Beast Hunters - The Lost One

written by Jonnybot

The lost one awoke.

He would have prefered his sleep, though tormented, it was better than conciousness. For there he was faced with the reality of identitylessness.

But now he was slipping back to the stage of subconciousness, between sleep and waking hours, where dreams are shown true or false, and peace is found. He suddenly remembered it all. His life, for some odd reason.

But rather than the pain, he felt peace. He remembered it all, but... something told him that it wasn't all.

He felt something older than him, his robot body, but that thing, somehow, was him. He looked to it. In his mind he looked to it. It opened to him. He saw grass, he heard breathing, and realized it was his own. He looked to his left and saw something strange. A follower. It was slightly behind him and kept looking to him, following him.

He was running, towards... sustinance. Life, food. FOOD! Suddenly, his life became simple, he sought food. And he could find it. He would find it. He had found it... then it left him.

He remembered nothing, except that he had remembered something. Something important. His thoughts were interrupted.

Voice: Who are you?

Immediately he felt resentment towards the voice. Did it not know that he didn't know. Then it repeated it's question, "Who are you?"

"Can you tell me?" he asked, with a hope that was unlike him.

"No," said the voice, "you can tell me. You have a name."

"Yes," he said, "but a name is worthless wihtout a past."

"You have a past." stated the voice.

"Who are you?" Scavange demanded.

"Part of your destiny." said the voice, and it left him.

At first he felt joy, for destiny was evidence of identity. But then, he felt sorrow, for the voice, he determined, was just a dream. An indulgence of his childish self, which should be surpressed. But it was too strong. He could no longer do so.

The will to fight, the will to live left him. He suddenly saw that he was on the edge of a canyon cliff. A large one. Large enough to... He would. He drew back, then lept, snapping at his wings if the even so much as fluttered, for he knew his self preserving instinct could take over.

Then he saw him. The one who was and is kin to the hated one. He felt rage burn in him, but it didn't matter. The kin was flying towards him now, at great speed.

He cried out, "SkySaber, MAXIMIZE!!!" and with great skill caught him, and carried him up to the cliff where he set him down, and stunned him to end his further attempts to hurt himself.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" he screamed.

"Saving you," SkySaber retorted, with a tone that said he wished he hadn't.

"Why!" he yelled back.

"I wish I knew" he said mysteriously, and turned away.

"Well, when you figure it out, tell me" He said, and got up, and activated his teleport mechanism, in short quick blips, which sent him short distances, repeatedly.

SkySaber started to follow, but reconsidered and turned away, to see Eclipse flying towards him.

"Why must we waist our time with him?!" SkySaber demanded.

"Can't you see he's hurting SkySaber?" she asked, hoping to stir up feelings of sympathy. It didn't work.

"What I can see," he said "is a sorry excuse for a creature, who tried to kill my brother, and for a reason unbeknowest to me, is being rescued!"

She was a bit hurt by this, and didn't bother hiding it. "I think he could help us," she began, "I think... oh, I just am sick of all this violence, that's all!" she exclaimed, and stepped away a few steps.

Immediately, he felt compassion for her, for that was part of his nature. However, he was also objective, and his soft side had a way of scurrying to the shadows. So he did his best to just leave it alone, and get back to his work. "We had better return to camp." he said, and transformed back to beast mode.

She waited a moment before following. "Basin owes me big," she thought, "she is gonna get cheeeeewwwed out for this one."

Meanwhile, Scavange was stopping to rest behind a large group of boulders, thinking. Why?

He thought. 'Perhaps they care about me? No, impossible. But why then? So I will join them.' But he knew Maximals were wiser, and more compassionate than that. Hmmm... curious. 'Perhaps I shall preserve myself until I learn the truth he thought.'

"Good" said the voice from before.

"What?" he looked around.

The voice said nothing more, but he did sense a presence. Hmmm... he crossed himself, and walked towards a large mountaing that was nearby. He was a bit lost in his thoughts, when he tripped on something. He looks down. A hand. It had three fingers, each long and claw like. They would twitch slightly now and then. He bent down, and started to clear the rocks and metal scraps from around the the things arm, then it's leg, then its body... who was it?