Beast Hunters - The Love of the Hunter

Written by Jonnybot

Basin: ... So it could simply be a repression from your formation, which isn't hard to believe since... Scavange?

Scavange: (looking at the hyenas hunt) They're beautiful aren't they?

Basin: The dreams?

Scavange: No, the hyenas. Watch them.

Basin: Yes, see that one out front? He's probably the leader. And in the back are the mothers, and...

Scavange: No.

Basin: What?

Scavange: He's not the leader.

Basin: Of course he's the leader, he coordinates all the attack patterns, he is in front..

Scavange: No, he is now, but he shouldn't be. See the way they move? They don't trust him. He probably took over the pack a few months ago. Maybe the last leader was killed. Or maybe...

Basin: That's impossible that you could know that Scavange. For yout to know that, you'd have to have been...

Scavange: ...part of the pack.

Basin: (Gives him a strange look) Right. So we know that...

Scavange: Shhh. I know now.

Basin: Know what?

Scavange: Who I am.

Basin: How?

Scavange: (transforms, starts to yip. All the hyenas stop dead in their tracks and turn towards Scavange. A look of revalation comes over Basin's face and she opens her mouth to talk.)

Scavange: (transforms for a brief moment and walks close to Basin) Thank you.

Basin: (softly) For what?

Scavange: For helping me learn who I am. For restoring me, instead of just preserving me. (Hugs her)

Basin: (A bit bewildered) You're welcome.

Scavange: (Smiles at her briefly, transforms, and runs toward the herd yipping)

Basin watches him go, then turns away, with her head slightly down, and a thoughtful look on her face. As Scavange joins the herd, he looks back for a brief moment, and continues to lead the herd towards food. He knew who he was now. He was a leader. A hyena. But he was also a Transformer. And maybe, he would later be a Maximal.

Basin, is in a tree, watching him until he leaves sight, then swinging to her trees. Normally she would have been excited. She had just recieved new data on how hyenas live and socialize. But she felt sick. Not sick in the body, but her stomach was turning slightly, and her spark felt like there was a heavy weight on it. And she missed Scavange. She had just talked to him less than 10 cycles ago. But she wanted to see him. She didn't know why, she had never felt like this before, always consumed with her work, always too busy to be distracted. But now she couldn't think about field research, and could only look at her comlink longingly to call Scavange. But she wouldn't interrupt his hunt. It was too important to him. So she just climbed a large tree and slipped into sleep.