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"No...not ice...not cold solid water...just regular solid know, like luke warm, room tempurature solid water."
                                    -Sabrina 'Bino' Danny-

   Solid it isn't frozen water; it's a band. This band is made up of four girls
from California, Alana, Angie, Jackie and Sabrina. This band was started in 1996 although they were just becoming best friends. Angie always carried around drumsticks all the time and was constantly beating on things. She also had a keyboard at her house which we all loved to play and try to make up our own tunes to, even though we had no idea how to play a keyboard/piano. Angie also had an acoustic guitar and so did Sabrina. Later on in the summer of 97 Jackie got a keyboard. We just wrote small, short songs that had no meaning to us. Until one day in the summer of 97 around June, we realized, we could actually be in our own band.

    I guess we never really thought of being a band before because there weren't to many kid bands around and there still aren't.One of our teachers encouraged us to go on and do it...and we found our talent. We told our parents and we came up with a name. We were going to be 'the BAND', but it was taken. So we dicided on Total Chaos. Which we had been for a long time. When we entered highschool in '97 Angie, Jackie and I took a keyboard class and that taught us the basic chords and finger movements...nothing classical. In May of 98 Angie's mother bought her a drumset and Angie just started playing that. Then Sabrina started tutoring herself on how to play the guitar from a poster of guitar chords on her wall. Which is working. Then we bought an electric guitar for $250 with an amp. It's a Fender Squier Stratocaster. Sabrina got the same looking guitar, only Yamaha, for Christmas with a better amp and some guitar lessons. Alana got a keyboard for Christmas; CTK-611 Casio with touch response and 61 full size keys. Also in December we found out that there was a band called Total Chaos Sooo.. once again.. we had to change our name... We wanted to be a band where no one else had the name or would think of it... So one day Alana was ICQing Angie and she was like... "I thought of a name... What do you think about Solid Water ?" Angie thought Solid Water was thee coolest name ever so she automatically wanted that for that name... Jackie at first wasn't sure... and Sabrina is Alana's other half so... it stuck.. We're Solid Water...

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