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The Fuzor war took a turn towards the Transmetal when five Maximals and Predicons were found locked in suspended animation in the ruins of an alien device. Apparently the aliens gathered the protoforms and created Transmetals before the events of Other Voices. The project was abandoned before the Protoforms could be awakened, however, and even though the Combining power was imprinted into the Protoforms, they were never activated, as Inferno found the Alien Disk and the Vok had to act out a piece of their master plan prematurely. The Combiners were forgotten however, and remained sustained by alien devices.

However, when the Fuzors found them, they were activated... and the age of the Transmetal gestalts began!!!

DESTRONS - Predacons



Function: Team Leader
Beast Mode: Chameleon
Motto: Dreams die hard.

Weapons: Mirage has gained the chameleonic power to blend in-- to anything. This power is almost invisibility.. and Mirageís greatest weapon. As well, he can be blocked by all scanners, for no motion can be detected thanks to his field dampeners. A scimitar hangs at his side should he need it, and a rocket launcher that forms from his beast mode tail is his primary weapon. He also has a small blaster pistol in case of emergencies.

Backstory: The Vok, sensing an intense goodness and loyalty in him, decided to implant another, stronger personality that would be as intensely loyal to them as Mirage was to Optimus Prime. Deep within the new Mirageís dark heart lies a proud Autobot warrior struggling to free himself, but for now the new Mirage is in control. Since the Vok have forgotten about the Destrons, Mirage declared total loyalty to the Bludgeon, and has a fierce rivalry with former friend Springer.


Function: Stealth Assassin
Beast Mode: Python (sidenote: nickname: Monty)
Motto: When the hunter becomes the hunted, Blade is there.

Weapons: Blade carries no long-range weapon and will only hold a blaster under extreme circumstances. Blade has twin katanas that form from his tail, which he uses expertly to injure and perhaps kill his prey...

Backstory: A young protoform created for use on an inhabited world. Blade is skittish and untrusting, and is likewise untrustworthy. He is more than willing to back out on an assignment, but when he does the job he does it like no other. Oddly enough, Blade speaks in plural (i.e. 'We are not happy with this arrangement').


Function: Ammunitions Expert
Beast Mode: Flying Skeleton Dragon
Motto: There are more things to fear than fear itself- like me.

Weapons: In addition to a symmetrical pattern of lasers at strategic points on his body, Blitzwing has a gattling gun that is in place of his right hand- which is mind-controlled.

Backstory: Blitzwing sought asylum with the Autobots, one of the few, and insisted that to avoid persecution at the hands of some of his former compatriots he be placed in the Protoform Explorer plan- making him a fitting target for the Vokís great demon-warrior. He forms the spinal column and head of Chinook, instead of Mirage. This has caused a rather unneeded rivalry between the two of them.


Function: Dog soldier
Beast Mode: Alligator
Motto: Donít question my sanity, itís no question that Iím insane.

Weapons: Berserker prefers to use his razor-sharp claws in battle, but he does have a wrist-mounted ax and the ability to fire small controlled bursts from his chest.

Backstory: The Vok have tweaked Berserker, an innocent Protoform, to the point of insanity. He often goes into mad rages and slaughters whomever he can find, so the other Destrons have to keep him pent up most of the time- most of the time, that is.



Function: Aerial Bombardier
Beast Mode: Basically just an updated version of what he used to look like
Motto: I have been denied many things- but noone will deny me my revenge.

Weapons: Buzzsaw has a boomerang-like Buzzsaw as his main weapon, as well as two lasers that go from his wings to his shoulders during transformation.

Backstory: The docile Decepticon Buzzsaw left the Decepticons shortly after his brother Laserbeak started getting all the praise- and resentment of his brother grew, however Buzzsaw tried to suppress it. After a while Buzzsaw joined the Autobot cause as an informant on Cybertron, and volunteered to be the first Decepticon to become a Maximal Protoform. The Vok found his stasis pod and capitalized on his buried resentment of his brother- transforming him into a revenge-bent rage machine. Beware, for though he may not be very formidable, his pent-up rage is enough to take down many Maximals and Predicons.


The Destrons are found at Nexus Zero subproject Gamma.

MAXIBOTS - Maximals

(GESTALT: Delta)

Function: Team leader
Beast Mode: Wolverine (DNA given to him by Alpha Hound)
Motto: Believe it or not, this is the FUN part!!!

Weapons: Springer prefers to use his longsword and his hand-claws (a la Wolverine) in battle, but always keeps a sidearm reminiscent of Rattrapís at his side.

Backstory: After the Great War, Springer and a few of his friends agreed to revert to Protoform mode to save the energy for the younger generation coming to the fore. They were placed on the Axalon as a clerical error. Springer remains the stalwart warrior he is at heart, but his somewhat feral beast mode has rendered him more emotional and instinctual. He fears what could happen if the beast inside takes over completely...



Function: Long-range Reconnaissance
Beast Mode: Dingo
Motto: Iím the fastest there is. Thereís noone like me. And thatís the way I like it.

Weapons: Blurrís weapon of choice is an ax that, when whirled around at incredible speeds generates energy charges. He also uses his thigh-mounted rockets to boulder into his enemies and leave them dazed so he can make a quick exit.

Backstory: Blurr refused to become a Protoform when many of his friends did, opting instead to become a Maximal police officer. However, problems occurred within his mind during the Maximal/Autobot conversion, and his mind was reduced to that of an 18-year oldís, losing all of his memory. He feels alone alongside his former comrades, as he does not remember them much. He prefers to run free, away from the problems that were forced upon him in a manner he feels unfair.


Function: Communications
Beast Mode: Kangaroo
Motto: If youíre protecting me, who protecting YOU?

Weapons: Arcee prefers not to use weapons, but always carries a blaster should she need it. Inside her pouch is a small robot Joey that has come to think of Arcee and Springer as its 'parents' even though it was a result of genetic testing by the Vok. It is bristling with weapons despite its diminutive size.

Backstory: Arcee became a leader in the field of converting Autobots etc. into Maximals, and her one failure was Blurr. She feels deeply responsible for what happened to him and gave up her career to become an explorer following the accident. Additionally, she is torn between Springer and Chromedome...


Function: Front Lines Combat & Tactician
Beast Mode: Cloud Leopard
Motto: Failure to act is failure in itself.

Weapons: Chromedome despises stealth but find himself often using his cloaking device, which can cloak him from all sensors... save Vok. He is also complemented with two shoulder-mounted blasters and twin shotgun-like blasters, and he has a built-in targeting system in his eyes.

Backstory: Convinced by Arcee long ago to become a Protoform, Chromedome has finally awakened- though the Vok, in their sadistic tinkering, have made him a bit of a berserker, with frequent mood swings and a short temper. A man of actions not words, and well, actions speak louder than words...


Function: Dog soldier, deejay (later title self-apointed)
Beast Mode: Fruit bat
Motto: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Weapons: Jazz has been endowed with an awesome communications device that is used primarily by Arcee. However, he still has a sonar disrupter that can cause various degrees of audio damage, destruction, or pain. He has yet to master this power. Jazz also has two blasters formed from the tips of his wings and can fly.

Backstory: Jazz was one of the many Protoform inductees. He constantly tries to maintain a group effort and tries to get the group working like a team. For his actions Springer has given him the role of second-in-command, but they both know that bad things have happened to the group- bad things that may never be cured.


The Maxibots are found at Nexus Zero subproject Delta.


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