Beast Hunters - Can I Buy You A Drink?

written by Jonnybot

SkySaber walked down the corridor in towards the small bar. It was late. He needed a break. He had been in the training room for hours now, and he needed a drink. But there was another reason. Eclipse had been... fickel. Unloyal. A bit to free. He couldn't quite pinpoint it with words. She had been going to the bar every other night now, letting the guy-bots buy her drinks, acting oblivious to their obvious flirting, when he knew she was smarter than that. He wanted to keep an eye on her.

Eclipse sat at the bar alone, she didn't get a drink, she just didn't like to sit in her room and be alone. She hoped that maybe 'Sabe would loosen up and come have some fun here, but she doubted that.

"You alright, little girl?" asked Quiron from behind the bar.

"Fine thanks." she replied, looking away as soon as she finished answering.

"Something wrong?" he asked. Quiron had sort of a Messiah complex, and was always doing his best to make people feel better.

"No, it's just that-" she stopped herself. Should she open up to him? He smiled warmly. That did it for her. "He never has any fun with me." she said finally.

"You mean SkySaber?" he asked, even though he knew, he knew it would get her to talk more.

"Yeah," she said, "he never comes down here, and he knows I do."

"Well why don't you ask him to come with you." He said thoughtfully. That was another thing, Quiron always used logic, and he was patient.

"Oh, I couldn't do that," she said like it was obvious why.

"Why not?" he asked, "you do want to spend fun time with him right?"

"It's just that, if I invite him, he won't have any fun," she responded. Quiron knew she was right too.

"Well, give him some time. Us guy-bots are pretty tough natured, it's just part of our programming. Just give him time. He'll come around."

"Yeah right, in a few thousand stellar cycles." she said. Her words dripping with sarcasm so much that Quiron thought he should begin to wipe the counter.

Meanwhile at a table across the small room, Tusks was having a conversation with ScratchCap and Snarl.

"Go on man, I'm tellin' ya, just bye her a drink!" Snarl insisted to Tusks, who was now feeling very sheepish even in front of two bots who were much smaller than him. "Don't know, afraid, also not want SkySaber angry, him mean."

Snarl was getting frustrated, "Look man, you know you want to, just go buy her a little oil cooler, and act natural. SkySaber never comes down here anyway." Snarl was always trying to convert other guy-bots into womanizers, and Tusks was his latest target. "I mean, don't be a wuss. Act like you got some ba..."

ScratchCap, silent untill now, cut him off, for he noticed the growing glare in Tusks eyes, and didn't want his two friends to duke it out in the ship bar. "I think what he means is," he said, looking at Snarl, "is that you really don't have anything to be afraid of, lots of guy-bots buy her a drink every now and then, and besides, SkySaber is always in training. Just don't be afraid, think of it as a friendly gesture."

"Hmmmmmm... maybe, if it alright with her boy-bot."

"It'll be fine man." said RQ reassuringly.

"Okay," Tusks got up from his seat.

Back across the room, Quiron was about done trying to console Eclipse. And Eclipse was about done being consoled by Quiron.

"Look Quiron, it's not your job to make me feel better, just let me be alone for a while, okay?"

"Okay, okay." he said. But he felt like he should say something more. "Well, can I get you anything?" he asked, ending the conversation.

"No thanks," she started to say, then looked as SkySaber walked in. Quiron saw the surprised expression on her face.

"Told ya." he said mischeviously. She gave him a mock dirty look, then turned to SkySaber.

"Hi 'Sabe!" she said waving.

At that moment, Tusks walked up, and somewhat quietly said to Eclipse, "Umm, does fox-lady want a... " Snarl was chuckling at his friends lack of social skills, "I mean, can Tusks get fox-lady a, umm, can I" he stuttered on 'I' "can I, get you something to drink?" he finished. He felt exhausted, but was afraid to take a seat.

Eclipse turned towards him. SkySaber looked up and saw the look in Tusks's eyes, and his buddies watching him across the room with smiles, and lost it. He threw a spear at tusks, it landed in his hip, and it's tip exploded. It wasn't a big explosion, but it knocked the large transformer back. He landed on his back. He looked up at SkySaber, fearing the worst.

"SKYSABER!!!" Eclipse yelled, "what do you think you're doing?!" her shouting caught him off guard, and made him feel as scared as Tusks.

"He was just going to buy me a drink, that's all," she said, letting all her frustration flow.

"I, uh, I'm sorr-" he started to say, but simply gave up and dropped his head. This was not like him to act like this. He was usually so quiet and proud, now he felt like he could be demoted to waste disposal.

In all the commotion, noone noticed Alpha Hound coming in, that is, until he spoke.

"What's going on here?!" he shouted, and the room went silent. "Well?"

All eyes turned to the three bots standing by the bar, all looking very upset and ashamed.

"Did you have something to do with the explosion we heard SkySaber?" AH asked with a fatherly tone.

Quiron spoke up, "Well, sir, it was just a misunderstanding, you see..."

"Shut up Quiron!" Alpha Hound spat the words at him angrily. "I'll just see it for myself on the surveilance videos. Meanwhile, I want to see you three in the council room, NOW."

The three looked at each other like criminals caught, and then walked out hte door and down the hall.


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