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well.. As of right now you are at:

Other UNSIGNED bands:
Next To Nothing - A way cool all guy band from Australia (Angie and Bino know Mick and Andy)
Pezhed - A cool all guy band from Missouri
Clear As Glass - A Cool All Girl Band (Alana's Friend is in it)
Lost Angels
Outside The Lines

A Bunch Of Our Friends Pages:
N' Sync - Nookie's Page (N' Sync Page.. I don't like 'em.. but Nookie's Cool)
Geoff's Page -  (Angie's and Jackie's online buddy) he plays bass in a band called SVED
Jordan's Page - Jordan's (Angie's Friend) Page, it's tizight and I advise everyone to go to it!!!
Hefe's Page - Phil's Punk Page
Steve's Page - Allied Soldiers page
**If You've got a webpage and you would like me to post it up on here, e-mail me the address and whatever and I'll put it up here...**