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::Lead Guitarist::

Name: Sabrina Katrina Nichole Danny
Nicknames: Bino (pronounced Beeno), Beenie, Anonymo
Online Names: Sabrina, Rappin' Granny, Bino
Age: 15
D.O.B.: 12.07.83
Hometown: Lemoore, California
Grade: 11th, Junior
Other than Guitar: She also plays the tambourine on some songs
Hobbies: drawing, painting, water-coloring, playing strange indoor sports, and um...stealing peoples 'bags 'o' Magic'.
Type of Music she likes: Pop & Alternative
What she hasta say: "support Solid Water and save me from endless boredom"
Interesting Fact: Bino is a TWIN! She has a twin brother named Kevin (AKA Vino) and she's one minute older than him. That's why he's the evil twin.
She's been playing: For over a year now.. Self taught and all!! then in Dec '98 she got her mom to let her take real lessons at Music Connection.