Apocalypse Followers

Created By: TigerHawk


Function: High Command General
Form: War Cruiser

Quote: “Death to the flesh.”

Weapons: Apocalypse is a shrine to heavy weaponry, with rockets mounted on the sides of his arms twice the size of a normal Maximal. All the weapons covering his body are completely automated, meaning he can pay full attention to whatever demands his time while the onboard computers subconsciously destroy anyone foolish enough to attack him.

Backstory: The last great general to serve Liege Maximo, Apocalypse had himself remade into a massive warship from the wreckage of Maximo’s flagship. Apocalypse then constructed an heir and spent years poring over all the history of Cybertron, eventually discovering an ancient prophecy buried on the Covenant of Primus that foretold of three great and powerful Decepticons rising to enslave the entire galaxy as its supreme rulers- should they survive. Only Apocalypse knows the identities of these three, and does not trust anyone with the information. Only Apocalypse knows who he truly is.



Avatar of Death
Function: Field Leader; Heavy Weaponry Expert
Vehicle Mode: Doomsday Cannon (can be held by/attached to Apocalypse)

Quote: "Those I kill... are the lucky ones."

Weapons: The awesome supralaser that composes Holocaust’s left arm is the single most powerful weapon created in the Cybertronian war. However, it does take a while to charge, so Holocaust also has a powerful chaingun/pulse rifle that can be carried in his right hand. Holocaust is a walking doomsday machine- in the employ of the most frightening Transformer ever, his father Apocalypse.

Backstory: Created by Apocalypse to be the ultimate weapon of destruction, capable of completely annihilating a full Optimus Prime-sized Autobot or Decepticon. He serves his father with fierce loyalty, but knows there are things his father would not tell him- like his identity, for instance. Holocaust would do anything to find out his father’s name- save help a servant of good.



Avatar of Famine
Function: Assassin; Pilot
Vehicle Mode: Hoverfighter

Quote: "We are all damned by Unicron, but the choices we make can grant us high seats of power in silicon hell."

Weapons: Kaine operates almost as a vampire of sorts, stealing the energy from his victims through his special absorption device hooked to his arm. Kaine also possesses a wide variety of small weapons, from miniblasters to deadly Energon pocketknives.

History: Kaine was a soldier serving for Apocalypse during the war with the Cybertronians in which Apocalypse hid in shadow. After Apocalypse’s ship was accidentally destroyed by exploding shrapnel from the exploding flagship of the Liege Maximo, Kaine found one of his callings as a pilot. Later, working for Apocalypse, he found another calling: The life of an assassin. Kaine’s ultimate goal is to assassinate anyone that stands in the way of Apocalypse’s dream...

Kaine also has a mysterious reason behind his name. Once he was an Autobot named Reflex, who served alongside his brother Protek. One day during the Great War Reflex and Protek got into a serious argument over leaving to find Optimus Prime with the soon- to-be Junkions, which Reflex was opposed to. Reflex killed his brother, and a Decepticon saw great promise in the murderer, so he hooked him up to leave with Maximo’s troops. Eventually Reflex learned of the story of Caine and Abel and renamed himself Kaine in shame.



Avatar of War
Function: Front Lines/Combat
Vehicle Mode: Tank

Quote: "The Apocalypse is coming- prepare to stop existing."

Weapons: Being a tank, Onslaught is naturally equipped with one massive cannon. He also wields a stungun powerful enough to short out a Cybertronian for a week.

History: Onslaught was fooled into believing he was one of the three by Apocalypse. Somewhere along the lines his misguided psyche forgot that the three Decepticons were onboard the Ark and had died. Apocalypse manipulates the blindly loyal Onslaught into serving him with no question. Onslaught would do anything to ensure that the prediction Apocalypse found comes true, even die, because he believes himself to be a prophesied Cybertronian emperor if the Apocalypse occurs.



Avatar of Pestilence
Function: Scientist: Geneticist; Aerial Strikes
Vehicle Mode: Starfighter

Quote: "A mind is such a terrible thing to waste- but the body matters not."

Weapons: Sinistron prefers to use his many Tarantulas-like technological and biological weapons and experiments, but his twin blasters he uses in his vehicle mode turn into two heavy pule rifles in case Sinistron finds himself in a situation without a weapon of his own creation.

History: Sinistron once served as a chief scientist on Liege Maximo’s flagship. Apocalypse found him in the wreckage and forced the scientist to decode the Covenant of Primus he had found, the third in existence. Sinistron did, and caught a glimpse of the prophecy Apocalypse himself discovered. Sinistron has his own theories based on what he uncovered, but hides it under false loyalty. Until the day when Apocalypse fully acts out his plan, Sinistron will wait in the shadows. He has also been studying the files of the late Predacon Tarantulas...



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