Beast Hunters - Another Comes

written by Talon

The light from the computer gleamed off Daggerfangs face. His eyes quickly scaned over the Tor layout. They find a compartment buried in the ship. His search is ended; he moved out.

"Ha, I new it. A pod is here! Bludgeon brought a stasis pod with a protform in it with him! How lovely this is. Hahhahahhah," he cackled as he went to the compartment.

The room was easily accesed. "How simple the code was to break!" the chief torturer whispers. He attached some air lifts to the cyber-coffin, and made his way to his lab, pod in tow.

On his way, Razorquill stopped him.

"What are you doing?" the guard unit barked. "That is a stasis pod! I must tell the commander" He said as he turned around. The porcupine/hyena raised his arm to his face, and was about to activate his comm.

Daggerfang's eyes gleamed as he raised a poison spike, slaming it down in the back of Razorquill's neck.

"I don't think so," he laughed.


Several minutes later, Daggefang, the passed out Razzorquill, and the pod, were all situated in the Tor's lab.

"Two for the price of one. Even better than I had hoped for," he said as he attached some wires between his computer and Razorquill.

"Ah yes" he giggled as he imputed some codes, reprogrammed the Predacon. With a flick of a command switch, the porcupine/hyena sat up. "Now, who do you serve?" Daggerfang's eyes were wide with anticipation.

"You, my Sire," Razorquill responded as he bowed. Daggerfang became to extatic that he blacked out. His new survant quickly woke him up. He shook his head and got back to work.

"Good, Good," he said as he activated the pod lifts. "Now follow me outside," he ordered, and the two left the base.


The sun was just barly showing on the ugle face of Daggerfang as he approached a marsh.

"This should be perfect," he said. "Razorquill put the pod over the marsh!" Razorquill did as he was told but with confusion. To the bot's surprise it floated.

Daggerfang began to reprogram the protoform. He was almost done when Slewslander and Snarl busted out of bushes on the other side.

"Oh no not bite boy and rough mouth again!" the torturer moaned. Militant blast em" He yelled but it was to late. The two maximals blasted Daggerfang into the marsh. As Militant began to fight the DNA sequensers picked up. "No, not yet! My programming is not done! The form will be against me if it is activated now!" He was just able to say this before he sank into the water. Razorquill soon joined him after a blast from Snarl.

"Well that didn't take long!" Snarl laughed happily. "Now maybe we can go back to base!" SlewSlander smacked on the back of the head.

"Idiot!" Slew retorted. "Don't you see that Pod?" He pointed to the ight from the marsh surface. An energy surge went past both of them and a frog lizard jumped out of the pod.

"I am SlewSlander, and this snrk, this is Snarl. We are Maximals. And you are?"

"I am a Predacon, I am Anphibious. Now, we're done with thee formalities. Only one thing to do..."

The two Maximals looked at each other before looking back at the new form.

"...die! Anphibious Terrorizzzze!"He yelled and Transformed blasting Slewslander and Catching Snarl in his grasp.

"Time to melt my dear Vermin hahshahahhahahs" He cackled as Snarl started to bubble.

SlewSlander blasted him in the back. While the new Predacon lay on the ground, Slew carried his comrade back to base the Astroplex.

Daggerfang under the water opened a comlink to Razorquill.

"Razorquill, return to base. Tell Bludgeon that Anphibious' pod came on-line on it's own. And tell him that we were out here to make sure the pod became a Pred, though we didn't need to," he said before he swam off.

"Understood, sir," Razorquill replied. Behind him, Anphibious had stood up.

"Come, Razorquill. I am eager to greet my new Commander," the Predacon said as he pushed Daggerfang's new servant off towards the Tor. Razorquill was wondering were Daggerfang had gone.


In a small base in an underwater complex Daggerfang works over his experiments.

"Blast well at least I got RazorQuill. That's one less worry, but now I must find another Pod, or all my planning will be for nought."