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  :::Freakwently Asked Qwestions::

Dude, I know i spelled Frequently and Questions wrong... I wanted it like that so get off ma back about it!!!

Okay.. Well even though we aren't that popular we've been getting a grip load of Questions from everybody.. And we thought.... heh why not make a page so all the people can look for themselves.. these are all the questions you guys have been asking.. If there are any questions that you would like to know... contact us somehow and yell your lil head off!!!

*When and where did you guys meet?*
Well, we all met at school. Angie and Alana had been in the same social studies class in 7th grade and we sat in the same group... and they didn't talk much. Jackie and Bino kinda grew up together. In 8th grade Jackie, Angie and Alana all got put in the same class along with our best bud Erin. So we all sat in the same groups since we kinda knew each other and we started hangin' out with each other and Bino started hanging out with us too...but it took Lana a while to remember her name..Sabrina. That was in 1996.

*How old and what grade are you all in?*
We are all 15 and all just graduated out of our Sophomore year in highschool.
(Lemoore High School), so now after summer we're gonna be JUNIORS!!!

*When did you guys decide to form a band?*
It was around the end of the school year in 97 and we had this party and we were listening to some song we were all obsessed over (by a teenage band) and were wondering...if they could do it...why can't we? So, we started to get interested into making our own music that summer. We would come up with little songs on Angie and Jackie's keyboards and Angie would drum along with her drumsticks on the kitchen counter. And anybody who could, would go strum a little something on Angie's acoustic guitar. That's around the time we just became a band and decided to call our selves a band.

*Where did you come up with the name Solid Water?*
Well, Alana was just thinking one day...something she does on a normal basis...and she was drawing these plans for a water park that she Solid Water Falls and she was chatting with Angie on ICQ later that day and said why don't we call ourselves Solid Water...and so we did. We were originally Total Chaos but we found another group called Total Chaos and they have three CD's out already.

*Solid Water? Isn't that like ice?
No, it isn't ... for crying out loud it isn't ice!! We're...in the words of Bino,
"We're luke warm, room tempurature solid water! NOT cold solid water!"

*Who decided which instruments you would play?
In the beginning Angie was going to play the keyboard and Jackie was going to play guitar...then they realized something...Jackie can't play the guitar. So since Angie knew how to play the drums...that was her job. She just kinda got attatched to them (a little
too attached). Our Freshman year of highschool Angie, Jackie and Alana took a keyboarding/piano class. So, Jackie and Alana became the keyboarders and Bino got stuck with guitar which she is now getting used to and learning to play each and every day.

*How did you learn to play your instruments?
As Freshman Angie, Jackie and Alana took a keyboarding class (this is the third time i've said this) because we all liked playing the piano. Bino is getting lessons on her guitar...but she used to self teach her self from a poster on her wall above her bed. Angie just kinda grew to the drums (and she'd been playing them a few years before in the school band) and I grew to them right along after her. They're fun to play and you get to hit things!

*How many instruments do you have?
We have at the moment 3 keyboards, (2 CASIO's and 1 Yamaha) a drumset (Sunlight) two acoustic guitars, two electric guitars (Yamaha and Fender SQUIER stratocaster) 3 amps
(2 practice amps and one boombastic amp), and we use Jackie's dad's practice amp, and we also have a mixer and we use a karaoke machine for the mic input. We've also got at least over 10 microphones becuz we kept breaking them.. =P

*Where do you guys practice?
Well, we started off in the living room with Angies drumset because that's where we put it when we got it. Then we figured her parents might get annoyed if we played there so we took it to the garage. But then...her parents kicked us out of the garage and back into the living room. So we took up the living room/dining room...so we were a 'living room band'. But now that all these people come to our practices to listen to us play, we've been booted into the garage again...for good. *sniffle* bye bye living room band!

*Do any of you get jealous of each other?
"Not really jealous but sometimes we get annoyed with each other when it’s been a really long day and then of course we have to fight with large heavy objects until we all calm down and that homicidal urge passes." -Bino

*Who's bestfriends?
We're all best friends but if you had to split us up Sabrina and Alana would be So and lid. And Angie and Jackie would be Wa and ter. So BASICALLY Angie and Jackie our bestest best friends and Sabrina and Alana are bestestest friends!

*Who sings?
"Little bit o column a; little bit o column b. Mostly everybody sings but really it depends on the specific song." -Bino

*How’d you guys get your funky nicknames?
Jackie’s nick. is Tay cuz she has a butt crazy mad obsession with Taylor Hanson, Angie’s Prozactive cuz she’s waaaaaaay hyper all the time, Alana is Lana cuz no one likes to pronounce the A in her name and some people call me Llama cuz it just kinda goes with my name. Sabrina's is Bino (or Beenie) cuz we are all too lazy to say her whole name
(started out as Sabrina then Bina, then Bino,now sometimes Beenie...Lana calls her cutie).

*When do we get to hear your music?
Hopefully around summer of '99 we'll have an indie record out. Then you'll be able to order over the internet or by it from a local store if you live in the Kings County, California area. For now, you'll just have to fly to Cali. or drive out here to Lemoore to catch us at a few of our gigs.

*What accomplishments in your band have you made already?
"I took a picture of Angie smiling!!" -Alana

*What kind of music do you guys play?
Uh... no one has ever been able to answer that. It's like pop/rock type music, And now Angie's starting to make up guitar stuff so we're getting into Alternative now.

*How much do you get paid?
I suppose it depends on the time and where and stuff. The show we're doing next month is at the Teen Center on base and it's an outdoor thing for the people that go there. We're getting paid $100 for that. I guess the ranges are from $100 to $300 per show. We don't really care too much about the money right now.. This is all in fun =)

*What do you guys spend your money on?
Well, we havn't really gotten an excessive amount of money but we plan on saving it to buy our own sound system since right now we always use supplied sound systems from the base. We also plan on saving up so that we can record this summer at a local recording studio or get our own recording equipment.

*How do you promote your band?
When we have one show, it usually leads to many others. The talent show lead us to play at the Kids' Fair and the Easter hunt on base. The Easter show got us the show at the Teen Center and the Kids' Fair got us two shows for Kids' Night Out hopefully. So, it's just a matter of getting out there on your own so everyone else can see for themselves and promote you even more.