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          ::Gig Reviews::

Some stuff on here might not all be right.. but.. hey. what can ya do? =P
<note: the first review "the talent show" is the longest one so... yeah>

Talent Show Review:
[Saturday 6th February 1999] (first public show!)
    Practices for the talent show were scheduled for 9:30 AM that morning. They were held at the Lemoore High Auditorium. We went first because we were the opening act. We had our instruments there, but the schools mic's weren't working and we couldn't use ours, so we didn't sing. Sabrina, our guitarist, was unable to attend the practice because she had an Academic Decathalon tournament to go to at 9:00 that morning and it lasted until 5:30 PM.

    When we finished our practice for Time...we stayed to see what everyone else was doing... competition and all. There were a couple singers, dancers and another band. A lot of people dropped out of the show. The other band is called Abbazabba. They have six members, five guys and 1 girl. That's drums, two
guitars, a bass, harmonica, and female back up singer...who was also singing two other songs in the show. They performed 'Sweet Home Alabama'. By the time it was their turn the mics had been up and running. After they were done we decided to go home. Abbazabba got to stay and practice ALL day and we went home with nothing but hopes that we would do okay. We had never performed in front of a lot of people and we had never sang and played at the same time, so today would be the first. I guess you can say we were just throwing together what we had because we were given the chance and no one could stop us.

    Okay well that night we (Kangie, Lana, and Jackie) waited impatiently for Bino to come, We were all VERY nervous.. No clue of to what was gonna happen to us that night... then BINO CAME!!!!!! So we yelled at Bino to get out of her (yicky) Formal clothes and we all jammed to the school... well yeah.. not really but it seemed like it.. the show was about to start in less than 30 minutes. And we had to get everything ready.. Jackie and Kangie were in the back in the car like screaming for her mom to go faster.. heh heh  it was cool.. Well we got there and all the other people were there too.. We were the opening act so we were hell nervous.. Jackie kept gettin outta her spot to visit Kangie at the drumset.. and Alana kept yellin at her (gee a whole night of yellin... ahhh fun!), THe break Dancers came to us and asked if they could look at our amps becuz they asked us if they could use them if they were the right kind... and we said yeah (being the nice ppl that we are). The stage got dark and everyone ran off the stage... cept for us.. the curtains slowly opened up and everyone started clapping and our friends were cheering.. Jackie started the song like normal then.. Kangie and Alana came in..... BUT... NO SOUND CAME FROM HER KEYBOARD!!!!!! Kangie didn't know.. she couldn't hear it, we didn't have monitors... After a while we noticed and stopped.... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG.... gawd.. that sucked soo much... Bino went to help Alana to see what was wrong... they turned all the nobs up.... of course.. cept for the VOLUME.... We started over "it's not over yet!!!" -Jackie said.. we started over and it still sucked cuz Bino's mic was WAAAAAY Louder than Alana's and Lana sings lead on that song... so we were screwed no matter what happened.... it was basically like... whatever could go wrong.. did go wrong... After our performance.. We walked out into the hallway and there's Mrs. Palermo.. heh heh like crying "it's been so many years since i've seen a girl band play infront of everyone" it was weird.. heh heh but cool..  we also had to beat up Zach Kelly cuz he don't know how to run a friggin sound board... and we also hate the break dancers... that's the last time we let ANYONE touch our equipment...!
<<check it out.. on the "pic's page" there's a picture of us on da stage from the Talent Show">>

Easter Show Review:
[Friday, 2nd April, 1999]
    Okay... we had put together an actual set for this gig..

        1.) Time
        2.) Yesterday (Bino loves dat sawng)
        3.) See It Coming
        4.) Thoughts Of You
        5.) Knew It From The Start
        6.) Jordan
        7.) Don't Ever Change
        8.) Thinking Of You (a cover song by ITZH.)

    Those are the songs we played, we played Time twice during the actual show, and we played Yesterday twice.. once during the show and once for sound check before the show. Then we also played the song "Wild Thing" by Chip Taylor, and we sang a different song and used that music.. It was so tight it was tizight!!! hehehehe! Joke.
Okay well we practiced that set ALL week long and even on Wednesday we had a 'sleep over practice' at Kangie's house, we practiced from 7:00 PM (after Kangie and Jackie's kick boxing) till about 11:30 PM or so, we had to stop becuz the drums were too loud and we got an idea in our heads where the neighbors called the pigs on us (heh heh.. i mean cops). Okay... blah blah yackity Shmackity.. we played.. stopped in the middle of the set then played again... and we got free food... good aren't we? lol okay that's all i'm writing.... i'm tired.


Kids' Fair Review:
[Saturday, 24th April 1999]
    The Kids' Fair is basically a fair held annually on the Military Base for all the little shrimpy military chitlens... Heh heh.. Last year ('98) we voulenteered to be clowns for the little kids and make balloon animals and stuff... And this year, we got to play a gig. They put us down as....... "Solid Water (All Girls Band)" lol!!!
some cawazy lady kept sayin that.... ALL GIRLS BAND... she was so annoying I was about to pop her one in da head! =)     Anywayz... We also played a set at this gig... it's the same as the one from the Easter gig only we switched 2 songs around. Kangie's guy friend John ;) went too, he helped us with our recording and stuff like that. He's a good camera person =) okay well . . . . . . . . Afterwards we all went home. Then at 7:00 we all went to Kangie's to sleep. Poor Sabrina got sunburnt because I guess red heads sunburn easily hehe...poor child. Alanas mom was telling us to get the sheriff's number because he wanted us to play at a Kids' Night Out that they hold in Armona and Lemoore. We gave him her phone number and the URL to this page. And Alanas going to call the school out on the base, Neutra, because I think the music teacher was interested in us playing somewhere for him too. Ain't it koooooooool that everytime we play somewhere.. it's like... someone else gets our next gig... WHOOHOO!!! heh heh.. yeah well.... thats the Kids' Fair.. keep lookin back at the pic's page for the pictures that we took at the Kids' Fair, there are a lot of good ones but Kangie hasn't been able to scan them yet.

Felix Awards Review:
[Friday, 7th May 1999]
    Okay, so Mr. Shinn told us we needed to show up at the school Friday morning @ 06:00 for a sound check. Alana got up at 03:00 that morning, sat in bed for a while, got dressed at 04:00 then went back to sleep until 5:00. Jackie came and picked her up at 05:30 and they went to Kangie's house to begin packing up all our equipment. When we got to Kangie's she was still sleeping!!! and her mom answered the door. She woke up Kangie and we began packing our stuff. And her mom stood clueless in the kitchen watching us loading our stuff like, 'where are you going?' Then Kangie was like, 'Oh yah! mom, can you take us to the school now?' Crazy child, her mom didn't even know we had a show until later on that day. So, we squished in Kangie's Ranchero and drove to the school and got there at around 06:30 or so. We unloaded our stuff and put it in the hallway outside the back door to the auditorium. The same hallway that is inhabited by a ton of people every morning and afternoon. Sabrina came with Tiffany who had to be there early because she was a presenter. This was a rehearsal for the whole show.
    We practiced that mornin (with the instruments, we got outta school for just about the whole half of that morning) and then again during lunch time.. HAHA Lunch time was hilarious dude... Okay.. Mrs. Palermo said NO ONE could be in the auditorium cept for the band and Terry (Jackie's man) cuz he was doin the sound. So we started practicing and stuff theres like people up in the balcony trying to get in and watch us (Justin and his gang o' weirdos) they started to piss us off <grrrr> heh then Terry went up there and they like jammed outta there as fast as they could.. then the people downstairs started tryin to be sneeky and gettin in.. but that didn't work... we were playin in the middle of our song "Time" and Jackie saw the ppl and ran off the stage and yelled at them and stuck a wooden board in the door to block it hehehe cawazy ol'Jackiki.
    That night we waited forever!!! we had to wait ... Just so we could play like 3 songs during the intermission... My butt was like stuck to the chair as we were waiting and watching ppl get their awards.. our friends Ria and Elisha got awards.. and they thanked Solid Water "we love you man!!" heh heh.. ehh yeah.. okay well we played our songs: Time, Yesterday, and Thinking of You, then we got asked to play another song so we played See it Comin'... it was great.. Dave Goad had his lighter and there was a little group jumping around and stuff.. hehehe crazy potato heads..

Liberty Middle School Dance Review:
[Friday, 6th June 1999]
    Getting a little more recent aye?? Okay well, Alana's pappy is a teacher at the middle school here so he got us a day that we could show off infront of all the Middle Schoolers . . . (We had already gotten outta school for summer so we were like yeah!!! another gig!) We didn't get to practice much, but that didn't bother us too much... becuz we were playing the songs from our normal gig... we didn't even get to finish the whole set, we were mad cuz we didn't get to play Thinking Of You..
*sniffle sniffle* Oh well.. what can ya do..? heh heh nothing... o well. Hrmm.. It was cool, while we were getting ready we were messing around a lot and playing with a big ball of duct tape and actin like it was a football or something hehehe.. kicking it around lol okay well anywayz... We even got our announcment on the intercom which was cool Kangie And Jackie were outside when they said it and right when they said "Solid Water" Kangie and Jackie scream and run inside heh heh Bino and Lana were laughing their.... booty's off... hehe We didn't really get to practice... Bino's guitar was all bootywacked and we were spazzing out a little cuz we didn't have a tuner, Kangie and Alana went into 'Mr. Franklins' classroom and used the phone to call our buddy Erin, and we got the tuner from her... THANK YOU ERIN WE LOVE YOU!!!!! =P    we stopped in the middle of our 'show' and Kangie tuned the guitar. Bino was so relieved to hear her guitar sound right and in the right notes. The first part of our show.. (like 2 songs) were kinda bad cuz we were guitarless cuz she turned it all the way down when it was outta whack then when we started again and that's when the crowd started gettin rowded up and they said they wanted to start moshing and stuff... but you know.... they were in school so they had to act 'good'