Beast Hunters - Cries in the Jungle

written by SkyBolt

Deep in the forset the insects buzz loudly in the night and animals roam.

A Dragonfly flies by, its wings giving an annoying sound. It lands on a object looking like some form of coffin.

The device has been sucked down some into the swamp. The unintelligent bug sits still, motionless except for an occasional wing twitch.

A big boar comes walking slowly and calmly through the jungle. The big pig animal sniffs the air but finds no sign of enemies around. Slowly it lowers its head to drink from the water.

But suddenly, a loud shrieking roar echoes through the jungle.

The dragonfly buzzes nervoulsy. The boar flicks its ears and stops drinking. In the corner of its eyes panic and fear show up. It does not know what to do. Completely paralysed from the scream, it cannot run.

The dragonfly tries to escape from the object that the noise came from. But as the device quickly sinks in the muck, the insect too is sucked down.

The deep snarl can be heard deep down in the water.

And then the water lies still again, with no sign of life. The dragonfly floats on the surface, unharmed but about to drown. It lands on a stick and is carried to a giant leaf hanging down from a tree. Itclings onto it with all its strength.

The birds fly away, the animals escape and the only thing left is the bitter smell of death deep down in the dark swamp.



The animals that have returned escape once again as the water surface cracks.

Out from the swamp crawls a giant creature. The shadow does only reveal a lobster tail and two shining yellow eyes along with a reptile head. Slowly the monster crawls away into the jungle. It stops.

The sky is black and the rain slowly falls down over the jungle. The creature looks up and with a hissing sharp voice one command is heard: ''Terrorize!'' and the body transforms.

It steps out in the moonlight. The soft light bathes the large, predacon warrior in an eerie glow.

His name is Drow and he is the lobster/alligator fusor.

He lifts his claws to his hips and looks around again. Slowly he starts to walk away to find more like him.....