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Upon an isolated planet in the 5th orbital position about a red sun, a thriving civilization exists. The planet is not listed on most star charts, but the inhabitants know it as Roo'tah. The dominant lifeforms appear mostly human, but due to 1.5 G gravity of the planet, they are slightly shorter, but stronger and tougher than Homo sapiens. Their tech-level is roughly equivalent to that of Medieval Earth, and the dominant societies are feudal ones, with kings, barons, fiefdoms, knights, and etc. The largest continent of the planet, known to the inhabitants as Upper Fnordia, is a huge shrine to the One known to them as The Saviour but known to most of the Universe as Dr Archeville (smallershrines dot the rest of the planet). The good Doctor found this planet a century ago in his interstellar travels, and helped save the populace from an exceedingly virulent and lethal plague. At the time, the inhabitants were at a tech- and society-level roughly equal to Earth's Roman Empire, but with Dr Archeville's help, they developed at a rapid pace. In exchange, all the planets' elders offered Archeville near-total dominance of their planet, but he left them to continue exploring, promising he would return one day. Since then, things have mostly been peaceful, but there had been a few outbreaks of civil wars and strife over who, or what, The Archeville was. A 'Holy War' had erupted, and as the 2 factions met on the battlefield for the final time, an event happened which would settle the debates once and for all... A large, roughly egg-shaped vessel appeared in the skies of Roo'tah, directly above the Main Shrine. Small satellites shoot out from the vessel and quickly cover the planet, then begin broadcassting a holo-image into the sky of The Saviour. ***time passes*** It has several months since The Archeville returned, and many people continue rejoicing his return. The Main Shrine had since been converted into a mighty castle, Castle Fnord, which though appears to be as medieval as any toher castle on the planet, houses numerous high-tech wonders. The Fnord Empire has since completely overtaken the planet of Rroo'tah, and the people have enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity... Now, the Rroo'tahns have reached a tech-level roughly equal to 20th Century Earth, with a society similar to Victorian England, with Archeville as their Divine Emperor. A nascent space-travel program has begun, allowing Archeville and the companions who accompanied him to show the Rroo'tahns even greater wonders... ------------------ Dr Archeville Weird [Mad] Scientist for DoM Emperor of The Fnord Empire -(Quite a LARGE chunk is missing right here. The DoM sets up the Axalon 4, which suddenly vanishes mid power up. It reapears five years later near Rroo'tah. The DoM finds that those members who did not travel through time founded The Fnord Empire under the Doc. The DoM and TFE decide not to be mad at each other. But then! Devil Nova, a Quintesson emplyoing King Grimlock enters and attacks. He has lots of mobile suits at his disposal so SlipBot and Cheetback go and retrieve their old SlipSuit mobile suits. Unholy and TH have Slip build a new fleet of SlipSuits modified after Gundams. Cheetback meanwhile gets two suits from SkyHawk, an old friend, who in a battle, goes missing. And from there..... )- --a few hours later-- DrA: Any word from Sky Hawk? NR: No, as far as anyone of us know, he's dead. JW: He's got a point, I don't think anyone could have survived the blast he recieved. DrA: Then how about Cheetback? NR: Better, but still in need of help. DrA: I feel bad for the guy. Seeing a friend die trying to help, especially when he didn't have to. JW: What the... *suddenly the CR chamber opens and Cheetback just stands there* DrA: Cheetback? CB: .... NR: You alright man? JW: Dang, you looked stress! CB: ...... DrA: Cheetback, I know how it feels to lose a friend. But there's nothing we can do. CB: ..... NR: Hello? *suddenly Cheetback pulls out his gun and blasts it right next to Neo Rat's head. This forming a large hole through the wall of the castle* NR: YIKES! DrA: Cheetback, what are you doing?!? CB: I'm going to avenge him! JW: You're joking! CB: Want to stop me? *points the gun at JW* DrA: Cheetback, I order you to stop. CB: What are you going to do if I don't? Huh? I give up this place, I'm doing this on my own! *with that he leaves through the hole and heads away at full speed, also using his rocket pack that's never used* DrA: This ain't good. JW: Someone's got to talk some sense into him. NR: Or else he'll be killed for sure. DrA: Prepare me something to go after him in. NR: You're going? DrA: It's partially my fault, I'm the one that declared the war in the first place. It's my job to make it up to him. NR: Right away! [TBC by me.... I'll finish this part off tomorrow. Must now go to bed.] [This message has been edited by Cheetback (edited April 18, 2000).] IP: Logged Tigerhawk Micromaster Posts: 63 Registered: Mar 2000 posted April 19, 2000 01:32 PM             ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hehe... I guess JW is in it now, at least this thread. Anyway, I call dibs on next post (and don't worry Cheetback, I won't touch your side story... I've got other plans, for other characters) IP: Logged Cheetback Micromaster Posts: 45 Registered: Mar 2000 posted April 19, 2000 06:04 PM          ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well Tig's I was hoping to get this done will quick, but I can wait. I just wanted to insert a new thing into the mess. Also I thought JW was already in it, but I must've been wrong. ------------------ •DoM's Official Drunkard •Pub's temporary bartender •Ass-Master •Scientist •Lover of Cheesecake •Crazy, psychotic freak IP: Logged Tigerhawk Micromaster Posts: 63 Registered: Mar 2000 posted April 19, 2000 09:18 PM             ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BH: Right this way, Devil Nova... Blackheart pushed open the doors to his massive workshop, followed by the floating Quintesson Devil Nova and the suitless King Grimlock. DN: Why must I be dragged all the way to your workshop, human? KG: Oh, you’ll see... BH: Grim, hit the switch, if you will. Obediently, Grimlock flicks the lightswitch, and standing in front of the three is a massive mecha, composed of four humongous, weapons-laden arms, massive thrusters where feet would be, and a pod slightly larger than Devil Nova holding them all together, with a large viewscreen showing Quintesson controls on a dashboard. King Grimlock can not help but think, What the Hell is that?. BH: Behold, the Dark Star. DN: Intriguing... Devil Nova floats around the mecha, investigating its controls through the viewscreen, its many armaments, and its rocket-booster “feet.” Finally, he returns to hovering in front of Blackheart and Grimlock. DN: Interesting, human... you have created a mech suited for a Quintesson. Now, would you mind telling me why you felt the need to spend so much of our empire’s resources to built a Rheanium-enforced Gundam? BH: Because, sir... it’s yours. Tailored to suit you, and enforced with both Rheanium and Gundamium to ensure that no form of energy charges can pierce its hull... DN: You’re saying... this is indestructible? BH: Even the viewshield. This is designed for you to carry out parts of missions that I could not comprehend that you would not want the other generals to know about... KG: Grrr... DN: Hrm... I guess it is worthy of a test-run. BH: And Stryker, Grimlock and I will be there to make sure you make it out, even if the suit fails. DN: How can I trust you? BH: Fine, assign some guards, if you want. DN: Hrm... I trust none of you... but I might as well try it... just once. A test run. If it works, then I want it refitted for Quintalfa. BH: Fine. DN: Then Grimlock, I suggest you scramble your partner, Stryker... it’s nighttime in Fnordia... perfect for a sneak-attack. We destroy anything we can. -------------------------------------------------- Near Castle Archeville, SlipBot is putting Nova Squadron through another test-run, speaking to them all via a stereophonic headset. SB: Okay, role call, who’s ready to roll? BC: BatCat here, Nova Commander, ready to roll. Viz: Bwa, Viz is here, got Nova 2... LS: Nova 3, ready to roll, with LightSlayer at the helm. Viz: Oh, yeah... “ready to roll”... or some sh*t.... NR: Ready to roll! Nova 4, under command of the great Neo Rat! LS: We really should change his callsign to “Big Gay Al’s Gundam.” NR: Shut the Hell up! It was old last test run! Zab: Bwah, you mooks mind if the master joins in on this li’l training session? SB: Sure, Zab, just don’t mess around with their test runs? Zab: You got it, freak-o. SlipBot sighs, as the four SlipSuits and one Transformer fly into the stratosphere. LS: Hey, Slip, let’s hope nothing happens like last time, eh? SB: Don’t jinx it, buddy. LS: I’m just sayin’... BC: So, anything new with the Novas, Slip? SB: Yeah... you’ll notice I haven’t got you wired into cockpits. Now, you have freedom of movement inside a specialized sphere. You’ll see, feel, hear, touch and taste everything that happens to the mech as if YOU are the mech. You do a karate kick, it does a karate kick. It gets knocked off its center of gravity, you puke. BC: How... pleasant. LS: Hrm... judo CHOP! Inside his immersion cockpit, LightSlayer swings his hand down forcefully, and the mech performs the same action as he executes it, accidentally catching a landgall bird in the air and making it splatter against his hand. LS: ...Whoa. SB: The energy messages travel at the speed of thought. The Doc taught me well... Zab: Damn, so they act just like a Transformer? SB: Well... they don’t transform... Zab: Ahh... I get it... you guys’re still spoiled. LS: Desperate times call for high-tech measures, after all... Viz: We done yakkin’? I wanna prove the Magnificent Bastard that he’s gettin’ old. NR: Yeh, I wanna give these f’ers a spin. BC: Who says “f’ers”? NR: ...Shut up, dictionary boy. BC: Do I deserve that comment? NR ...No... BC: That’s what I thought, you vernacularly challenged nincompoop. NR: Did he say “nincompoop”? BC: Oh, it’s a word, all right... Viz: Mooks! We got bogeys on our six! LS: Viz, you must not be used to the lingo, the drones Slip sicced on us are over on the other side- Viz: No, ya gimp! We got four mechs, incoming! I make out Visigoth, Stryker some UFO and King Grimlock!!! DN: That “UFO” just shot you out of the sky. Viz: Wha-OOOMPH!! The Dark Star fires a ball of flame at the Vizier, which collides with the Nova 2 with so much force it throws off the sensing equipment and catches fire to its thrusters. The Nova 2 plummets to the ground, being caught in a pure-energy safety net by SlipBot’s precautionary measures. SB: Alright Nova Squadron, Face-Off time! Zab, take up the Vizier’s place in the squad! Unholy and Tigerhawk are attending a strategy mission with Catwalk, Prowl, Icefang and Dreadnought, so as far as I know, you’re on your own! Have at ‘em!!! Zab: Alright, Nova Squadron Blood ‘n Thunderrrrrr!!!! Quintb*tch, yer goin’ down! Zabgoth locks up with the Dark Star, his hammer not managing to match up with the Quintesson-piloted mech’s four arms-platform arms. Visigoth kicks away the Nova 4, jetting over to the battle between Devil Nova’s Dark Star and Zabgoth. BH: Nyuh-uh, Zabgoth, you owe me something... and I’ll beat it out of you if I have to. Zab: You want to tussle, *****? I hear from Viz that you’re Blackheart- I don’t owe you sh*t, ‘cept maybe for the attitude. BH: Mookery! You owe your very Spark to me! Zab: Naah... you knew the Transtector deal when you agreed to stay wit’ me. BH: You’re MY property! I gave you LIFE!!! Zabgoth and the Visigoth duke it out in the skies, as Devil Nova takes the opportunity to speed to SlipBot’s mech laboratory. BatCat leaves his losing battle with King Grimlock to chase after the Quintesson’s mech, determined to catch up. Meanwhile, Stryker finds himself in a stalemate battle with LightSlayer and Neo Rat BC: Hey, five-head! DN: Eh? You, a pitiful Dominionite, you get a mech and you think you can do battle with the commander of the Quintesson armada? BC: Sh*t, and you’re dumb enough to risk yourself in battle against the Fnord Empire? DN: Eat your words. As the Dark Star continues on its controlled descent, one of the arms rotates into a position facing BatCat, opens up its huge blaster cannon, and fires. The unsuspecting BatCat is sent flying away. Ram: Slip, that Quint bugger is headed to the facility! Looks like you need help! SB: What? The Death Unit launches from the laboratory’s firing chute, whipping out its massive Bo and locking battle with the Dark Star 500 feet above the ground. SB: Ramulus, the Death Unit hasn’t been field tested and- Ramulus, in the Death Unit variation of the scrapped Nova 5, forcefully swings down his Bo, separating one of the Dark Star’s arm, commandeering it and using the arm to blast off another arm’s foot-thick blade. Ram: You were saying? SB: *sighs* Nevermind... Infuriated, Devil Nova locks the Dark Star in combat with the Death Unit, knocking it around, but never proving powerful enough to knock the relentless Ramulus out of the fight. KG: Need some help, high-and-mighty ruler? DN: As I’ve more important things to do than do battle with this miscreant, yes. KG: Allow me to make a last-minute substitution, then. King Grimlock swoops into the battle with a punch to the back of the head of the Death Unit, as the Dark Star leaves the battle, headed for SlipBot and his laboratory. SB: Damn, I wish Cheetback were here... Ram: Look out! The Quint’s still headed there, if I chase after him, KG might catch me off guard, and you’d have to deal with both of ‘em. SB: Sh*t... I understand, Ramulus, you did your best... thank you. With less than a minute before he knew that Devil Nova would be upon him, SlipBot rushed to the arms compartment, finding an automatic rifle that fired shells. SB: Damn... no energy weapons... guess I’ll have to go with this. SlipBot runs outside, seeing the Dark Star bearing down almost on top of him. he raises the shotgun high, aiming at the mech, and firing, seven times. None of them made real contact; two of the shells grazed one of the Dark Star’s arms. SB: Damn... there’s only one left? Crappy understocking... SlipBot raised the shotgun again, aiming at the ever-growing-closer cockpit, with Devil Nova sneering inside. The scientist could feel lasers burn up the concrete near him, as he caulked the rifle, checked his aim, and- BLAMMMM -fired, shattering the glass viewscreen and exploding into Devil Nova. The cockpit completely blown out, the mech began a freefall, smashing into the forest far away from the pool of water the Vizier had been guided into for repairs. KG: SUCCESS! All Quintesson generals, we’ve done what we came here for... Devil Nova is dead. We can move forward with our plan without his idiotic pacing... The three mechas jetted off into space, leaving the Dominion members once again puzzled. After shedding their mechs, the warriors stood outside SlipBot’s laboratory. Zab: The Hell? They turned back? Ram: Their leader did die... LS: He has a point... but still... this is odd... Zab: Oh, well, leave it to the strategists... I’m going to check on Viz, see if those techs have freed him from the mech, yet. NR: Bizarre thing... but, y’know, I think we’ve proved ourselves... the Novas are ready to fly and fight. LS: And Rammy, that Death Unit of yours is quite an ass-kickin’ machine. Ram: Yeah, thanks... Slip upgraded it heavily. NR: ‘Ey Slip, why so quiet? SB: I... I killed that Quintesson... LS: So? You pretty much saved us? Ram: Or did their dirty work for them... NR: Hadn’t thought about it like that... you think they were trying to get him out of the way? LS: Maybe... SB: I... I’ve never killed anyone or anything before... LS: ‘Ey, easy up on yourself! You did the right thing... I’m just glad you didn’t hesitate. SB: I guess... BC: C’mon, let’s head over to the DoM bar, get Hound to get us some drinks... NR: Drinks? BC: Well, you’re still too young... mebbe Sionyx can make you some coffee. NR: Eh, bastard... The four pilots walked off, SlipBot between them, pondering over his role... I... I killed him... but... I enjoyed it? TBC *meanwhile, on the otherside of the planet. Cheetback has gotten into the Rebant and is at the exact point where he last saw Sky Hawk* CB: Don't worry friend, you won't die without vengence. I will repay them for what they have done!....Welcome Dr. Archeville. DrA: *now in some sort of armor, though more of an exoskeleton* You to Cheetback. CB: You can't stop me. I won't quit until every last one is dead or until they kill me. DrA: I know how you feel Cheetba... CB: No you don't. He's the only one that knows any of my past. Ever since Windrazor left, he was all that was left for me to find anything out. Now, there's no one. DrA: I understand. I'm also willing to give you something for his sacrifice. CB: And that is? DrA: Full membership into the TFE. CB: And that is supposed to make me feel better? DrA: It comes with a great amount of land, and I'll give you this area, if you care. CB: ..... I'll take it. DrA: So you won't go to fight? CB: I still am. And don't you follow me! *suddenly the sensors in the mecha pick up an incoming ship* DrA: Don't they know we're in a war here? CB: It's Sky Hawk!! I must get out ther to protect him. DrA: I'll help you. CB: No you won't, sir. *takes out his thermal sword and cuts off Doc's suit's legs, which cause it to fall and rendering it useless.* Call base and get them to pick you up. *with that Cheetback turns his thrusts to full and heads towards ship, believing it to be Sky Hawk* CB: Hold on Sky Hawk! - As Cheetback rushes towards the ship in order to protect it. But it is not unoticed by King Grimlock, Stryker, and Darkheart as they prepare to fire at the ship. But Rebant has reached it and and finds out that it isn't Sky Hawk's ship* CB: Dang! Approaching ship, get out of here quickly. Or else you won't make to the planet alive! *As that is said, the Quintession ship fires. The ship is able to get out the way, but the Rebant is hit. Now without the right limbs to the mecha, Cheetback quickly grabs hold of the ship as it heads to Roo'tah. Once back, Cheetback hops out of the Rebant and quickly sends it out of the atmosphere as it begins to blow up* ??: Thanks for the save. CB: *facing away from the ship*No problem. *into a small radio* Cheetback to base...dang! The radio doesn't work. ??: Use this one. *the pilot hands Cheetback a small radio, apparently self built. Suddenly he turns around and nearly falls down* CB: Sky....HAWK! SH: Who else? CB: But.. but... SH: My ship was destroyed. Luckily I was able to get back to my base and pick up my other ship, The Vigont. I also have enough supplies for you guys if we can get back. CB: Sure! *into the radio* Cheetback to base.. do you hear me? Slip: I hear ya, buddy. CB: Send me a transport to pick up the ship that just landed. Slip: It'll be right there once it returns with Dr. Archeville. CB: ok. ---later--- SH: I must go again. CB: You can't. Not after what happened last time. SH: I know, that's why I'll be leaving from the otherside of the planet. CB: But why? SH: I've got an important bounty to get. It's worth enough to build another Rebant. CB: Well, I guess I can't make you stay. SH: I'd knew you'd understand. Anyways I'll be needing another Gundam since I'm leaving Tycoss-M for you. CB: You're joking. SH: Nope. It's yours. Just...keep it in one piece. Replacement parts aren't easy to get. *with that Sky Hawk gets into the Vigont and leaves, making sure to go around to the other side of the planet first* DrA: So you have the Tycoss-M? CB: Yeap! DrA: You still staying in the TFE? CB: Hell yeah! KHOOM!!!! Unholy woke to a jarring alarm provided by King Grimlock’s missiles impacting with Castle Piven’s east wall, utterly destroying the side. Unholy could feel the building around him shake as it lost structural integrity. He jumped out of his cold, hard bed, throwing aside the one sheet as he ran out the door, throwing on his clothes as he struggled to keep up with BatCat and LightSlayer. UH: LS!!! What’s up? LS: Sneak attack, according to Slip and Rammy, KG, Stryker and Blackheart have backup... UH: Great. So, we gotta suit up? LS: Considering Piven is miles away from Castle Fnord... yeah. SB: *over intercomm* Everybody that pilots a mech, get down here! Anyone that doesn’t, leave Castle Piven and head through the underground passage by the north turret. It’s a long walk, but it’ll take you into Castle Fnord- and safety. As Unholy and the two Nova pilots ran toward the launch bay, they were joined by the Vizier and Zabgoth, in his Gyruss form. Zab: Damn bastards... UH: I’ll say... perfect time to attack, though... what is it, 3 in the morning? BC: “Perfect” in a bad way... think of the casualties! UH: Exactly. Zab: ...Damn, dude that’s cold. UH: I’ll bet it is. But let’s cut the chit-chat, and get to the mechs! The 5 warriors tear into SlipBot’s cargo bay, as Cheetback, in the Tycoss-M, is launched from the hangar. Neo Rat anxiously awaits the chance to leave, as SlipBot readies the other 3 Novas. Wordlessly, Zabgoth jumps into his Transformer, leaving before the Nova pilots can jump into their mechs and take off. Unholy is the last to leave, talking to SlipBot as he prepares the Shadow Unit for launch. UH: Where’s Rammy? SB: We were testing a new feature of the Death Unit that he requested when the assault began. UH: Mmmkay... we got a body count on Castle Piven? SB: Seven, all indigenous to Rroo’tah. Doc won’t be happy about this. UH: Seven... I’ll remember that. Anything new on this scramble? SB: Yup... smaller Mobile Suits, being piloted by apparently Sharkticons... in mass numbers. UH: ...Damn. Looks like whoever leads the Quintessons now has deeper pockets... SB: And they can dig deep graves. Take care of yourself up there. UH: Oh, I will... you can count on me for that... but I’m gonna take care of those murderous bastards, first. The Shadow Unit blasts off, as SlipBot sighs to himself. Above the battlefield in the air, King Grimlock watches in his mech, satisfied. KG: Good... Quintalfa is as good a puppet as these Sharkticons are shockmechs. An excellent design by Blackheart... everything is going according to plan... Below, as the battle rages between the Sharkticons, led by Stryker and Visigoth, the Tycoss-M, Nova Squad and Zabgoth find themselves outnumbered. LS: Where the Hell is Ramulus? BC: The odds were stacked against him... must’ve been 50 Sharkticons at the start... UH: GERRRRRRONIMMMMMMMO!!! The Shadow Unit tears through the night sky, slashing left and right. UH: One... FFRRRZZAKK! UH: Two... KHRAMM! UH: Three... BOOOM! UH: Four, five, six... KRHACKABOOOOOOM! UH: Stryker, care to make that seven? Inside his mech, Stryker grimaces and sends three more Sharkticons at the Shadow. BOOMBADABOOM UH: Bonus points! Do I get a lolly now? S: Infidel! Stryker charges Unholy, and the two square off, taking shots at each other intermittently. NR: Damn... Unholy’s off fightin’ Stryker, Zab is dancing with Blackheart, Cheets is the only especially powerful guy out there... and the Sharkticons are cornering him... KG: Thanks for that assessment, fool... King Grimlock dives out of seemingly nowhere, taking Neo Rat and the Big Gay Gundam out of the fight. He turns to the other Novas, blasting at 1 and 3 and moving to return to his monitoring perch. But before he can get there, Ramulus comes out of nowhere with what appears to be a gigantic folding chair, speeding through the sparse cloud cover and coming out of nowhere with a chair shot to King Grimlock. The large mech floats in the air, seemingly inoperative... Ram: That’s for earlier, ya mook! Viz: The f*ck did you get a steel chair that big? Ram: It’s the storage form of my modified back-mounted jetpack... this was the last addition I wanted Slip to make to the mo’fo. Viz: Damn dude, that’s odd... KG: Knocked out... right sensory equipment... die, bastard! King Grimlock charges the Death Unit, his sword raised. As the evil warrior swings down, Ramulus makes Death side-step to the right in midair, dodging the strike and causing Grimlock’s mech to spin out of its center of gravity. KG recovers the ship’s gravity well, turning to attack Death- but Ramulus is anticipating every move of the villain, staying to the right side. Finally, he raises Death’s massive bo staff, cracking it at the inner knee of KG and shattering mechanisms. KG: Bastard! King Grimlock and Ramulus’ Death Unit lock in battle. Meanwhile, Zabgoth is losing ground to the upgraded Visigoth, heavily upgraded with Gundanium and Photon grenades. Zab: Bastard... you’ve still got the knack for mechbuildin’... BH: I’m just glad I didn’t build you any better. Zab: But aren’t you just in this to reclaim me? BH: ... Shut up!!!! The Visigoth attacks, cutting out a section of Zabgoth’s midsection. Zab: ARRRRRAGH!!!! BH: So, the human inside is binary-bonded to you? I’ll have to remember that... Zab: Grr... BH: Be careful, Zab... you might bust a pipeline if you exert your mechanisms... Zab: Mook... BKRAMM! Visigoth is violently hit from behind, and it whirls itself around, looking for its assailant. BH: What? Nobody there... yet my scanners indicate that was a direct hit, the f*ck is going on here? On a secret comm channel, a voice speaks into Zabgoth’s ear. ??: Distance yourself, Zab, I’m about to open up a bevy of rockets onto this mook... Zab: Eh? Who’s this? ??: It’s me, Cackle! Zab: Yeh, the mook that traveled with Hound and Q... Cac: One and the same. Zab: Where the Hell are ya? Cac: Directly in front of Blackheart’s DarkZab mech... Zab: What? Yer sh*tting me. Cac: Nope, you’ll see in a second... Shocking both Zab and Blackheart, a SlipSuit materialized in front of the Visigoth, looking mainly like a Nova, with a different-shaped head. Then, its chest opened up (a la HeavyArms). BH: Mother of- Turborockets fired from the modified Nova’s chest, blasting Visigoth in a heavy path of fire. Smoke rose from Visigoth as its hide was scored with blastermarks. Cac: Ready for more, b*tch? BH: Bastard.... you’ve won... for now... The Visigoth rises into the stratosphere, as Quintalfa releases twenty more Sharkticons in shockmechs. Zab: Damn boy, what is that thing? Cac: The Stalker Unit... a Nova Unit with chest-mounted turborockets and gattling guns, as well as a modified tracking system, armor made of 50% Gundanium, and a Chameleon function that lets me blend in to the surroundings... Zab: ...Whoa. You kids get all the newfangled crap... Cac: Eh, never mind that... let’s deal with these Sharkticons! Zabgoth chuckles as he joins the younger warrior in pummeling Sharkticons. Beneath Castle Fnord, Prowl and Tigerhawk await survivors of Castle Piven’s assault. The first set is led by Qmax3D, who designed the specialized targeting system in the Stalker. TH: Q!!! Do you have a fatality count? Q: Sorry, man... 8 people are dead. Pr: Dammit... they completely caught us off guard... Jade and Zenobia arrive to help the refugees, as Tigerhawk and Prowl quiz Qmax. TH: Are there any other refugees? Q: Hound is bringing the next set. Pr: Will there be anyone in castle Piven after that? Q: No. TH: Who’s involved in the fight? Q: Unholy in the Shadow, all of the Nova Units, Ramulus in the Death Unit, Zabgoth, Cheetback in the Tycoss-M, and Cackle, in the brand-new Stalker. Pr: Okay, good... is SlipBot safe? Q: Safe as can be. He’s pretty sheltered, I think he’s putting the finishing touches on his own mecha... TH: How goes the battle? Q: Last I checked, Ratty’s Big Gay Gundam had crashed a few hundred feet above the transport tube, and there are about forty of the new Sharkticon shockmechs... TH: Damn... screw the size difference, I’m going to help them out. Pr: But Tigger- Prowl and Qmax can say nothing, for Tigerhawk has already jetted down the tube, narrowly avoiding the second transport tube. In the skies between Castle Piven and Archeville’s castle, the battle rages. Death and the injured King Grimlock are locked at a stalemate, while Stryker and Shadow viciously make quick attacks on each other. Viz: Sweet Jesus, these things just keep coming... LS: I heard that, brutha... As LightSlayer and the Vizier are talking, a dozen Sharkticons sneak-attack them, and they are helpless to fight back such a surprise assault. TH: Need help, guys? Tigerhawk flies into the warriors twice his size, blasting away the Sharkticons with fury-laden Matrixblasts. LS: Whoa, thanks for the assist, Tigger! Viz: Where’d you come from, catbird? TH: Q implied you guys needed help... so I just thought I’d show up... As Tigerhawk converses in the air with LightSlayer and the Vizier, King Grimlock notices his mortal nemesis.... KG: Ah, a reason to break away from the sheer monotony of this battle! BLEEARGHH!!! TH: Hunh? Tigerhawk turns to see King Grimlock racing at him at impossible speed, and before he can charge up a Matrixblast, the nemesis that haunts his very existence swings his sword, straight through the Transformer- KRAKKKKKKKKKABOOOOOOOOOM! The battle freezes as the sky lights up a harsh, bright blue, and everyone turns to see the massive explosion in the wake of... the death of Tigerhawk. UH: Tigger? Oh, sh*t... The warriors do not even have time to mourn the fallen leader, as the Sharkticons and their leaders attack with vicious abandon. Wake up. “What?” Tigerhawk struggles to open his eyes as he stretches out, seeing only a blank, black expanse before him. TH: The Hell is this? You are inside the Matrix. TH: Wait a minute... wasn’t I just- Yes, and no. Your body was destroyed... but because you were an extension of the Matrix, you have gone within it again... you will join the great Primes of the past on another plane, shortly. TH: No!!!! You dare oppose the will of Primus? TH: Yes, I do!!! Why? TH: Because... there are still things to do! My friends are in danger... I fear that no amount of technological advancement will help them, because the Quints will still have Blackheart!! And I.... I feel that it’s not my time... Hrm... you prove a point. Are you willing to sacrifice something in order for you to return? TH: ...Yes... Good. You now exist as a transportation vessel to the Matrix... so some of your individuality has been sacrificed. You are still Tigerhawk... but more of the past Primes exists within you. The Matrix is now your source of life itself... likewise, you will guard it with your life. TH: You act as if there’s no Matrixholder coming for hundreds of years... That may hold truth. Now, we will give you the most efficient body we can, especially dealing with the situation... TH: You mean I’m not Tigerhawk anymore? In mind, yes. Physically, no... you are now... DEATHSCYTHE A blue rift in the air opens up where Tigerhawk died. The dark form of the Gundam Deathscythe, current body of the Tigerhawk entity and the Matrix, surveys the battle, and the Sharkticons have his friends on the ropes. LS: What the Hell is that? DS: The name’s Deathscythe... but you remember me as Tigerhawk. Deathscythe pulls out the massive blade for which he is known, using it to slice through Quintessons like butter. UH: Holy sh*t TH, that you? DS: In the Gundanium... Deathscythe continues to pound the enemy, as Stryker and King Grimlock make a tactical retreat. Finally, the battle is won, and the SlipSuit fleet heads back to Castle Fnord, led by Deathscythe and Shadow. Upon landing, Doctor Archeville, Prowl, SlipBot and Qmax run out to greet the warriors. All of the SlipSuit pilots emerge from their mechas, while Deathscythe concentrates on the Matrix inside, and shrinks to eight feet. Dr A: It appears you’ve helped us out a great deal, Mister... what’s your name again? DS: The name’s Deathscythe... glad to be at yer service, Doc. Dr A: That voice... so familiar... UH: It’s Tigger, Doc... with a spiffy new body. Dr A: Tigger, is it really you? DS: Yup, better than ever... Dr A: Such a fascinating metamorphosis... I take it the Matrix had something to do with this? Interesting, indeed... The warriors head inside as the Doctor obsesses over the possibilities of Tigerhawk’s new body... as Deathscythe contacts Unholy on a psychic level. DS: Tomorrow, we strike... just you and me, we’re going to assault the Quintesson flagship, take it down and take no prisoners... UH: I read ya. See ya then. Deathscythe turns to follow Dr Archeville to the latter’s seldom-used lab, as Unholy goes to help SlipBot fix the Shadow... TBC In the dead of night, two gargantuans meet. One is piloted by the Holder of the Unholy Block of Cheese, one of the most powerful sources of power in the universe, the other the living embodiment of the Matrix, another incredibly powerful artifact. One is a Mobile Suit... another is an embodiment of one of the greatest mobile suits of all time. UH: Hey, Tigs... what’s with the sudden initiative? DS: It’s the new me... less jabber, more cold, hard warrior... UH: Hrm... you’re still the same ole buddy o’ mine inside there, aren’t ya? DS: Hell, yeah. I just feel a little... different. More disciplined, fully taking advantage of the Primes of the past within me... UH: ...Neat. We going? DS: Yeah, but please, keep it down until we exit Rroo’tah’s atmosphere... we don’t want to attract much attention... this is just you and me, goin’ at it like ole times... UH: Cool. Shadow, Stealth Mode. The Shadow seemingly fades into the night, surprising Deathscythe. DS: What in-? UH: I liked the Chameleon function of the Stalker Unit, so I had Slip make a “shadow” advancement on my mech... it can blend into the shadows when in Stealth Mode. DS: Hrm, nifty. Well, let’s get going... let’s see how they like a pre-emptive surprise strike on their sneaky asses... Deathscythe and Shadow take off, headed on a mission with potential for high gains and high losses, leaving their friends behind as they ascend towards their goal... Inside the Quintesson flagship, Blackheart works on King Grimlock’s mech as he attempts to repair it, while Stryker and King Grimlock watch, conversing over battle plans. KG: So, if we send a kamikaze group of oh, about fifty Sharkticons? How’s that seem, Blackheart? BH: Fine, I can do that. KG: Okay. Well, we get them to strike Castle Fnord to distract the DoM’s little mech fleet, while Stryker and I blitz the SlipSuit shop section here, in an attempt to destroy SlipBot, his factory and all of his plans for future Gundams or SlipSuits... S: I’m okay with that. Good plan. BH: Where am I in all this? Ooomph! Damn isolinear cog... KG: You are on the Quintesson flagship, overseeing Quintalfa’s strafing of the strip of land from where Dreadnought’s ship landed, here, to Cyrex’s castle, here. That will keep a good deal of the non-mech-piloting warriors racing around attempting to save the indigenous inhabitants of this pathetic planet, many of them in this port fishing city, here... BH: Okay... I can see how that would work. Is this your master plan? KG: No... this is setting up for the final fight, my dear human microbe... BH: Ahh? Interesting... Elsewhere on the ship, two large warriors stole aboard the ship, incapacitating and decapitating two shockmech Sharkticons and a platoon of regular Sharkticon warriors. UH: Whoa... pretty easy, so far. DS: Because they weren’t expecting an attack from two Gundams... once they know we’re here, we’ll be in for a real fight... and... we’re being followed. Instantly, the two warriors whirled around, blades raised in case of an attack. Unholy was shocked to see nothing there, but Deathscythe kept his guard up. UH: What? DS: Obviously a Stalker Unit... you can come out of the guise, Cackle. A voice speaks into Unholy’s receiver: ??: It’s not Cackle. UH: Then who is it? Deathscythe turns to Unholy and gives him an odd look, confused. DS: Unholy? Who the Hell are you talking to? ??: He can’t hear the SlipSuit frequency... UH: Whoever it is is talkin’ to me on a SlipSuit frequency... DS: Well, who is it? UH: Who are you? ??: I heard you both. Wait a second... Stealth Mode, Disengage. Deathscythe turns to face the hangar bay, as the Chameleon function of the Stalker Unit in front of him deactivates and there appears a jungle green Stalker, Energon blaster raised in the air. UH: Wait a second.... isn’t Cackle’s Stalker red and blue, mainly? ??: I’m not in the Stalker, or a copy of it... this is the Stalker Assassin. DS: Well at least I can hear ya now.... hey, Hound. UH: That’s Hound, in there? DS: Yeah... I guess you never really got to know him, did you? H99: Yeh, it’s good ole Hound... DS: Why did you follow us? UH: Yeah... H99: Slip had me running field tests on this baby... I saw you two leaving, and Slip told me to follow, close surveillance... but I guess Tigger’s new body can detect the high-profile Chameleon unit’s energy signature... DS: That I can... though one wonders... what’s the difference between the Stalker and the Stalker Assassin, other than the paint scheme...? UH: Hrm... the gun looks different... H99: Yup... while the Stalker is mainly for surprise blitzkrieg-style attacks, the Assassin’s weapons are more... refined... instead of a blaster cannon, a long-range fusion cutter... instead of chest-mounted rockets and gattling guns, Energon sais and katanas... and finally, a healthy dose of explosives. The Stalker Assassin, or the Jungle Stalker, as I like to call it... is the perfect stealth device. DS: Nifty. You going door-to-door with these puppies? H99: What? DS: Never mind... UH: Hrm... cool mech, though... Hound, you say? I don’t believe we ever met, really... just at your acceptance and on the fields of battle... FROOOOOOOOOP! FROOOOOOOOP! H99: What’s that? DS: It appears the Quintessons have found out about our presence... we must scatter. But Hound, before you go, the Jungle Stalker interests me... H99: Ahh? DS: Yeah, lemme tell you a li’l sumthin’ sumthin’... Elsewhere, Stryker and Blackheart scramble into their respective mechs, as King Grimlock runs a diagnostic on his own mechanical warrior. S: What the Hell is this? BH: We weren’t expecting a sneak attack... KG: Blast! Quintalfa should’ve been prepared for this!!! BH: He’s your puppet. KG: Don’t try me- Before King Grimlock can continue, Stryker and Visigoth have torn out of the garage, leaving the mastermind alone. KG: Rassumfrassum Dominion... ARGH! Deathscythe and Shadow rip through Quintessons, Sharkticons and Shockmechs alike, causing as much damage as possible. UH: Damn, I haven’t been able to let out like this in a long while!!! DS: It’s a blast... HASSAN CHOP! FOOM! The walls between Deathscythe and Shadow explode away, and all of the Quintessons and Sharkticons flee, no Shockmechs left functional. Through shafts of light step Stryker and Visigoth, twirling their respective blades about as they approach their opponents. BH: So, you’re the new guy on the block, eh? Let’s see how you handle the master of all things mechanical... DS: Hrm, you certainly have a bigger ego than Zabgoth... and you smell like donkey piss... BH: Bastard! Visigoth lunges forward, war club smashing into the ground where Deathscythe had been. The limber Gundam twirls around, locking the club to the ground with his massive scythe while suckerpunching Visigoth’s chest Energon containment units. Shadow and Stryker go at it furiously, their battle taking themselves away from the fight between Visigoth and Deathscythe. The reborn warrior can hear their swords clanging together from hundreds of feet away. DS: Good, now... if only Hound can keep up his end of the bargain... BH: Eh? DS: Shaddup. This stalemate is over. Deathscythe wrenches his scythe from the ground, jumping into the air and almost touching the cavernous ceiling as he kicks Visigoth’s head to the left and his body to the right. Deathscythe lands, retracts his scythe and runs off, headed for Blackheart’s garage the way Visigoth came. When he arrives, he finds the massive garage empty... all of the mech parts hung neatly, no spares lying around, and most surprisingly, no Sharkticon guards... DS: Hello, King Grimlock. KG: That voice... you, the mystery entrant in yesterday morning’s fight... but... but I killed you! I had my vengeance!!! DS: Far from it... you struck me down... and I became stronger. KG: Oh, spare me the clichés. DS: What, the only movies they had on the Axalon 4 were the Star Wars trilogy and Weekend at Bernie’s II, dammit! KG: They actually made a sequel to that piece of trash? DS: I thought we were going to tussle? KG: Then let’s tussle. Deathscythe and King Grimlock fervently lock weapons against each other, giving in to their hatred of each other as they lose themselves in the battle. Every hack is answered with a slash, every nick or dent in their armor ignored as their battlelust grows more intense, their strikes more furious, their attack more fueled by hate, anger, rage... ATTENTION. INTRUDER DETECTED IN CORE. ALL AVAILABLE HAZARD PERSONNEL, PLEASE DEAL WITH CORE BREACH. The booming message over the loudspeakers shook all four combatants back into the real world, as they paused to rest. All right, Hound’s done it!!! Deathscythe thought, as he made his exit from King Grimlock, whose mech was overheating. As he walked along, he passed by Stryker and the Shadow, both having overheated. DS: Damn, looks like you guys couldn’t tough it out... UH: A minor setback that they will have thought out how to overcome by the next time we’ll fight... which we’ll have to figure out how to beat, as well. DS: Definitely. Now, let’s get outta here... I figured we have four minutes left. UH: Four minutes? You f*cking nuts? DS: I don’t want to give them time to evacuate... The two warriors rush out, joined by the Jungle Assassin, piloted by Hound. DS: Everything primed? H99: It’s gone off without a hitch. UH: Damn, man, I’m glad you got this tactical boost... DS: Not... really... wouldn’t it be common sense to utilize a stealth supersoldier armed with heavy explosives to one’s best advantage? UH: Yeah, but uhh... you thought of it first... DS: You’re just getting slow in yer old age... The three warriors escape into the stratosphere, turning to see the Quintesson flagship exploding, noticing the three forms escaping just before the blast that leaves a massive, gaping hole in the Quintesson fleet, now without a flagship... H99: Waa-ho! We succeeded! DS: Yeh... UH: But Blackheart, King Grimlock and Stryker survived... so we’re still screwed. The Quints have just been taken a notch back... DS: Exactly. There’s still more to do before this war can be won... but for now, let’s head back... we completed our objective, we won! The three warriors head back to Castle Fnordia, oblivious to King Grimlock’s vengeance plan... TBC (Chunk Missing) CW: And now, Dreadnought informs us that Sharkticons are performing a similar attack in Cyrex’ neck of the woods... IF: Great. Juuuuuust great. Dr A: And I regret to say it, but... we can’t deal with the attack on the east coast right now. The most important thing to us is protecting this castle, the core of The Fnord Empire... and we can only pray that Dreadnought succeeds. DS: Agreed, Archeville. Now, Zab, I suggest we take to the air and join our Gundam-piloting compatriots in the air... Zab: Works for me. Dr A: Wait! You can’t leave no, we must plan a counteroffensive! DS: You can plan your counteroffensive, but right now, a temporary solution is needed: Blowing the sh*t out of the Quintesson army... I’m surprised they recuperated this fast, to tell the truth... Dr A: I see the logic behind your leaving. Good luck to you, then. UH: If they’re going, I’m going- Pr: Not you, too! DS: He’s not. UH: And why should I stay? DS: Because, your ideas and attitudes are vital to the planning of Doc’s retaliatory attack, anything Zab or I think up could be pieced together using ideas from the others here. But your perspective is different... needed. UH: That, and Deathscythe is more powerful than the Shadow... DS: We can’t prove that. Zab, let’s go, they’ve got work to do... Zabgoth has already left. Shrugging, Deathscythe turns to run out of the castle, as Archeville pulls out a diagram of Upper/Northern Fnordia... By the time Zabgoth and the now-enlarged Deathscythe have reached the outside, the battle is in full swing above the clouds. Sharkticon Mobile Suits plummet from the air, smashing into the castle and its grounds with devastating effect. Zab: Sh*t... looks like the battle’s going in our favor anyway, eh? DS: Mayhap... but still, we should aid our comrades. Zab: I never said anything about not... The two engage their upward thrusters, noticing a small object cutting through the air like a knife, headed straight for them. Zab: Some form of weapon? DS: No... that’s a SlipSuit Pod... on a fatal angle of descent... Without another word exchanged, the two rushed to meet it, catching it and pulling it from its descent violently. Deathscythe can feel his fingers heating up dangerously. DS: Sh*t, Neo Rat’s Nova must’ve been destroyed, he’s thoroughly out of it... SHOOM! Another pod jets past the two warriors carrying the smaller pod, and Zabgoth snatches a glimpse of the second Nova pilot to fall. Zab: Oh mother f*ck, Viz!!! Zabgoth lets go of Neo Rat’s escape pod as Deathscythe clings tightly to it, visibly shaken by the proximity of the Vizier’s pod. Zabgoth shoots after the Vizier’s pod, pushing himself past safe limits. Finally, one hundred meters from the ground, he gives up, spinning himself upright and kicking the Vizier’s pod. It lands with a steaming splash into the nearby lake Archeville had created. Zab: Bastards... Deathscythe catches up to Zabgoth, gingerly letting Neo Rat’s pod sink to the ground. DS: Damn... they actually destroyed two of the Novas... Zab: How can you be so sure? DS: Well, when I wanted Slip to create a SlipSuit for my last form, I looked into how the machines are designed... the adamantium shells around the pods take the brunt of the explosion of the Nova, and the pod drops... normally, SlipSuits would be used in space... Zab: Ahh, crap. DS: But at least we didn’t lose Ratty and the Viz. Zab: Point... While the two stand conversing, a dozen Sharkticon dronefighters emerge from the cloud cover and blast up the ground around the two. DS: Hrm, it appears we’ve been given a formal invitation to the party. Zabgoth fires a missile into the cluster of fighters, destroying four of them. Zab: It’d be rude to refuse an invite like that, eh? DS: Indeed. The two emerge above the night’s clouds, seeing a definite battle. Novas 1 and 3, both of the Stalkers and the Tycoss-M lead the Fnord Air Force against Sharkticon gunships, dronefighters and warships strafing the Aero-Defense Platforms the Fnordics use. At the center of the conflict, Death and Stryker battle it out, Ramulus taking advantage of his giant folding steel chair. DS: Hrm... it appears we arrived just in time. Zab: Let’s bust some heads! The two join the battle. Inside the temporary Quintesson flagship, Grand Commander of the fleet, King Grimlock observes the arrival of his nemesis. He senses the arrival of a human. KG: Greetings, Blackheart. What have you to report? BH: Well, I’m sure you know that Deathscythe and Zabgoth have replaced two of the Novas... KG: Of course I am, you doddering smeghead. I have a perfect view of the entire battle from the Golgotha’s viewglass. BH: Well, I have completed augmentations on your Gundam, following its defeat at the hands of Deathscythe. Behold... Neo Grimlock. Blackheart jumps out of the mech as King Grimlock spins around on his heels, to see his rebuilt mecha. Menacing spikes emerge from the shoulder pads, the weapons have been completely remodeled, and black cybernetic wings jut out from its back. KG: Impressive... BH: Care to take it for a test drive? Grimlock thought to himself, glancing back to the battlefield. KG: Yes... I’d like that very much. Cackle, fighting alongside LightSlayer, notices a red mobile suit ripping through Sharkticons a few hundred meters off. Cac: What in...? LS: Cackle, a little help here! Cackle turns to see Sharkticons swarming the Nova 3, ripping through his armor. Cac: Sh*t!! Dude!! Cackle pulls out a beamsword and charges the Sharkticons, ripping a few of them away. LS: Dammit! They’re ripping through the circuitry! Get some distance, Cackle- I’m going to pull the self-destruct! Cackle floats away, instinctively raising his eyes to avoid the bright flare of the explosion. After most everything in a half-kilometer radius has been annihilated by the blast, the Stalker swoops in, snatching the falling LightSlayer’s escape pod and starting to take it down to Rroo’tah. However, before he reaches the cloud bank, Sharkticons charge the two, unrelenting. Cackle attempts to concentrate on using his chest-mounted gattling guns and guiding LightSlayer down to the ground, but almost loses his grip on the pod. Cac: Oh, sh*t! As if in answer to Cackle’s mental plea for help, the unfamiliar red mobile suit swoops in, using all manner of weapons, both melee and energy, to clear a path for Cackle and LightSlayer. Cac: Whoa, thanks... Slip. SB: LightSlayer was in requirement of aid. No thanks needs to be issued. Cac: ...Okay, then. Cackle shakes his head as SlipBot, piloting the RageWar, blitzkriegs more of the Sharkticons, emotionless as he does so. Elsewhere, Deathscythe twirls his scythe around, cutting through a gunship targeting BatCat’s Nova, the last one remaining. Another gunship swoops in, targeting Deathscythe as the Gundam turns away. He senses the energy being charged up and spins around, only to see it exploding, destroyed by a mystery attacker. DS: Eh? Hound’s Jungle Stalker materializes above where the gunship floated, caulking his blaster and firing at yet another gunship attempting to attack Deathscythe from behind. DS: Thanks, Hound. H99: No problemo... Deathscythe turns away, hearing a massive explosion behind him. He turns around once again, charging the explosion that was the Jungle Stalker and disappearing into the ball of flame, emerging with Hound’s escape pod in his hands. DS: F*cking sh*t! What the Hell was that? Cheetback, in the Tycoss-M, hovers up curious. Deathscythe wordlessly passes him Hound’s pod. Cheetback understands and takes the pod to Rroo’tah’s soil. DS: Cheetback! Before you go... can you stay with the pods and protect them? CB: Will do... DS: Now... who did that? KG: Why, your friendly neighborhood King Grimlock, of course... DS: KG! You self-righteous bastard... how did you manage to scrape up the power to take on our troops like this? KG: Why, my dear resurrected son-of-a-b*tch, I know longer have to adhere to the commands of a pompous tyrant, or hide behind a puppet... if I want something done, it gets done, no questions asked. The Quintesson Armada now poses a significant threat to the Fnord Empire... as do I to you. Neo Grimlock hovers into view, and Deathscythe readies himself for battle. Halfway across the battlefield, Zabgoth and Blackheart’s Visigoth meet up and go at it with a ferocity. DS: Neat, a Deluxe version... yer still a chump. KG: Your words will never hurt me. DS: I bet they won’t. Neo Grimlock raises its blade and charges, cutting through the air. Deathscythe raises his scythe to block, and while the two attempt to wrest their blades from each other’s grips, their eyes lock, their hatred for each other festering at a rapid pace, the intensity crackling through the air. Deathscythe breaks out, flying backwards as Neo Grimlock adds force to his push back. As Deathscythe attempts to gather his composure, Neo Grimlock strikes, embedding his blade inside Deathscythe’s chest. DS: But... bu- KG: Mwa ha ha ha... Deathscythe struggles to regain balance, pulling the sword from his chest. He can feel mech fluid oozing from his chest cavity, and feel his Spark slipping away. KG: Still nothing but a fool... where’s your upgrade now? DS: Upgrade, eh... urgh... Fluid begins spurting from Deathscythe, as his gravity generators slowly deteriorate. DS: Matrix... I... I need to access the equivalent of Tiger Prime... We register a Deathscythe Hell... In Deathscythe’s mind’s eye, he sees the slightly upgraded Deathscythe Hell. DS: No... that won’t be enough... ...And his Custom variation... Deathscythe Hell-Custom replaces the picture of Hell, its imposing wings dominating Deathscythe’s view. DS: Impressive... KG: Who the Hell are you talking to, you stupid bastard? Hey- what are you doing! Massive metal wings jut out of Deathscythe’s back, enveloping him in a cocoon. They then pull back, revealing Deathscythe Hell-Custom. KG: What in-? Sh*t! DH: Hrm... Deathscythe Hell-Custom... too wordy... I believe I’ll just go by Deathscythe Hell in this form. KG: Oh, f*ck you! What, are you out to sell toys? DH: Eh? You’re still here? Matrix-Blast! Deathscythe Hell channels a Matrix blast through his twin-beam scythe, firing it at Neo Grimlock. The mecha is sent flying through the Golgotha’s viewglass. DH: Heyyy... I could like this mech... Deathscythe Hell looks at the battlefield to the south, seeing Visigoth catch Zabgoth off guard. DH: Hrm.. mebbe I can help a mook out... DS Hell rips through the air, whipping his scythe through Visigoth and separating the mech into two exploding pieces. Zab: Dammit man! I was about to- DH: I saw that you could use some help. Zab: This is... was... my fight... DH: Well, sorry. You can catch Blackheart’s Escape Pod... Zabgoth sees the pod shooting past and catches it, frowning. Zab: Cold thing t’do, man... DH: It was the most practical thing to do... Zab: The most practical action isn’t always the right action. DH: Feh... Stryker turns to see the battle between Visigoth and Zabgoth, shocked to see the remains of Visigoth plummeting to Rroo’tah. S: Sh*t! Sharkticons... FALL BACK! Suddenly, all of the Sharkticons turn back, heading for the retreating Quintesson Armada. Cac: Whoa... what happened? DH: We turned the tide... of this battle... but still, the war continues... Zab: Yeah, mooks, let’s all head back... we have us a hostage in this here escape pod... DH: Not all of us... Cheetback, Cackle, BatCat... I need you guys to head over to the coast, help Dreadnought clean up the mess in the coast cities, stick around as protection? BC: Will do... Cac: But wait... SlipBot was here, in his new mech... where’d he go? DH: I can’t... deal with that now... just complete your missions, please? Cac: Missions? You mean I... I’m in the Dominion? DH: Yes. You are. Cac: Whoa... o-kay, then! Let’s go!! The three warriors, in their Gundams/SlipSuits, head off east. Ram: Whew... that was one long-ass fight... DH: But a longer one may be ahead of us... KG won’t back down so easily. We’ve got to be prepared for the next time... and our counteroffensive has to be quick, soon and deadly. The three warriors headed back to Castle Fnordia, welcomed back by Catwalk, Dr Archeville, Unholy, Prowl and LightSlayer. UH: F*cking Hell... whoa... what’s with the upgrade? DH: Oh, yeah... Deathscythe Hell engulfs himself within his wings, emerging from them as the regular Deathscythe. His wings retract within his back. LS: We... we lost four mechs... Ram: And SlipBot’s disappeared, too. DS: Next time something like this happens again... we’re all screwed. King Grimlock is only now unrestrained... Zab: And hey, we captured Blackheart... Zabgoth sets down the escape pod, surprisingly opening up upon touching the ground. Blackheart looks around and take off through the bushes of Archeville’s grounds, headed for the underground habitats... Dr A: Sh*t... who knows where he is by now... UH: Why the Hell are we all standing here? That guy could f*ck everything over... Zab: Not if I don’t get to him first... Zabgoth’s Gyruss form jumps out of Zabgoth, taking off after his longtime nemesis. Dr A: Good luck to him... now, Deathscythe, I’d like to show you that counteroffensive... DS: And I want to learn about it... because if it doesn’t happen soon, we’re all f*cked. The others nod and retreat within the castle. On the bridge of the Golgotha, King Grimlock pries himself out of Neo Grimlock. Stryker, unsuited, runs up to KG, a worried expression hidden behind his mask. KG: Sweet f*cking lord... that bastard always manages to outdo me... S: Greatly... Grimlock, they killed Blackheart! KG: Oh, f*ck... we will just proceed with Operation: Culmination anyway, he wasn’t that integral... but we still need someone to lead the Third Battalion... One of the Sharkticons standing behind Stryker, a larger Sharkticon that King Grimlock recognized as one of the Transmetal Makocons, steps forward. S: Eh, what are you doing, drone? ??: Hate... kill... S: Eh? KG: I believe this one may have more intelligence than the average drone... do you have a name, knave? ??: I be Gnash... Gnash gnashes his massive fangs together, and King Grimlock began to notice that what appeared to be self-mutilations were in fact augmentations; Gnash was probably twice the size of the normal Sharkticon, reconfigured to be a speedy killing machine. KG: Tell me, Gnash... why have you upgraded yourself? G: The kill... KG: Indeed. Stryker, I do believe we have found ourselves a general... begin using Blackheart’s Recreation Gundam program immediately. I want to strike before they have time to prepare a counteroffensive. S: Understood, sir... Gnash, come with me... The brooding, mysterious Sharkticon followed his commander, as King Grimlock, sitting atop his powerful mech, began to emit a hearty laugh... To Be Concluded (Last Chunk Missing)