Beast Hunters - A Fast Action

written by SkyBolt

Drow looked at Throttle for a moment. Silently he closed his eyes and looked up at the horizon.

''Bah! its cold here, I say we go back'' Throttle hissed. Drow glared at him.

''We got our orders, but just try to slip away and I promise you....'' Drow looked down at the snake ''I will tie you up in that tree over there...''

Throttle rolled his eyes at the mission's commander.

''Terrorize!....Brrr'' he yelled as he jumped up and down.

A distant, yet familiar noise made Drow turn his head aside and listen. The combination of bird wings and bug wings stopped as Warp Scream landed beside Throttle. The small Predacon looked at Drow.

''What now?'' He said, blushing from the cold.

Drow didn't answer, he was listening. Throttle looked at Warp and plinked his own head with his thumb. Warp walked around with his hands behind his back.

''What in cyberheck are we doing here?'' said Throttle with a whining sounding in his voice.

''The maximals are coming here to take the new pod. We're going to ambush them'' Drow looked at the pod. He grinned showing of his metallic silver colored teeth and he let out a evil low chuckle.

He looked over at Warp and Throttle. ''So you two BETTER stay concentrated.''

Throttle sat down on a rock mumbling low. Warp Scream crossed his arms and sighed. His antennas started to move around as he looked over his shoulder.

''I think they are coming....hide'' said Drow and transformed to his beast mode. Warp transformed and disappeared. Throttle transformed to and groaned as he slipped into his hiding spot. A few seconds later two figures appeared by the pod.

''Now lets see...Quiron Maximize!'' said the beaver/dolphin and kneeled by the pod. Huntress looked around. She flicked her ears and looked at Quiron.

''Looks like we got here way much earlier than the Predacons...that's good luck''

''Don't say that unless you just found a four-leaf clover''

''Nooo I'm just happy we didn't got to battle 'em today.. sheesh its cold up here doncha think?'' She said while rubbing her hands together.

''Colder than usual....something is wrong...''

''What?'' she said and looked down at the pod.

Quiron stood up and crossed his arms and opened his mouth to say something but suddenly:




Quiron almost fell down on Huntress as both maximals jumped back.

''Holy slag!'' Huntress yelled and flapped her wings but where knocked down by Throttle. Quiron dodged a blast from Warp Scream and aimed at Drow, who laughed.

''Wrong place wrong time huh Branch-Boy?''

Quiron rolled aside and hit Warp Scream in the arm.

Huntress kicked away Throttle but he came up around her, holding her in a tight grip so she was unable to transform to robot mode. Quiron dodged another blast and this time knocked Warp down from the sky. Drow kicked him in the back and placed his foot on his neck.

''Give it up mammals....'' he said and pointed his miniguns at both Huntress and Quiron.

''Hey you're gunna hit me!'' said Throttle and slipped away from the almost crushed Huntress.

''Huntress maximize...'' she said and growled, throwing away her weapons. Drow laughed.

''Let him go freak...'' she snarled and narrowed her eyes.

Warp looked at the pod and back to Huntress, then he fast turned to the pod again.

''Uhm....Commander Drow....''

''What?'' said Drow without letting his eyes move from Huntress.

''The....the pod is open." he paused a second. "And its empty!''

''What?!'' Drow said again and accidentally looked back.

Huntress leapt at him. Drow was surprised and his miniguns fired at her. Huntress got hit several times and fell down on the ground badly harmed. She blinked and felt with one hand at her eye. It was gone. Quiron struggled to get loose but Endless stood on his back. Drow looked hysterically around.

''Where is it?!''

''Right Here! Riptide, MAXIMIZE!''

Warp Scream leapt aside as the thing came rushing at Drow. He was sent flying and crashed in the sharp cliffs. Warp Scream drew his weapons but the beast was gone. He looked nervously around.

Endless yell made him look aside to see him fly away and down the cliffs. Endless grabbed the edge in the last moment and hanged down above the pointed cliffs below him. Warp Scream looked at the robot.

He was colored metallic blue and held a red long sword. he aimed but the robot slipped out of his sight.

Warp fell down when he got hit in the back. He rolled aside and aimed. The last thing he saw was the Maximal's gun and then it went black.


Quiron kneeled by Huntress.

''Are you alive?'' he said nervously and shake her gently. Huntress blinked with her single eye.

''Yes......'' she whispered and groaned quietly.

Quiron helped her up. He looked at the maximal in front of him.

''Hi I'm Quiron... This is Huntress...And your Riptide?''

Riptide nodded.

''We better get her help...'' he said and helped Quiron to carry Huntress.

''Yeah that's right...''

The three maximals left the mountain.


Drow fell down from the cliff with a *crash*.

He growled hysterically.

''Heeeeeelp me!'' yelled Throttle. ''I can't hold it anymore!''

Drow kicked Warp aside. He looked down at Throtle with anger in his yellow eyes.

''You said you programmed it to a you know what that is know?!''

''Please DO something!''

''ITS A MAXIMAL!!!!!!'' Drow roared and kicked him down.

Throttle screamed as he fell down on the rocks. Drow looked as he crashed and his eyes got black. Drow snarled loudly.

''Drow to Predacon base'' he said over his com-link

''This is Manterror, what is it?''

''Mission failed report to Bludgeon.'' he said and shut it down.

Drow looked again at Warp Scream who was scrunced up by a rock. The bug stood up. He growled and went to pic up Throttle at the bottom of the hill.

The end.