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Name: Kangie
Nicknames: PyroPunk, N.G., Demonic Child Part II, (Pro)Zac
Online Names: PyroPunk, Angel_of_Goku, TwistedDrummer, Killer-Spam
Age: 15
D.O.B.: 16.12.83
Hometown: Lemoore, California
Grade: 11th
Other than drums: She's also known for playing the piano and guitar.
Hobbies: drawing, photography, painting, beating up everyone older (and younger) than her, Staying on the net all day long, and sliding across the kitchen floor in her socks...'Welcome to the 1998 K'angie's Kitchen OLYMPICS!!'
Type of Music she likes: Alternative, Punk, Classic Rock, Metal
What she hasta say: "I am the drummer... You have to go with MY beat!!! Mwaa haa haa!"
Interesting Fact: If you know this girl you've obviously seen how she is when she has lots 'o' sugar. She acts like a maniac. Yet when you take her to meet her old teacher who she's spent a whole year with, she is  totally speechless! and Alana's supposed to be the shy one!!
She's been playing: The drums for 4 years, she's been playing piano/keyboard forever, and guitar for a couple years..

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