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::Thanks/Shout Outs::

Okay... There are some people we'd like to thank.. we know we ain't famous or nothin..
but there have been quite a few people that have helped us out.

:::Solid Water Parents:::
Mostly Angie's mom ,"Mom" or Zee, she's the community mom.. she's everyone's mom hehe.. she helped out a lot on getting us gigs and getting us there (using the Ranchero and all) and she also pitched in a lot of the money to get us equipment. Alana's dad.. heh he got Alana her keyboard... Bino's mum fer getting her her guitar "Clarke" and umm.. the others.. that helped.. If you helped.. If not.. we still love you.

:::Terry Taylor:::
Yeah.. 'Jackie's Man' you get to be thanked too.. You know sometimes you DO get annoying and you know how to tick us off but we still like ya... You've helped out a lot at some of our gigs like the Easter Gig, and at Liberty and the Felix Awards... Thanks for
being there for help.. without ya.. we'd be.. stuck... See and now.. Terry doesn't wanna help us out anymore.. =P I might hafta take this "thank" down soon...  j/k

:::Bill Hurt:::
To 'Bill the sound guy', we would like to thank you a WHOLE BUNCH, Bill's the dude that lets us use the PA system.. the BIG speakers n' stuff... and he's the main sound guy... He knows how everything goes.. maybe If Solid Water made It big we could consider him being our sound guy, and we can pay him and junk cuz we probably owe him a lot as it is....

Okay.. well those were the 'thanks' and whatever blah blah blah now.. I'll make out a
Shout Out list.. See if you're on it!

:::Erin Williams:::
Erin's our buddy, she's our pal... yeah.. she's ERIN.. hehehe, she's learning bass guitar.. hopefully we'll let her in da band, that'd be tizight!!! c'mon Erin.. Jackie ain't gonna do most of the bass lines forever on her keyboard!!!

:::Tiffany Brown:::
Tisssfany is way coolio... She's alwayz there for us, she's a good hang out with person yeah.. cuz she's cool like that! =) heh heh we know Tiffany would probably go to all of our gigs.. but she's mostly busy busy busy or just don't answer her phone.. or she's been lazy for that whole day and doesn't wanna end it then =) hehehehe

:::Ria Williams:::
also known as BERG, she's so cool she's kewl!!! Ria's another good hang out with person,
hehehe we got her to go to a concert in San Francisco with us.. she didn't even like the band that much.. but I guess she grew to not hate them. That band was our inspiration in becoming a band.. Ria.. PEACE OUT CHICKEN!!!!

:::Jenn Jenn:::
Jenn is cool, she got us the Bus Tour gig (it'd be cooler if we actually got to do it next year..) hehehe, well Jenn's one of them peoples that go to our practices just to watch and chill with the punk rockers hehehehe, Jenn was in a few classes with some of the Solid Water peeps.

:::Daisy Bainter:::
This Chick is cool, She's one of our gang peoples (j/k) heh heh Daisy's one of the people at school that hang out with us. She's crazy and all that good stuff. HI DAISY!!!!

:::Box Boyz:::
This "hi" goes out to the box boyz a.k.a. Brian, Steven & Caleb Wedderburn and all their friends that are alwayz outside of Angie's house... specially Steven.. he's alwayz requesting for us to play the "Michael Myers Song" well.. that's what he calls it.. it's the Halloween H20 theme song or whatever. But Steven is either banging on the garage door or calling Angie's house for us to play it... hehehe he's a fan.. lol

:::The School Gang:::
which would be... Justin, Andrew (Buddha), Luis, Eric Herrin and Eric Laster. yeah.. well ummmm... Hi you guys.. uh.. yeah hi.. =oÞ

:::Online Buddies:::
yeah okay.. well we'd like to say hi to all of our online friends too, you guys are fun to talk to =)

:::All the people from #teenchatzone and #teencannibals on mIRC:::
which would be...
Maurice (Prince_Vegeta)
Chris (zack_de_la_rocha)
Ronaldo (Goko)
Amanda (problem^child)
Annie (Silver^Starz)
Zach (magichaze)
Liz (La_ChiKa_LoCa)

If i forgot anyone.. and you talk to Angie or Jackie a lot on irc contact us and we'll put your name on here... Jackie (aka Twisted-Little-Freak) and Angie (Angel_of_Goku)  or.. we might not have put your name on here becuz we don't know your real name. =P

:::Jordan Castaneda:::
Jordie.. Jordan lives in the next town over (Hanford).. he said he watched us play one of our gigs.. but.. he's like missing.. he never talks to us anymore.. BOY!! get on ICQ more often!!

heh heh.. this is Angie's "sister" yeah.. she's cooooooooooool.. HI DEANNA!!!

:::Jessie aka cheerios:::
Jessie's a cutie.. =)  he lives in Nevada yeah.. he's cool.. and don't play him at checkers.. you'll go down!!!!

:::kLoWn/DeCoY aka Jordan Grove:::
Jordan is Angie's friend, he's got a tizight page you should check out on the 'links' page.

:::Hefe aka Phil:::
Phil is another one of Angie's friends.... He's fun to talk to (Angie and him use to talk on the phone) he's very good at playin the guitar, he's Angie's best online friend.

:::Khris & Damien:::
These guys are cool, they live in Cali too, Khris is sending Angie a tape of him playing the guitar and stuff, he's good too. Damien is just a cutie, lol him and Angie were supposed to get "married" but then Khris said he would run away with Angie after her and Damien got married whoohoo!! funniness!!! it was a "had to be there" type moment.

Thats most of the people... If you're our friend and you're not on our list.. umm.. you can e-mail one of us and like yell or something... then we'll put ya on da list. =)