things: Reprogram Stasis Pods, pilot shuttles, or set the VCR clock.

Created by: SlipBot


Fusion: Cat/Bat
Function: Espionage, Surveillance

Beast Mode: Whisper has very fine blue/black fur and very tall, pointed ears (like those of a lynx). Her eyes glow a slight green when the light hits it. The tall, pointed ears are like a bat’s, and her paws also have the dexterity (as bats do) to latch onto rough walls and ceilings.

Robot Mode: Her robot mode would still be blue/black with silver at the joints (elbows, knees, fingers, neck) and forming a breastplate.

Weapons: Her weapons would be a standard hand-gun, like Rattrap's. But, she prefers a paralysis cord which would send other bots into stasis lock, and stun grenades, which emit a weak EM pulse, knocking out electrical systems.

Created by: Hound


Fusion: Zebra/ Panther
Function: Long Range Communications, Hovervehicle Pilot, Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist, Spiritualist, and Peacemaker.

Beast Appearance: Zenbar looks like a black zebra with a white strip on his head and panther feet (just feet, not legs).

Transformation: His tail goes on one shoulder. His front legs go down on top of his shoulders so his paws rest on them. He stands up on his hind legs and his arms come out of his body.

Robot Appearance: He is a striped robot except for the visible beast mode parts, the head looks like Mach Kick striped.

Quote: "You must be fast and sly, but never ruthless, and above all you must be at peace."

History: His Stasis Pod broke up a fight between a zebra and a panther when the Vok fried the planet. He is a very skillful pilot, but is always at peace, despite his immense strength. He also has rockets in his legs so he can fly in beast mode.

Weapons: Darts fire from his shoulder paws. He has two claws on his hands that can shoot short wave blasts and he can slash through about any metal. He also uses twin blasters.

Created by: Talon


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