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::Keyboard 2::

Name: Jackie Michelle Ouellette
Nicknames: Jackiki, Demonic Child Part I, Kiki, Kaykie, Jack, "Tay's future wife" =P
Online Names: PyroTaylor, Twisted-Little-Freak, AngelEyes
Age: 15
D.O.B.: 07.08.83
Hometown: Lemoore, California
Grade: 11, Junior
Other than Keyboards: Jackie can also play the drums (she's still practicing using the bass drum.. but that's okay, you'll get it one day Jackie!!) she also plays Tambourine on a few songs.
Hobbies: Playing and Writing music, hangin' with Kangie
Type of Music she likes: Alternative, Rock n' Roll, Pop, Metal, Punk
What she hasta say: No, KANGIE! You cannot eat straight from the SUGAR JAR!! Get a cup.
Interesting Fact: That's right folks, Jackie lives on a farm...sometimes they grow cotton, sometimes they grow corn. When they grow corn it's scary sleeping over her house...we keep thinking about escaped convicts and 'Children of the Corn'.
She's Been playing: The keyboard/piano for 2-3 years now.. she was in Alana and Kangie's keyboard class last year (10th grade). She's been tryin to get the Drums down for a while... off and on... and she messes around lots on the guitar too, like LanaLana.