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         :::The Bus Tour:::

We took time out of our "busy busy busy" schedule for the lil chitlens of central California...
heh heh.

Update: we've been told that we'll start this NEXT year seeing how this school has already ended.

    Around here, in this town and all around this county, a lot of kids ride the bus to school since they all live far from the schools (in the sticks). So school bus safety is a really big deal around here. Especially since the last bus safety week had a total of 4 or 5 school buses that one week. So, at first, Angie was just going to play drums for our friend, Jenn's friend, John so he could sing to a rap song they wrote for the tour. The song would end up being on a tape for this talking bus (Buster the Bus). It's like a remote car...only it's a bus and it talks. So anyway, John came over to Angie's during one of our practices and we were going to record it there. BUT, he was too shy and Alana got up and showed him it wasn't all that bad. Then Jenn was like, 'Wow Alana, that was good.' and we tried to pursuade him to do it but he was too shy. His mom, Michelle (Chelly), a bus driver who was part of this BUS SAFTEY thing, said Alana should do it. So, she did. After about a half hour of trying to get it just right...she finally did it. Jenn, Michelle and John went home and were listening to the tape a trillion times. So now Lana's voice is going to be on a talkin' bus.

    So, anyway, the next day Jenn came up to us at lunch to tell us the good news. We had played 'Time' for her, Chelly and John and they said we were really good. Jenn came to tell us that they wanted us to play something for them on their tour. It's starting off locally and then it's going out to other towns and probably Fresno. We agreed as long as we'd have nothing to do with the drama department at our school. So, they asked if we could revise the kiddy song...'The Wheels on the Bus'. You goes, 'The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, 'round and 'round, 'round and 'round' and all that other good stuff. So we did. It's all popish sounding and we're practicing it now. We added a verse to it. After the tour we're thinking of changin' the words to make our own song...that's how cool soundin' it is.

    Well, the people working on this tour are really happy we get to play I guess and they said whatever we need to do to make it better, we should do it. The head guy asked Jenn to make the rap song longer so now it's like three times as long. Hopefully Alana can rap it....again. When we're traveling, we get to ride on a bus!! All our equipment is going to be on that bus too. It's gonna be cool. Most of our audience is going to be young chitlins like in kindergarten through 6th grade but I know they'll have fun since we revised the "Wheels on the Bus". When we have it all figured out, I'll put up a sound wave of it for ya's.

That's really what the tour is. We get out of school only once every three weeks or so but hey, that's better than doing work all the time! Heh heh heh.

*Tour dates will be posted in the Appearances section and reviews will be added.*

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