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We've got a lot of songs.... Too many!! Yeah.. well i'll just write down the ones I know right now.

1.) Sleepless Nights
by: Solid Water (On our normal instruments)

2.) Move Over
by: Angie (Angie & Jackie on keyboard, Lana on drums, and Bino on guitar)

3.) Always Be There
by: Alana (Piano solo song w/Alana on keyboard)

4.) Don't Ever Change
by: Alana (On our normal instruments)

5.) Knew it from the Start
by: Angie (On our normal instruments)

6.) Saying Goodbye (this song is currently being rewritten)
by: Alana, Sabrina, Angie, and Jackie

7.) Twinkle Baby (acoustic guitar song)
by: Alana (we never made up music to this one yet)

8.) Too Hard to Say Goodbye (dedicated in loving memory to our friend Paula A. Turpin)
by: Alana

9.) Yesterday (Bino LOVES DIS SONG!)
by: Alana (normal instruments, and this is tha song Angie gets to go crazy on drums)

10.) Won't Let Go
by: Alana

11.) Time
by: Solid Water (this is alwayz our opening song, cuz it's kool like that)

12.) Home for Christmas/With My Baby
by: Alana (normal instruments)

13.) See It Coming
by: Alana (sloooooow song, lots 'o' harmonizing on dis one)

14.) Thoughts of You
by: Alana (really poppish song, normal instruments)

15.) She's Not Yours
by: Alana (Alana wrote this about a guy at our school that stalked Sabrina)

16.) I'll Be There
by: Alana (only lyric's on dis song)

17.) Set Me Free
by: Alana (Angie plays lead lectric guitar on dis song)

18.) Away With Me
by: Alana (I dunno bout dis song)

19.) You're The One
by: Alana (Lana dont tell us nuthin so i don't know nuthin bout dis song either)

20.) Britini
by: Alana (...or this song)

21.) Freakin'
by: Angie (Alternative song)

22.) Alternacrap
this is only music, Angie on lectric guitar and Alana on drums

23.) Zac's Rollin' Down the Hill
by: Sabrina and Erin Williams (just lyric's to this song)

24.) The Man in the Moon
by: Angie (we had music to this.. i dun member how it went though hehe)

25.) Midnight Is For Cannibals
by: Angie (not done yet)

26.) Jake
by: Angie

27.) Out of this Dream
by: Angie

28.) Maybe It's True
by: Angie & Jackie

29.) Cartoons
by: Alana, Sabrina, Angie and Jackie

30.) Total Chaos
by: Alana, Sabrina, Angie and Jackie

31.) Now or Never
by: Alana, Sabrina, Angie and Jackie

32.) Mr. Potaylor Head
by: Sabrina and Alana

33.) Crush
by: Alana

34.) Go Away
by: Angie and Jackie (the music comes from a game on Jackie sega saturn)

35.) Why are You so Weird?
by: Angie and Jackie

36.) Psychotic Energy
by: Angie (not finished)

37.) Walkin' Down The Street
by: Sabrina

38.)  Everything Changes
by: Sabrina & Angie

39.) Goin' Places
by: Jackie

40.) Moonlight
by: Alana

41.) I don't love you
by: Alana

42.) Only Friends
by: Alana

43.) Chaotic Things
by: Sabrina, Angie, Jackie & Alana

44.) Best Friends
by: Angie

45.) Psychic Friends
by: Sabrina

46.) (Bad) Horror Movies
by: Sabrina

47.)  Jelly Beans
by: Sabrina

48.) All for You
by: Alana

49.) Lonely Girl
by: Jackie,Angie,Alana & Sabrina

50.) Sugar High
by: Angie

51.) Laser Line
by: Angie

52.) Lonely Strangers
by: Angie,Sabrina, Jackie & Alana

53.) The Corn Huskin' Song
by: Angie, Sabrina, Jackie & Alana

54.) Safe But not Sorry
by: Alana

55.) Where Did you Go?
by: Alana

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