Faction: Independicon
Form: Tm2 Bull
Function: Demolitions
Quote: "If it doesn't kill me, it made a big mistake!"

Beast Mode appearance: Tm2 Bull, colors, mostly black and silver. Has some green on him here and there. One of his beast eyes is a cyborg type eye like Tm2 Dinobot had in bot mode.This eye can shoot blasts of energy.

Weapons: Missile launcher on both wrists, shoulder mounted plasma cannons. He also has hand grenades to throw or to fire from a grenade launcher. and in Beast mode he's got his energy blast eye described above.

History: Brawn is the powerhouse of the Independicons.The only Independicon who could defeat him was WarPath. And that in a way explains how Brawn became an Independicon.

On Cybertron, the Independicons were having a meeting about who should be the supreme leader of the Independicons in a secret hideout. Accidentily, Brawn found their hideout. When he saw the fifteen Independicons,since he didn't see Maximal symbols on them, he thought they were Predacon's so he opened fire.As hard as they tried,even though there were fifteen of them, they couldn't take down the powerful Maximal. Then WarPath, who wasn't the Independicon's supreme commander yet, took it upon himself to stop their attacker.He snuck up behind Brawn and tackled him.That day marked WarPath's rise to supreme commander of the Independicons and the begining of Brawn's joining of the Independicons.After that day WarPath kept Brawn prisoner and slowly Brawn started to belive in the Independicon cause and joined them.


Faction: Independicons
Form: Sabre toothed tiger
Function:Jungle Warrior

Quote:"The jungle is filled with fierce creatures; I'm one of 'em."

Weapons: His sabre teeth from his beast mode become daggers and he has a laser rifle.

History: Daggerjaw mainly became an Independicon because the Pred's nor the Maximals would take him. He was too rebellious. Daggerjaw also became an Independicon because his best friend, Iceberg, was also joining. Daggerjaw is a good example of a good Indipendicon, because he is very independent. He likes to be his own person, not liking to have to fit the standards of the Maximals or the Predacons. But as an Independicon, there are few standards to fit into. He respects all his camrades and especially his leader WarPath, although he fears a few of his camrades,namely WarPath, Killspree and Pincer(no stats for Pincer yet. I can tell you he's a Tm Scorpion). He's always trying to get WarPath and Recluse to lighten up. Transformation: Extremly similar to original Cheetor's.


Faction: Independicons
Form:Transmetal penguin/Hovercraft w/ Chain Gun Mounted
Function: Spy, Surveillance and Warrior

Weapons: Ice blaster and a chain gun like Rhinox's except longer, thiner and silver in color.

Quote:"Being small just makes it harder for them to see me."

History: When not in battle or spying on the Maximal's or Predacons, Iceberg is calm, fun loving and sometimes funny. But when he's on a msision he means business. He doesn't bother doing a mission unless he know's he's gonna do it right. When in battle, he could take on any Maximal or Predacon and have a good chance of winning dispite his small size. He and Daggerjaw have been friends for many years. Every now and then he goes to the artic region of the planet to visit the lonely Independicon second in command (PolarFlare)who keeps that area under surveillance. He respects his comrades and trusts WarPath's judgement as a leader. Just like all the other Independicons.....?


Fusion: Camen, Hornet
Funtion: Pirate, Assasin, and Martial arts expert.

Weapons: Both a Stinger Blaster(Like waspys) and a Gator Blaster (Like Iguanus). Also an Energon Fencing sword (looks like a Thin energon blade). In beast mode he can shoot his stinger like a Harpoon gun. One eye is more machanic than the other and can shoot laser blasts(like TM2 Dinobot).

Beast mode: Looks like a camen with the legs, mouth, wings,and large abdomen of a hornet and the body, teeth, tail, and under body of a camen. The Eyes of a hornet,the mouth is felled with sharp camen teeth.

Transformation: His arms and legs come out of his chest, his head goes on his chest and his insect legs cover the chest like ribs,he keeps his large abdomen back in the back (like waspy)he uses both wepons, one wepon comes out of the abdomen the other is his camen tail,his robot body is more reptilian, His face has a row of spikes from the top of his head to his eyes, one eye is more robotic and can do all that Tm2 Dinobots can, he has other marking on his face.

Quote:"Go ahead cross my path and you will think a hundred thousand black cats riped you to pieces"

Created By: Talon


Faction: Independicon
Fusion: Snake/Coyote
Function: Scout, Rescue Missions, Backup and Guard, and High Endurance Missions.

Quote: "Feminism is overrated."

Background: Living with the Independicons has made her strong and tough. Somewhat like Black Arachnia in attitude, but more directly forceful than manipulative, and more noble. She Joined the Independicons, since she couldn't get acceptance from many other people, due to her lack of feminine qualities. However, she still demands to be treated with respect, and would easily scrap anyone who flirts with her. She works with the Independicons in an effort to earn respect. However, sometimes she lets what she wants confuse her priorities, and has to be restrained by WarPath.

Created By: JonnyBot


Fusion: Walrus/polar bear
Faction: Independicon
Function: second in command and Arctic surveillance

Beast Mode: Polar bear main body with a walrus tail on the end. Polar Bear legs except for his back two legs. Polar bear head with large walrus teeth sticking out of his mouth like a saber toothed tiger's would.

Robot mode: beast head cracks in half and becomes shoulder pads(a la Wolfang).beast chest slides back until it is on the robot back. This reveals the robot chest. Oh yea, Robot head is revealed when his beast head split to make shoulder pads. His tail and back legs become part of the back, The back splits so the legs can fold down.

Weaponary: Flame Thrower and laser sword(a la lightsaber)

History: PolarFlare and Warpath have been good friends ever since they met. PolarFlare would take a shot for his good friend and believes his friend would do the same for him. If not for PolarFlare, WarPath's anger and aggression would be far worse than it is. WarPath trusts PolarFlare more than any other bot that he can remember even though WarPath can remember almost none of past. PolarFlare rarely speaks, and when he does, it is primarily to WarPath.

PolarFlare hates the Maximals because a Maximal killed his best friend. He then vowed that he would avenge his friend. He fights the Predicons because he believes their cause is evil. He is usually calm and that helps to keep WarPath calm as well. In battle he is fairly aggressive.

Created By: TM2 Depth Charge


Function: Espionage, Stealth Fighting, Spy Mission, and he makes a mean stack of cyber- pancakes.
Faction: Independicon
Beast Mode: Brown Recluse. (could be fused with a turtle, or a cockroach, or something else that hides.)

Background: Recluse is a loner. Doesn't have a very magnetic personallity, and isn't good at small talk. Him and WarPath, met on Cybertron, at a pancake house. (okay, this is just for laughs. a new story can be made up) The place was held up, and WarPath, caught the thief on the way out. Recluse and WarPath through some strange twist of fate, struck up a conversation, and decided to meet again. After a while WarPath began to share his radical views with Recluse, and he was an instant follower. Recluse trusts WarPath's judgement, but on a rare occasion, has disagreed with his leader, and has steered him toward a better path. Recluse, as his name suggests, is reclusive, and somewhat poetic. To others, however he is cold and sarcastic. Something that hasn't made him a lot of friends. He respects WarPath however, and always remains objective with him, never being emotional.

Beast Mode: His beast mode looks like a regular brown recluse, just big, his robot mode (some of this may change if we fuzorize him) is when his two front legs, and two back legs on either side interlock to form arms and legs.

Weapons: He has arm cannons on either arm, and can shoot cyber-venom darts from his mouth at high speed. More of a strategist than a power fighter, Recluse can use his weapons and skill to make him as good a fighter as any, despite his lack of fire power. He has webbing, which he can shoot in beast or robot mode. In robot mode he can detach his spinnerets, and use them like a web gun. In his underbelly he stores small mines, which he can take out and place on the ground, or throw like gernades. Stealthy, smart, and sneaky, he is an asset to the Independicons. And hey, who can live without pancakes?

Created By: JonnyBot


Beast Mode: Bison/ Beetle
Faction: Independicons
Function: Leader, Pirate

History: In his current status, WarPath has temporary amnesia. He can't remember his past but remembers brief scenes of Cybertron and the Maximal Elders. He now leads a small group of Renegades known as the Indipendicons. The team has a mixture of Fuzor, Transmetal and Transmetal 2 warriors. He doesn't trust the Maximals or the Predicons and he will lead the Indipendicons into battle against both the Maximals and the Predicons. Every once and a while he remembers a scene from his past.

Beast Mode: It is mainly a bison body he has a beetle's mouth. He still has his bison horns but the rest of his head is a beetle's.

His main body looks like a bison's but on his back there are some large beetle wings which allow flight. Under the wings are bison fur and he has bison legs.

Robot Mode: Looks a lot like Bonecrusher but his colors are black blue and white. And he has his beetle wings on his back from his beast mode which allows him to fly.

Created By: TM2 Depth Charge


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