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Yeah This is the Talent Show and like.. yeah!!!  hehehe

Left to Right.. This is Alana, Jackie and Sabrina at a morning rally at school, Jackie LOVES this picture.. i don't know why.. Angie prolly woulda been in the pic but she was up in da stands wiff da school band.

This is Alana, she hates this picture.. but that's okay.. she can just kill me at rehersal today =) hehehehe

Sabrina +aka Bino+ spitting stuff up they made at Angie's house hehehe
mmm mmm good =) hehehe

Angie's OLD drumsticks.. These were the drumsticks she used at the Talent Show.. she got them THAT day and they turned out like this.. Everytime she gets new ones she tags all over 'em.

Sabrina in the car, this is when we were going to San Francisco Shorline Concert.. One of the best dayz of my miserable little life.. =) hehe

organizing Erin's CD's or something.. i dunno

Yeah.. well there aren't very many pictures becuz we mostly wanted pc's from our gigs on here... so we're gonna save a lot of room.. even though these pages go down like... forever but.. they take long to load up.. so saves you time.. well.. yeah.. This is our pic's page.. kinda boring aye?? mmm hmm.. yup i know.. well click HERE If you reeeeally wanna go back to the main page

Alana made that.. so yeah.. I stole it from her Solid water page hehehehe